Marijuana is a great anti-depressant if it’s used correctly. I like to use very small amounts of it to improve my mood, you take just enough so that you get a barely noticeable high and it works! Or at least for me.

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Sometimes, but it cuts both ways. In my experience, you just have to be very careful not to overindulge or abuse it. In moderation, it can relieve depression and anxiety, but in excess, it has the opposite effect. At least that has been my experience. It's not physically dangerous beyond the effects of smoke inhalation, but it is a real drug, and like any drug it can have negative effects if you misuse it

There's no free lunch. You're cashing in your future happiness for present pleasure. You feel good for a few hours but the mildly nasty withdrawal lasts 2-3 days.

marijuana has zero withdrawal
you're just kinda hazy after you come down

>marijuana has zero withdrawal

Don't be dumb. Stoners get irritable and agitated as fuck when they can't get their fix. Use your drugs if you want but at least be honest to yourself about them.

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Coffee makes you irritable too but it doesn't have a withdrawal (probably just from the way it affects sleep). The chills you get from booze, that's a withdrawal. You can get irritable from lots of things.

The universe is the ultimate free lunch, my friend.

I bet you think weed cures cancer, too

caffeine absolutely has withdrawal effects

no, caffeine absolutely does have a withdrawal, it's physically addictive. Weed is more debatable whether it's "withdrawal" or not, but I know from my own smoking habits that the user you're responding too is absolutely correct

I love weed, but don't be one of those stoners who pretends it has no bad side effects at all, it just makes you sound dumb


>I bet you think weed cures cancer, too
Just because I proved that you are a retard doesn’t mean I’m one

good one lmao

Nice dubs Hitler. But also this. I smoke a lot. Like a fucking lot. I go through about 2g of shatter/week, not to mention all the other stuff (flower, eddibles, vape carts). When I don't smoke, I feel extremely nauseous and all around "not right" (IDK how else to explain it) physically. This only last for a few day, but it is extremely unpleasant.

Ok OP there is a lot of people talking bullshit. Yes, you can get withdrawals from weed but you need to be a stoner/addicted for that. And yes, used mildly (hopefully in social context) can be good for anxiety and depression, but overuse leads to amotivational syndrome and more depression.
So do it carefully. Everything in moderation. I'd say no more than twice a month, and no more than 1g each time.
t. former marihuana abuser.

It’s not that bad...

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Guys, I’m not saying that marijuana is good for you, I’m just saying in very small doses it may help with your anxiety/depression.

Saying weed is good for depression is like saying cocaine is good for drowsiness.

It will help you feel significantly better for a few hours but leave you feeling slightly worse for days. You're not helping yourself, just feeling good on credit.

>nasty withdrawal lasts 2-3 days
Nah man, you're thinking of heroin.

Weed has a wide variety of possible effects based on the individual. Always consult medically before you go jumping on it. It's far from a miracle cure and it can create nasty dependencies. It's relatively affordable to boot, which can really harm addictive personalities.

People would take u junkies more seriously if you could be more honest about the negatives of your drugs

if you dont want to feel really high all the time or have the addiction of weed CBD hemp is pretty good.

I get it and its really good. usually always comes in good quality. can buy it over the internet and have it shipped. really cheap. tastes smells and feels just like weed. relaxes and makes you feel healthy and just sit down and enjoy video games and stuff like weed.

its all the positives of weed without getting really high. getting high is good once in awhile though but I didn't like living my entire life in a haze. this stuff you can wake up and smoke and go back to normal in a few hours and you can do everything you would regularly.

weed would couch lock me for days and months at a time and I was addicted and wanted to smoke as soon as I woke up. I can do this shit chill out for an hour or two and play some video games and then ill feel myself normal again and can walk on the treadmill or get a workout and do some productive things in between.