What can I do if I’m worried that my boyfriend is cheating on me or planning to leave me?

What can I do if I’m worried that my boyfriend is cheating on me or planning to leave me?

He goes out a lot without me because I don’t like going out. I’m an introvert and don’t like spending time with people I don’t know really well, and he has a ton of friends and likes huge parties, and usually comes home drunk.

We don’t really have any of the same hobbies, I don’t get the art and movies and stuff he talks about with his friends and he doesn’t really care for anything I like.

He is gorgeous and I know what I look like, he’s bisexual and all of his friends seem to be really beautiful people, and I can’t help thinking he might be closer to them than to me.

I’m not sure what to do.

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Evidence someones cheating.
Texting " people" or someone like all the time.

Not around at different times and their excuses make little sense, like says they are going to hang out with X friend but its all the time.

Not getting off in bed, or has way less sex drive than before. May just stop banging you all together.

Will accuse you of cheating

>that picture
that's the laziest fucking present I ever saw. I would drop her.

laughed but true, would do the same

That’s the thing, he’s always texting somebody, he’s in at least two different 10-15-person group chats, though he always offers to introduce me if I ask.

He’s somewhere out so often I don’t think the word ”excuse” would make sense.

Our sex life has been the same since the start, I have a fairly low sex drive so it’s always been on my terms.

>he is bisexual
I know i'm going to be mean as fuck now, but honestly every damn person that I've met that was lesbian/homo/bi had some sort of mental problems (some less, some more of it)

btw, and what I've learned from past relationships as a male, girls tend to talk about someone as "that guy" a lot until something happens (like they actually cheat on you sexually or are in """""relationship"""""""), then suddenly they don't talk about that person anymore, not even once. Maybe that would apply to a man-side of things too?

We’ve both got our problems with mental health so that was pointless and unwelcome.

So someone he would have talked about a lot and suddenly won’t? He knows I don’t know his friends so he doesn’t try to gossip about them.

Yeah girl im banging rn has a bf, her bf noticed she texts me all the time, and her along eith her best friend made a cover story that im an autstic dude at work thats funny.

I mean, Ik it was rude etc, didn't actually mean to offend you in any sort of way. I just don't actually know how to say it "nicely", but generally speaking, you don't date e.g. females with mental problems if you want to have stable relationship especially in the matter of cheating and stuff like that, as it's just more like "the more fucked up she is, the more likely she is about to cheat on you in the future". You have to take in account every damn detail about your relationship and his personality before thinking whether he would be able to cheat on you or not.

Seriously, that wasn't meant to offend you.

And forgot, especially in relationships with so much differences in personalities, like uber-intro and uber-extro it's very easily to fuck up whole relationship just because of one misjudgement. I've just ended one because of shit like that while we just misunderstood each other.

If it bothers you, then you have to talk about it openly to him. I understand that for introvert it's very hard thing to do as I'm one too, but well, you have to. And don't take everything as a way of him being over something etc., he may just be expressing something differently than you'd expect.

We both have problems. I mainly shut in and have nightmares and he is dramatic and unpredictable. But he loves me, in that big lavish way, and I really don’t know.

Sounds like my last relationship except I'm a guy. Our lifestyles didn't mesh well, she always wanted to go to parties with lots of obnoxious people and get fucked up while I would just wanna chill. I ended up breaking up with her and I'm looking for an introverted girl who is more of an extension of myself, I think that would be my ideal but it's hard because introverts don't go out as much and they're less likely to meet each other.

she obviously just used the bow from that present box, containing an actual gift, to use it as a prop for her light-hearted joke.

>What can I do if I’m worried that my boyfriend is cheating on me or planning to leave me?
>He is gorgeous and I know what I look like, he’s bisexual and all of his friends seem to be really beautiful people

Uh date someone in your league? and I thought hypergamy is a redpill meme

>I have a fairly low sex drive so it’s always been on my terms

Just give up, you ain't ever gonna make it.

>What can I do if I’m worried that my boyfriend is cheating on me or planning to leave me?
Do nothing at all. I've had two girlfriends leave me because they *imagined* they weren't enough.


aside from the fact, that i do not know your bf, I'd guess he already cheated.

How come you guys are even together?

Don't waste your time get to know him better, even if u can't think of a think to say go out with his"friends", join that group and write in it get yourself out there. You might waste your life and be destroyed if you are indifferent.
You don't have to be smart, act foolish, show interest in his hobbies and he will show interest in yours.
And do some exercise ,get ur blood pressure up, you gotta up ur libido, young men are craving for sex at least every 1-2 days. And seldom flirts

Don't make assumptions, in a you a relationship you should know what is going.

> That pic.

Fucking barf.

With all the baggage she has, I hope the guy leaves her. No one likes a whiny cunt.

Just because you both have mental issues doesn't mean they cancel each other out. People with those kinds of issues are likely to screw up their relationships one way or another.
Are they real mental issues? Or are they self-diagnosed attention seeking issues?

I wish I had a comfy gf like that

So you have none of the same hobbies, don't spend much time together and rarely have sex.

... Is that even a relationship?

Based solely on what you've said in this thread it seems like your BF is not acting in anyway that wouldn't be "normal" for him. The fact that he seems willing to introduce you to his various social circles probably means he's not cheating... probably.

Every relationship involves a certain degree of risk and requires a certain level of trust. So trust your partner and until such a time as their behavior becomes suspicious assume fidelity.

> I’m not sure what to do.
You should do some stuff together.