Wtf do i do bout this chick

Alright, reas the story, BUT, look at the screenshots too.
> be me 27
>19 year old cutie starys working at my job
> she's friendly and funny, but she says she has boyfriend and i ignore her just make casual conversation for weeks.
>eventualy she asks if i have snapchat, exchange with her.amd she starts.messaging me and sending pics all day every day.
> she sends her number and we start having long phonecalls and texts
> eventualy after a couple.weeks of this she says her man doesnt touch her anymore and she wants to fuck me
> agree, rail her out at my apartment.
> This becomes a every few days thing and i start falling for her.
>She says she loves me all the time and will be dumping him soon but it's been a month and a half and she hasnt made any progress towards moving out.
Am i getting played? I would say yes but even when i'm complete retard around her she thinks its cute. Do I dump her?

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Just wanted to point out I basicaly tried to scare her off by being myself and then she just liked me more.

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Top kek.

Damn dude no one has advice lol

What do you want? Fuck the cheating slut, realize that she'd cheat on you even if she did dump the other guy, and use her like the walking wet hole she is. Don't get into a relationship with that.

LMAO is this the combos between you and her ?

Yeah i fucks with her alot but she also waves a giant red flag with this no moving out shit.

Forget about getting together with her, just keep fucking that day and night long

Where do you expect her to move out to? Can you survive off just your current job alone?

She can move back in with her parents but wont, she couldnalso move in with me but in a little hesitant this soon.


Enjoy the pussy but realize that she is capable of lying and cheating. You will never have a healthy relationship with her. I repeat, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TRUST HER AND HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH HER.

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First off, the fact that you're 27 and 19 and you can't clearly identify this as silly teenage behavior is very concerning. You're a nearly 30 year old man who can't navigate basic high school relationship dynamics. That's not good, OP. Secondly, welcome to the club of shitposters that comes here exclusively to ask questions they already know the answers to. You know for a fact that she will 100% never be the dedicated, consistent girl that you want her to be. You know that. In fact, her mental instability is one of the reasons you're attracted to her. She's flirty and exciting and unpredictable and you love it but for some reason you keep fooling yourself into thinking she's going to turn back into a fucking pumpkin at the end of the night. She's not, OP. This is the person she is; a ditzy 19 year old girl who loves boys and attention but has MANY years of hard lessons ahead of her before she reaches anything even remotely resembling an adult. Keep fucking her if you want but seriously dude, you're 27 years old, time to pull your head out of the clouds and start accepting reality for what it is. Stop making shitty investments then coming here to cry when they don't work out. Its perfectly fine if you want to fuck crazy girls but you're going to spend a great deal of your life in a great deal of unnecessary stress if you keep being stupid enough to think that the batshit hoodrats you slay on your off-time are worth emotionally investing in.

So you're humble bragging about getting someone's girlfriend to cheat on then with you? What advice do you need? You know she isn't relationship material anyways.

Buht, dat ass tho.

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The only reason in confused is that shes the only one i actually have fun hanging out with, talking to and dint have to pretend to be someone else around. And she really isnt banging her bf, hes cheaten on her too.

This bro. She stopped touching her boyfriend not the other way around. She’s addicted to new flings and attention and cannot bond my dude. She will make you addicted and then do the same thing to you that she did to the last guy and probably the guy before that. TRUST ME DO NOT GET INVOLVED EMOTIONALLY. Go fuck a diff girl and tell that bitches bf, she is a pos bro trust me or learn the hard way

I definitely said to keep fucking her. Just stop expecting this childish ass-monster to turn into a perfect girlfriend just because you want her to.

>The only reason in confused is that shes the only one i actually have fun hanging out with, talking to and dint have to pretend to be someone else around
Jesus Christ, OP. I can't believe you're actually 27. Everything you just said was irrelevant. I can have a lot of fun hanging out and talking with a wild alligator but that has nothing to do with the fact that it has no fucking problem biting me. How much fun you have with her is 100% irrelevant to the fact that she cannot and will not be in a committed, consistent relationship with you. The two have nothing to do with each other. This sentence is just another example of you behaving based on how you WANT things to be rather than the way things actually are.

>And she really isnt banging her bf, hes cheaten on her too.
You're a moron of the highest caliber if you genuinely think that the girl who is fucking around with you behind her boyfriend's back won't do the same thing to you the second you become her boyfriend.

Yeah I’m sure she told you plenary to justify it. She’s still with him genius. She’s using you both and if you get emotionally invested which you are already your fucked. Jesus your 27? Holy fuck dude maybe you do need to learn this one the hard way goddamn

Ever heard the saying “lose em how you get em” scro?

No i know he is, idk him but i do the girl hes banging. But yeah i agree, the red flags outweigh everything. Im so invested becsuse only 2 gorls i banged in last year were just pure desperation fuck buddies when i all i really want is something real and then this bitch comes in that doesnt care im a red pilled autist fag.

She’s probably gaslighting her bf too, have fun dealing with that. Your already hooked I can tell. Your going to get your 27 year old heart broke and probably end up with depression for like 6 months to a year. If she would have left her bf that would be one thing but she’s stringing him along until she secures you. I would bet my n64 collection she has daddy issues and is bpd or has npd

Ha jokes on you advice user i was already depressed for a year before her

Well then your high on the new relationship, enjoy her while she is yours user but remember to never fully trust her. She will get bored. I would keep looking for other plates to spin so you don’t become too attached and have something to fall back on. Use this as momentum and get more chicks because when you invest it all in a high risk investment like this your gonna fuck yourself. Diversify user.

I can't because im bad eniugh to knowingly be a side nigga but too good to cheat on them myself. I always break up if i know i really want to. :(

Ahhhh ok. So you're dating this piece of shit because you also believe that you're a piece of shit and that you don't deserve any better. Ok. This all makes sense now. Alright y'all, thread over. Just another depressed user addicted to misery. Nothing to see here.

>I can have a lot of fun hanging out and talking with a wild alligator but that has nothing to do with the fact that it has no fucking problem biting me
What a great analogy

Why are you sending her edgy pics like you're 14. Are you actually 27?

Litterally autist nerd that just happens to not be complete uggo and a 7 inch cock.

This thread is what happens when incels finally lose their virginity.

I'm not a virgin, shes only girl 8 ive banged but i lost virginity at 16.