How do you feel secure in a relationship knowing that your partner will leave you in an instant as soon as a much...

How do you feel secure in a relationship knowing that your partner will leave you in an instant as soon as a much better option becomes available? It's like, no matter how strong your "bond" is with a girl, she will inevitably leave you for another guy if he has godlike looks or wealth. Don't even try to argue this point with me, you could date a girl for years and yet a billionaire like Elon Musk would be able to steal her away in a day.

I've stopped attempting to bond with women because the whole concept of love just seems so fake to me. I'll still date girls because I enjoy sex, but I don't tell them I love them or treat them romantically because the hollywood concept of love is a sham. I also tell them I don't give a fuck if they cheat on me, and generally just treat them like they're friends with benefits. I do this as a defense mechanism so that if they do get stolen away from me I won't get hurt.

Is this the smarter way of dating?

Pic related : Ethot who left her long time boyfriend the same day she hit it off with an eceleb.

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Elon musk doesn't want to hook up with your shitty 7/10 gf user, and she knows she couldn't keep him even if she wanted to.

There's attachment and value built up in a long term relationship that people won't forsake just because a fleeting option came along.

Of course, I was just using him as an example, but it could still happen on a smaller scale. My cousin married some girl and had a kid with her in his early 20s and she left him for some rich guy like it was nothing, seeing that happen to him and destroy him is part of the reason I developed this fear of growing attached to women.

I'm convinced that a girl will never actually leave you unless she has the 'upper hand' in the relationship.

If they admire and respect you and you know how to keep them "in line", there is really nothing to worry about.

>How do you feel secure in a relationship knowing that your partner will leave you in an instant as soon as a much better option becomes available?
By tackling your insecurity head on and realizing that your crippling fear of abandonment is your issue to deal with, not theirs.

>Don't even try to argue this point with me, you could date a girl for years and yet a billionaire like Elon Musk would be able to steal her away in a day.
Come the fuck on, OP. Are you seriously going to sit here and pretend like this shit is a coincidence? You're going to sit here and pretend like the fact that you're terrified of being abandoned and the fact that you 100% believe that any girl will abandon you if given the chance is just coincidence? You've constructed a reality that validates your defense mechanism. Its easier to believe that you reject women out of 100% justified self-defense then to deal with the fact that you have consciously sabotaged your own emotional well-being because you're too scared to trust anybody. You don't WANT to be secure in a relationship, OP. If you actually did you wouldn't of spent the last 15 sentences of your post giving us reasons why there's not way you aren't 100% correct and digging your feet deeper into the sands of your denial. Stop this nonsense, look in the mirror and accept the truth about yourself; the truth is that a healthy, secure relationship with someone who is dedicated to you is absolutely possible but you're too scared to try. You're scared. You're scared of being unloved. You're scared of waking up one day and realizing that everything which terrified you the most has come true. This isn't about women and their behavior in relationships. This is about you. You have convinced yourself of what you want to believe because its the only way to avoid the pain. Enough with this horseshit, OP. Fucking own your problems. That's literally the only way to get over this.

>If they admire and respect you and you know how to keep them "in line", there is really nothing to worry about.
Its really sad that this generation has produced people who think like you; people who will never have a truly fulfilling partnership because they treat their significant other like an errant dog that needs to be trained. I can't imagine what a shit existence that must be.

Only a few months ago all you would hear in this board how women would do exactly that. When did this shift in opinions start? This board was a lot more negative over all really.

The problem I've noticed with this board is that the majority of the dudes come here to complain about how their BPD girlfriend's cheated them and set their cars on fire therefore all women are terrible. The majority of the male posters here are either too young or too dysfunctional to identify what a healthy women or a healthy relationship looks like. So they make terrible investments with terrible women and when they inevitably backfire they come here to lament about how shocked and hurt they are that the emotionally unstable girl they specifically picked because she was needy and desperate didn't turn out to be the sane, faithful partner they wanted her to be. They fail to understand that the shitty women they invest in were never capable of love or commitment to begin with. If you're some emotionally repressed autist that is only attracted to batshit crazy girls who need you OF COURSE you would believe that women aren't capable of true love or intimacy. Its a rather ironic, circular kind of logic.

Forgive me for perceiving the world as it really as rather than as I want it to be.

Being aware that a power dynamic exists doesn't exclude me from having fulfilling relationships whatsoever.

Aryan power level right here.

OP's "smart way of dating" just leads to the degenerated cuck culture we have these days.

The first key to understanding how insanely wrong you are is in understanding how much faith you put into your self-perception. The most unreliable of us typically put an incredible amount of stock into the concept that the things that they see and feel are 100% true. You fail to appreciate the concept that the way we perceive and process relationships is almost entirely based on how we feel about ourselves. There is no such thing as an objective relationship awareness. Power dynamics exist in all relationships but you've over-simplified the concept. "Power" can be defined as a multitude of influences and can be used for all sorts of purposes, both positive and negative. The only reliably consistent fact is that a relationship in which you feel like you must maintain a certain amount of power in order to keep your partner obedient is the definition of dysfunctional. It actually completely flies in the face of the very definition of a partnership. I'm not denying these relationships exist. I'm not even denying that a person such as yourself who finds emotional fulfillment from power and domination wouldn't be satisfied in a relationship like this. I'm just saying its shit; its a shit mentality that, in practice, always back fires because a dog will only remain obedient so long as you have the power. Once the power is gone so is the dog. You'll be able to depend on your partner so long as you have them "in line" but should you ever actually need support in a time of weakness they'll leave in a heartbeat for a more powerful relationship because that's exactly the way you wanted it.

In my experience, women genuinely want their partner to be dominant. They perform best in a supportive role to a man that they admire and respect. I don't believe that there's anything wrong with that, it is just part of nature. Therefore I'll strive to maintain the dominant position that the girl, imo, genuinely desires. I'm not doing it out of malice or a desire to dominate, it's something that I've had to consciously teach myself to do, because it's what works best in my experience - for everyone involved.

If you found the magical, perfectly balanced, perfectly equal respecting relationship, I'm happy for you, but it isn't something I see too often in reality.

>In my experience

>it is just part of nature
Keep in mind that appealing to nature isn't an argument. Its cool that you find personal fulfillment in a certain kind of relationship dynamic but stop using "nature" as some universal validation for your mindset.

>If you found the magical, perfectly balanced, perfectly equal respecting relationship, I'm happy for you, but it isn't something I see too often in reality.
We're mixing up two different worlds here. We're mixing up what your reality is versus what actual reality is. The actual reality is that both of us behave differently in relationships for different reasons. If you've truly found that being the dominant force in your relationship and being with a submissive woman is what best fits you then that's great but you muddy the intellectual waters the moment you start speaking about reality as some kind of objective entity in this topic. When you portray a relationship as needing to keep your partner "in line" so she doesn't leave you, is it really any wonder that people don't immediately assume you're a well adjusted individual who loves and respects their partner?

There's a reason I put in line in quotations. It isn't the connotation I would like but it is the best term I can think of.

Anyway, I feel like you're trying to "win an argument" while I'm just trying to have an honest discussion, so I'll stop there.

>Anyway, I feel like you're trying to "win an argument"
I'm just trying to verify exactly what your argument is because your initial post versus the one you just made is vastly different in both tone and implication. In one you use language specifically reserved for pets to imply that coercion and dominance is required to stop your partner from leaving you and in the other you portray yourself as this self-aware man who loves and respects his partner and participates in dominance out of a genuine will to make the relationship work and not malice. I hope you can understand where I would be confused about exactly where you stand when comparing the two. I feel like you've had glimpses of having an honest conversation but only changed your tone when you realized that what you initially said either wasn't true or didn't work in the context of your argument.

The context of my original post was to provide some re-assurance to an OP who believes that relationships can't ever work. Of course I will need to change my tone when someone appears and levies a vicious attack against my entire person and worldview.

Girl in pic is a solid 3

thats what ive started doing too. and it seems like the less of a fuck i give, the more they want to stay with me, which was the opposite of how i used to be. as ive gotten older ive stopped chasing women and just let what happens happen. i wouldnt say im happier necessarily but at least im not making myself miserable over some dumb bitch that was gonna mess around on me anyway.

She is wearing the hat

So what exactly makes you so sure of this and how is the millions of couples married until death not proof you're being a fuck nut?

The exchanging argument went too fast than I could type, but here's my thoughts.

I'm thinking user means that a partner in a relationship must have keep something up about them that keeps their other from leaving. What I mean is that a partner, or actually both, has to show and prove in many ways that they belong to each other. Like realistically that they pay any bills or tithes and through reciprocation of their personalities so they don't decide to kill each other or feel enduringly uncomfortable with each other.
You both acknowledge that partners in a relationship have to have a reason to stick together, but the difference is how you say "how" they stick together. Make up your differences, because I think you could be both arguing for the same idea that they just have to work with each other to stay with each other. That or I'm actually disillusioned.

To OP:
I've had this feeling before or thought of love like this, but I accepted that my relationship status is going to be single for a while because I have bigger issues to handle first before I can conquer or acquiesce romance for myself. That and also realizing that my other parts of a person are mortal or finite. But finite does not mean limited. Because yes, people can have a inflated opinion of themselves or their views, or both, thus they isolate or endear people to them.

Even if the internet doesn't really convince you that unconditional and self-perpetuating love is impossibly possible to find, the long and short of getting your confidence to find the right kind of love is just throwing yourself more into it. Here's a fitting improvised anecdote I'd like to add:

The best kind of survivor is the kind that suffered the most and lived the most despite it.

Now of course, you shouldn't be a faithful lemming to expect love with every attempt or sacrifice or tribute, but that doesn't mean you should keep yourself from being hapless or complacent.

Real talk, this is a really unhealthy way to think and it has implications for your ability to empathize and relate to others, not just girlfriends.

It will bleed into all sorts of things, including what you do professionally. Consider getting it addressed.

Fucking how
I see no deformities nor sign of downs syndrome
are you on some fucking 1-5 shit

You're right, I honestly do want to change this behavior of mine which is why I posted this thread. I have a similar behavior in friendships as well. I'm so scared of becoming attached (and vulnerable) that I've avoided friendships because I don't want to give them that power to hurt me. I don't trust anyone.

>levies a vicious attack against my entire person and worldview
Don't be a baby. Don't make inflammatory, degrading statements then act shocked when people call you on it. Apart of having an "honest conversation" is knowing how to accept criticism instead of just frantically back peddling for the sake of not feeling attacked.

You literally came out of nowhere and lamented about how sad this generation is for producing "people who think like me". If you don't think that's unnecessarily aggressive, I don't know what to tell you.

>Pic related : Ethot who left her long time boyfriend the same day she hit it off with an eceleb.
What happened? Can someone tell me the story? I'm too retarded to use Google, and it's not yielding good results.

To continue, about how 'people can have a inflated opinion of themselves or their views, or both, thus they isolate or endear people to them,' the most ideal or fulfilling relationship with love I can imagine after hearing of old couples and working families is that both partners fight and kill or surrender and concede just to be on the same page as their lover in a pleasing peaceful condition (physically there or mentally realized through what is considered peace by both of them) that nothing can come between them. Because for whatever a better lover there may be, that is frankly impossible to realize when time, energy, blood, and money is spent with a person who may as well share your expenses. Dismissing them is like putting down a puppy, or any faithful creature.

And also, fuck those guys and gals who gold dig by offering "love" (or goddamn sex, as one thirsty could be) their partners sincerely or emotionally wanted. But if there is a gigolo in some form out there that is better than my definition, I will happily accept that exception.

*now time to masturbate*

You are a complete retard.
All your „arguments“ boil down towards: „you can’t really know it, therefore objective reality does not exist“
That is false. Objective reality does exist.
And I am here to verify OP‘s views.
I have been lucky, really lucky, I am 6‘4‘‘ good looking and very charismatic and successful in real life - spare me the „oh you are arrogant“.
Because of what I am, every single gf of all my friends - with one notable exception(he is 6‘5‘‘), Flirts with me and try to cheat on their bf with me. The only reason why this does not happen, is because I have a sense of decency - they do not.
Don‘t come here and talk like you know everything, like oh „what about love and support?“ The overwhelming majority of modern women are incapable of that. Op is right

>I'm thinking user means that a partner in a relationship must have keep something up about them that keeps their other from leaving.
While I can agree with that, this sentiment is a far shot off from "You have to keep your partner in line so they don't lose you." Maybe somewhere hidden underneath all that inane chatter he was making a salient point but if he was I couldn't tell. To exercise control and/or keep your partner "in line" implies exercising a coercion over their decision to stay in the relationship that would not be present had you not made the decision to introduce it. It implies, to put it simply, emotional manipulation. My whole point was that if you're in a healthy, communicative relationship in which both of you acknowledge and strive to meet each other's needs then keeping your partner "in line" is wholly unnecessary because they keep themselves in line and, most importantly, they do it out of love and commitment, not because you've used the dominant position in your relationship to coerce them.

What do you guys think of my post?
Hmm, food for thought. I accept that.

>Objective reality does exist.
Either you didn't read my post or you're too dumb to understand. Objective reality existing is irrelevant to our ability to understand or perceive. The rest of your post was just poorly worded babble. I'm sorry that you don't understand the concept that using anecdotal experiences to make sweeping generalizations about the world is incorrect. Maybe next time pay attention in class in the future. I don't know.

No, it was an aggressive response, for sure. The only difference is that I'm not crying about how bad it makes me feel to be attacked like you are. I can handle harsh, aggressive criticism. Only one of us is complaining about it.

I have been lucky, really lucky, I am 6‘4‘‘ good looking and very charismatic and successful in real life, I have a PhD in math and am currently CEO of a tech company. And I verify that OP's view is completely unrealistic.

>Objective reality existing is irrelevant to our ability to understand and perceive it
>perceived reality and objective reality are uncorrelated
This sentence is everything you guys need to know about this persons opinion.

I align with this user's perspectives and I would have hot coco with them on new years day.
I...uh, tried to touch that, but I don't want to go too far. Jow Forums's dialog moves too fast or too slow to keep a consensus shared for everyone.
Ah...this thread's OP. I agree. It kinda seems you're arguing with different sides.

I am Donald Trump and I approve OP‘s message

>Ah...this thread's OP. I agree. It kinda seems you're arguing with different sides.
I mean, 2 separate anons, not the objective and subjective reality thing

Who cares about the hollywood concept of love when you can create your own concepts?

Not him, but out of curiosity, what are you basing yourself upon when you presented your arguments? Not anecdotal experience, I imagine, but what then?

Ian and his gf (girl in the pic) allegedly got together by her cheating on her previous bf with Ian.

>Because for whatever a better lover there may be, that is frankly impossible to realize when time, energy, blood, and money is spent with a person who may as well share your expenses. Dismissing them is like putting down a puppy, or any faithful creature.

Congrats, you read through a discussion for what it means to keep a partner wholesomely despite better competition out there. The top green text is a faithful educated opinion why people love each other. Feel free to adopt it or modify it or ignore it for your food of thought!
this is for those who are bored with relationships.

I am Elon Musk, and OP is right desu, buy Tesla!

Oh shiiiitttt
This is a copypasta in the making.

I have the cure for you, OP.

You make some interesting points, BUT, try this thought experiment and see if your broader perspective can change yet!

You say that a woman will leave any guy if a much better guy comes along, vis a vis, love is not real.

I will concede the first point of your argument, but consider the following:

Is it not true that a man will not also leave a woman if a much better woman comes along? Sure, the variables will be different for men-- they are more interested in beauty, sexual gratification, and ego coddling-- but in theory, a more preferable woman always exists for a man too, non?

Ah! Now you see! Your point, whilst in some ways true, is actually a result of deeply-seeded misogyny and insecurity. For what you have described is not solely a flaw of women, but of men too, and thus of human nature!

Take the thought experiment further-- is not what you described technically true of you as well? You could have an amazing girlfriend, and yet if a better option entered the picture, by your mechanical depiction of human behaviour, are you not bound to leave your girl for her? Or at least, harbour a secret preference?

Perhaps you will find a way to say that you are capable of beating your own logical trap. I will not deny this, if so. But if you follow that track, please accept that some women will be capable of the same feat as you as well.

Or, you will say that you are just as bad as the rest, and would leave a partner for a better-- in that case, please accept that the non-reality of love is as much your fault as the fault of women, and change your incel ways, before it is too late.

bon appetit

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite post on this thread.

This is exactly the point hahahahaha.
Sure he might sleep with her out of lust, but he wouldn‘t change his wife.
Unless it’s an entirely toxic relationship that the man just wants to get out of.
You See, you women OPENLY admit that you think this way... and then you think men are the same in this regard? I have got news for you, am man will not act like that.

You only spoke what was already obvious. Yes, he did present his idea from a male perspective, but that only makes sense, as he's a male, seeking advice in getting a female companion. In no moment did he deny that men could do the same to women, he simply made no claim at all regarding this point. So I feel you just wanted to call him an incel (which is, honestly, counter-productive, although I make no claim of whether he is or is not).
Your post reeks of ego.
>I have the cure for you, OP.
>bon appetit

Not all women are the same. Not all men are the same. Saying otherwise is childish and wrong.

>You only spoke what was already obvious.
Forgot to add, in your first few paragraphs.

Not all men are the same but allmost all women are the same.
Women naturally have lower statistical variance across all parameters. It’s true, look it up

>That is false. Objective reality does exist.

Well to be more precise, in modern physics, there is no objective reality prior to the measurement. (To prove that such a reality actually does exist, you would have to measure it, but to measure something before the first measurement is the same contradiction as the proposition that 3 is smaller than 3. The opinion that objective reality exists prior to the measurement is not only unprovable but, as quantum mechanics shows, incorrect. The 19th century world view that there is an objective reality described by a set of objectively well-defined numbers that obey certain objective laws of physics, has been shown to be wrong for about 90+ years).
The next thing you need to know is, once we measure something, we disturb it :)) What we can do is to produce probabilistic predictions about the outcomes of future measurements given some knowledge of the previous ones. So basically what you guys are disagreeing about is not a matter of science, it's a matter of philosophical preference, the science about this is very clear and beyond the level of education of most people

Anyway I find other user downplaying OP's reality about being cucked by Elon Musk very amusing

No, nobody is the same as other. Behaviour, as a whole, is unique, and a complete set of values and reactions come in play. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Mexico people (men, women) act guided not by animal instincts but rather a constructed behavior.

This thread is fukkin based.

Are you unironically a Mexican intellectual?

I am just an user that shares his opinions.
I hope we can all have a more positive look on civilization and culture.

>When you took physics in Highschool
Haha user. You think you are smart now? Ironically I know a lot more then you about that particular topic.
So let me correct your ignorant ways:

>as quantum mechanics show incorrect
So does it now? Really, does it now? There are functional models of quantum mechanics without indeterminism.
Bells theorem only disproves local hidden variables, indeterminism does neither save it from globality nor is it nessecary in the system.

Heck, EVEN the manyworlds interpretation would still have an objective reality. This is far from disproven or anything like that.

>measurement disturbs value
So what? It does not change that objective reality exists.
Also, the world is still bound by the law of big numbers, EVEN IF the world is truly indeterministic at the quantum level (which is NOT proven, only our noncomplete models model it like that), the reality of big things would still exist for all intends and purposes. Because the average of 1 billion billion Standard normally distributed random values is ZERO

>Mexicans don‘t act like animals
If this is true, then why do we need a wall to keep us save from them?

Me too Mexibro.


Kill yourself.

You're not accounting for same sex relationships. Coming from a faggot, this can happen on all teams. This isn't exclusive for opposite sex relationships with women, step off with that shit. Even then, you're grossly oversimplifying how complicated relationships really are. I've seen people stay in shitty relationships because they're convinced that love is there, even when their lives are in danger.

If you truly believe in what you're saying, then you're way too young to be posting on any chan.

If it all comes down to the personality of the other person then I guess the real question is what should you look for in someone to find a loyal partner?

How about this?
If you do it first I promise to follow

There's all kind of people out there user. Just because apples can be rotten doesn't mean you shouldn't eat one ever agaiin. Only blind people bite them.

Now on a personal scale, there's this girl on my classroom that is clearly into me. She has a boyfriend and yet, she makes very clear advances. Bitches like that aren't worth shit. Only a fool would let a bitch like this play with his feelings. Fuck them if you want, but never get attached.

Why are incels like OP always so fucking stupid and disconnected from reality? Is it because they never leave the basement?

They're either trolling (and I hope they are, for their sake) or they simply didn't have the social development that the rest of us had during adolescence.

>I know a lot more then you about that particular topic
>There are functional models of quantum mechanics without indeterminism
>manyworlds interpretation

lol so you're one of those laymen who parrot popsci articles about interpretation of quantum mechanics, probably just read Brian Greene's book. Bell's theorem showed that either locality is wrong or realism is wrong, the theory that picked realism must abandon locality, but of course popsci readers don't know abandoning locality means violating Einstein's postulate about relativity :))

If you understand many worlds interpretation instead of just hearing about it from youtube, surely you could defend it from this simple thought experiment:

Take an electron and measure its spin component j z via the Stern-Gerlach apparatus. The initial state of the electron is prepared to be "up" with respect to a particular tilted axis, every state of the spin in 3 dimensions is "up" with respect to a semi-axis, suppose we have we have |Phi> = 0.6 |up> + 0.8 |down>.
Will there be an electron with spin "up" as well as an electron with spin "down"?

Many world interpretation supporters say yes, they imagine that different possibilities "really occur" in different universes, and so on. So this is the main question that decides about the validity of the MWI, right?

The projection operator for electron having spin up is P_U = |up>

The proverbial tree is dead wood, and we're better off using our hands for ourselves, than to sift through its mountainous bounty of rotten apples and black mould.

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Not op but she just looks like cheater material. Hee happiness doesn't look genuine, just forced to keep *current* be happy. Definitely a 3 just from the pic, without getting to know her in person.

Obviously could be wrong but that's what my gut tells me, gl

I too, have superpowers and are able to judge person character by looking at couple of pixels

So true. Have a colleague at work who has a bf that *everyone* is aware of, yet makes clear advances specifically on me.

This user speaks the truth

This generation? Women used to be property, friend. Horrifying as it is, incels and PUAs are a trade up. Accentuate the positive.

I don't believe that's 100% true, but there is always the chance of not being compatible. There's also the chance of being compatible and spending your lives together. It's impossible to determine odds because people are so different, but we all know close real life examples of people being compatible and incompatible.

That being said I'm still terrified of having the "lower hand" in romantic situations because it makes me feel disposable even if the person I'm with doesn't think that way. That feeling of having the lower hand grip comes most likely from my self-esteem issues which are far more likely to ruin relationships for me than the other party just ditching me like a piece of garbage.

Fucking this

It will never stop amusing me how Jow Forums has evolved into thinking that the most cringeworthy, blatant, pathetic displays of insecurity are somehow ‘redpilled’

There’s some wisdom in realizing women aren’t all angels, some guys need that, but exaggerating that to justify your own idiotic insecurity is dumb as fuck

Good lord people need some confidence nowadays, and part of confidence means you fuck up sometimes and don’t make a big deal of it

>"your opinions are wrong and my opinions are correct" the post

>knowing that your partner will leave you in an instant
Thats not entirely true. I meet guys all the time that appear better than my bf but they always end up disappointing me during the vetting process before I break it off with my bf.

Normally people start with that premise, some consider other people's opinion seriously because it leads to agreeable observations, but sometimes some people's opinion leads to observations such as anyone (you or me) will get cucked by Elon Musk. In that case it is difficult to take such opinion seriously.

Not that user but

>You're scared of waking up one day and realizing that everything which terrified you the most has come true

ofc he can be scared of everything that terrifies him? What the fuck ? Would you just jump into your own fears and say fuck it? shits not easy and sometimes shit like that can consume a person...
I can understand user , I fear too , I'm lik 23 and I still havent got into a relationship honestly idec about getting sex or anything but if the girl I loved the most would leave me for someone who is conventionally better than me under a night ,I would fucking kill myself, simple as that, or I would kill her and the guy

Reddit: The Post

Why do women call every guy with a problem an incel?

Using "its nature" to validate your argument is incorrect. Using your anecdotal experiences to make sweeping generalizations about the world is incorrect. It isn't right vs. wrong, its credible vs. not credible. If you use faulty logic to create your argument then you're wrong. It's that simple.

>ofc he can be scared of everything that terrifies him? What the fuck ? Would you just jump into your own fears and say fuck it?
Nowhere in the post did anybody say he had no right to be scared. Of course he's scared. Everyone is scared. Being scared of something and being crippled by it is two different things. If you can't work through your fears then that is a problem. If you're so scared of something that your life is being negatively impacted by it then that is a problem. Being scared isn't the problem. Being unwilling or unable to confront that fear is the problem.

Feminazis migrated to Jow Forums after tumblr banned lewd content. Notice how many people tried to turn this thread into a gemder war when the OP had nothing to do with gender?

>Why do women
They don't. Normie women don't come to this site nor are they even remotely aware of or concerned with the existence of incels. This place is a bunch of male autists shit talking each other yet convincing themselves that women are somehow involved.

So you're confirming that you do come close to leaving your boyfriend for other guys. This basically confirms what OP said

You do know you're speaking to a dude, right?

If a girl leaves you for a "more valuable" man she's either of bad character or felt miserable around for whatever reason. This might be you being a 4channer/retard or the fact that she lost her love for you.

Get off the internet and experience the real life, son. I've seen girls leaving their boyfriends for other men but also vice versa. My pal dropped a redhead hottie for having a crooked tooth.

Screencap this dude. You can learn from him.

I think past 5 year women have been worse than ever before. Don't lose all hope though, good ones are out there.