GF just dropped that she wants to quit birth control. It makes her really depressive when she's close to her period...

GF just dropped that she wants to quit birth control. It makes her really depressive when she's close to her period. I really hate condoms and actually prefer fapping to sex with them. We've already had one accident with condoms where she had to take Plan B and luckily didn't get pregnant.

I'm in a rough spot. The thought of sex with condoms fucking sucks but I don't want her to be unhappy either. She'll probably end up hating me if I "force" her to to keep taking them. I've suggested IUD's and she's against them. What do I do?

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Pull out

but honestly i'd unironically consider breaking up if she isn't willing to compromise.

being in a relationship you're saying youll only ever have sex with that person, but now you're relegated to having sex with a plastic bag. and only that. forever.

Just bust inside her bro
Nothing can happen unless she's ovulating, and the rest of the time you can just pull out

Fuck dude. That thought actually crossed my mind and it sucks. I'd feel really bad but that actually is on the table.

sex is an important part of a relationship and if it isn't good that is definitely fair grounds for moving on

Have you two considered switching brands? My girl went into absolutely polarizing mood swings on her old brand (Tricyclen), go from total smiles to tears in record time.
Her new bc (Marvelon) is a lot more stable and she's actually saving money since they offer 3 week packs instead of 4 (if you need sugar pills to remind you not to be preggo, mmmmaybe sex should stay off the table).

This is not a black or white issue. Birth control has different types. Of course if she's been playing that market already with no results then, yeah, it might be that you two need an entire different conversation

That's what I suggested but she wants to take a 2 month break and really wants to quit altogether.

Why don't you try a different brand of condom? The lamb skin ones and the ones that are tight only at the base are pretty good desu. Not much difference than not wearing one

try some thin condoms, and if it breaks she can take a morning after pill, but not have to take daily birth control

just time it when shes off her period.

Get a copper IUD or try the skyn brand, other than that yah fucking beat.

The rod

>I really hate condoms and actually prefer fapping to sex with them
Stop fucking her then.

Think about it form her perspective: needing to take pills that fuck with her body and hormones for the next couple decades based on the same exact principle. That shit effects her while a condom is just a piece of rubber over your penis. You could always ask her to use female condoms.

Either way it's whatever that you don't like condoms. But how would you feel if she "forced" you to take pills so that the two of you could continue fucking, child-free?


yea, I agree, it sucks. But there are lots of girls who are fine with taking the pill and I am not going to commit myself to fucking a plastic bag for the rest of my life.

Cut your penis off.

Birth control is fucking awful for women, don't be a selfish cunt. If sex is that important to you then maybe the relationship isn't built to last.

If sex isn't important then his gf should be fine with him fucking other women.

Force gf to take drugs to screw up her body and health and happiness


Wear a condom that makes sex 1% slightly less pleasureable

Wow what a difficult decision
Men are so selfish lol

>Fucking a plastic bag instead of a soppy wet vagina is 1% less pleasurable

Most retarded thing I've read all day and I've been reading 4channel all day

Amazing how you took a man being selfish, someone teying to give perspective, and turning it back into a man being selfish and even manipulative. And then men come on here and complain about women.

Men ahould be forced to taoe the needle to the balls birth control and see if they change their minds. They have it so easy and always complain. A little bit of enpathy for a woman you supposedly love is too much to ask?

Can you address my point instead of going off on an estrogen fueled tangent?

Sex isn't important, right? So it should be okay to have sex with other women, right?

Wow. I didn't know he was using a plastic bag. Someone should tell him that there are these things called condoms now.

That's always my favorite deflection.
The old "I disagree with someone but Im too dumb to form any coherent argument so I'm just going to call them dumb. That should work."

Are we in kindergarten? Use big boy words.

Get a vasectomy. Done properly, it's reversible.

But what you posted was literally dumb. It's also completely subjective so there's not really a discussion to be had.

I'd estimate that condoms are probably 80%+ less pleasurable. Why should I commit to that for the rest of my life? If I'm going to devote my sex life to one person, the sex should at least be pleasurable?

If you didn't go off on a testosterone fuled argument and then immediately resort to gradeschool "ew she has cooties" reasoning maybe I'd be more inclined.

She says she is unhappy taking them and these things really mess up her hormones. And you reason to disagree with it is inherently selfish. If you want a solution you need to see from each other's perspective. She doesn't want to take drugs and have the side effects. You want sex to be better for you. Do you see how this sounds?

There are different kinds of condoms. Try to find ones that fit better and use different material. Or get a vasectomy if you are worried about kids. Or maybe you aren't compatible on this.

I didn't say sex isn't important.
It's just that you'll reject every other solution because it isn't the one you want because that's just who you are.
Sexist and selfish.

Break up and fuck some girls you have to oay for and go condom less then. And pray for no stds so that you can enjoy the experience. You keep mentioning sex with other women so just go and do that. Then your gf can find someone who values her health and happiness over busting a nut.

I guess that statistic you made up based on personal experiences counts as science now. My experience isn't dumb just because you cant relate. I've had sex with and without and felt very little difference. If the sex was bad with it then it was bad without it. It's likely he is wearing the wrong size.

Iirc theyre currently entering the clinical trial phase on several contraceptives for men (including a shot and a pill).

Probably wouldn’t be too bad to wear a rubber for a couple years before those come out. Try different ones. They make them out of different materials and with different textures.

Otherwise there’s also the more semi-permanent solution of snipping things,

If your girl hates the pill, I don’t blame her. I know my girlfriend gets absolutely wrecked from time to time with her periods. Almost like years of them hit her at once, she also has random periods where she feels like she’s losing her mind because she starts crying just because she saw a puppy crow the street or some other dumb shit and she *knows* she’s being irrational, and *knows* it’s because of her implant.

Asking your girlfriend to go through that isn’t really reasonable.

Unironically this. Wife and I have been using this for years without so much as a scare.

Your experience isn't relevant because we're talking about the experience from a male perspective. If it's 80% less pleasurable for males and 1% less pleasurable for females, that does not help op in the slightest.

Might want to get a fertility test done...

It's your turn to take birth control
retard it's safer like that

Why don't you try the sponge or a diaphragm?

>Why should I commit to that for the rest of my life?
If you're committing to someone for the rest of your life, you need to realise fucking anything could happen. Any day they could get hit by a bus or have a stroke, what are you gonna do? Grow up.

Using condoms for a while isn't going to fucking break you, dude. It's not like it's even forever, give her a little fucking time for her body back to normal and she'll probably become willing to give a different brand/method of birth control another shot. Or you could combine fertility awareness methods with condoms/pullout/abstinence (that gives you like 20 days a month of rawdogging depending on her cycle).
In the long-term, pregnancy and breastfeeding are natural birth control, then there's menopause or sterilisation. And there's likely to be reversible methods of male birth control on the market before that last one.

Sex is important to a relationship, and if satisfying sex were legitimately off the table then you might have a point. But you're both being fucking hysterical over this. And the way you talk so flippantly about leaving her when there are so many fucking options available to you both, it really sounds like you just don't give a fuck. Maybe you should just leave.

How old are you? Do you or your girlfriend have a good steady income?

They're quite a bit less effective, to be fair, I think around 80% compared to 93-99.9% of hormonal methods. That said, they're other options that could be combined with fertility awareness as per

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copper spiral/ball/chain

Then break up if you're going to be such a childish faggot about it. Relationships are all about compromise, and working with your SO to make each other happy. I'd you beef to use condoms then that's a small price to pay until you're ready to just go bare and pull out.

You're fucking retarded

*if you hate to use condoms

Damn right

You don't get a vote in this. Her physical and mental health outweighs your dislike of condoms.

Vasectomy? It should be cheap to do but a bit more expensive to have reversed.

His vote is whether or not he stays in the relationship
>Don't make her take a pill you jerk
>Why don't you just go an get an invasive surgery on your genitals instead

>Why don't you just go an get an invasive surgery on your genitals instead

It's a one time thing that lets you rawdog for the rest of your life without all the mental mess that comes with the pill.

Also take the following situation - you really wanna rawdog it with someone new, but they are against using any birth control - then your vasectomy gets you a huge adv. plus no arguments about using a condom vs pill.

It's also fucking reversible. Just reverse it once you're married and actually want kids. Having it done doesn't make you any less of a man CAUSE ITS REVERSABLE ffs

My gf won’t use birth control either. But desu lad, you can really blame them. Birth control messes with their hormones. I know I would never want to take a pill that fucked with my hormones. We just use condoms, although I don’t like condoms.she does give me lots of bjs tho

Leave, condoms fucking suck. You can't/shouldn't make her keep taking the pill but condoms make sex feel like nothing and she will soon be wondering why you no longer seem to want to have sex with her and feelings depressed over that instead.

either decide to drop pills and get kids, but that would also make you quit on sex
anal? do condom and keep condomless for safe days? still some risk

Not always. Freeze your guys first.

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>haha get sterilized man best thing that happened to me


You have got to be kidding me..
>Remain on the drug that hurts you for my penis must be as happy as possible


No matter how much it sucks, you can't force your GF to take pills that screw up her hormones if the hormonal changes have negative effects on her. My ex girlfriend for example lost almost all of her sex drive as a result of birth control pills. Her sex drive was fine but as soon as i told her to start taking the pill, it completely culled her sex drive. So she eventually got off of it.

Let her get off of the birth control pills. You can also try to look into other forms of contraception.

>Be in a relationship with ME and only have sex with ME for the rest of your life but always ALWYS use a condom and never feel a vagina for the rest of your miserable days

U gotta be kidding me ..

OP doesn't care for her. In his OP he never showed any concern for how the pill depressed her only that it may make her unhappy or heaven forbid she hate him for being forced to stay on the pill.

Most men should just be up front and tell the girl its for pussy only so we don't waste our time.

How does that even compare you dumb fuck. Birth control can really fuck with a woman's system, that's well known. And if your definition of "good sex" is based specifically on how your penis feels, you're having shit sex.
Also when done properly pullout is extremely effective. But nah:
>Dump her for not wanting to compromise her health.
Fucking animals. I've met Ethiopians with more empathy.

You seem upset.

if you didn’t take your girlfriend’s virginity she’s useless to you other than as a sex object. leave her if she’s not going to give you the only thing you should want from her anymore

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baka... what a chad response. pretty based

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Based incelposter

i’ve had more sexual partners than your probable age boomer. current girlfriend was a kissless virgin before me. imagine marrying a woman that has already had a penis inside her. fucking cucks

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>current girlfriend was a kissless virgin before me.
She ugly or what?

I've been with virgins, it's actually fucking boring and annoying. Kek.

For marriage, maybe, but I'm not looking for that any time soon.

no she isn’t, but she’s pretty young kek. i feel sorry for you burgers that will have to “make do” with thots that have already been cumpdumpsters for 5 other men, a number you consider “low enough” hahahaha
>not teaching her everything you know and making her yours
you’re just low t and probably bad at sex

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My gf is basically infertile. I can fuck her all I want without condoms or pills without getting her pregnant. Life is good.

It's just annoying having to deal with everything hurting them, or them thinking things are icky or whatever. I don't want to deal with it for the most part. I'm not going to eliminate 99% of potential mates just to focus on the ones that I have to train like a puppy.

My ex girlfriend was a virgin before me. At the same time I've dated/hooked up with women who have had a few sexual partners before me. So basically I've seen both worlds. And honestly, i can't really say my ex girlfriend was a more pleasurable experience because she was a virgin. The sex definitely wasn't better and our relationship eventually turned to shit anyways so i didn't experience any particular 'advantage' with it.

Now obviously, i agree you shouldn't marry a slut who's had miles of cock. But having a girlfriend who has had one or two ex boyfriends before you doesn't immediately make you a cuck. Your immense pride over having a girlfriend who used to be a virgin says enough about how low your self esteem is user. Guys who are confident in their attractiveness and their ability to pleasure a woman don't immediately become flooded with anxiety and jealousy when he hears a woman has had a boyfriend in the past.

You're talking to the same gang that wet themselves with glee over the beheading video of the two girl in Morocco. Not an empathetic bone in their body when it comes to women.

My wife used to take birth control, she stopped like 3 years ago. We've had regular sex since then.
She hates the feeling of condoms and gets off on cum leaking out of her vagina post-sex.

Or get a fertility calendar app.

TLDR: Basically a 100% chance to not get pregnant the first week her period clears up and the week leading up to period.

Any other time and you may want to consider wearing a condom or pulling out (cum on her chest or face).

Use rubbers till the male contraceptive pill is avalible. Jesus.

Also...thin condoms or bust.
Wife also has a latex allergy.

Skyn condoms DONT feel like teabags. Can still feel her vagina wrapped around your dick and she can still feel your penis head through the condom.

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I have a sinilar issue to op rn and trying to convince her to get on copper IUD. Skyn and lambskin only 2.i havent tried yet so next time i will.

She doesn't get a vote in whether he starts fucking her less either.

How about a compromise, he bangs her wrapped to make her happy, but then sneaks off to fap when it too much to bare. Or go the dreaded nofap route until his body likes the feel of condom puss. Took me a month but did work.

That's pretty much what I'm saying. She can go off the pills, that's her decision. He can also stop fucking her as often and she has to be happy with that too. Maybe every once in a while to keep her satisfied.


Oh im srry let me fix it for you ahem.
Lol this fgt cant get raw puss? A real alpha would go out n find new bitch, how he wanna stay with her lol. Bet he sjw cuck too lol, fuck bitches get money.

thank u

She's right
And unless you are a weak chinned boy you will see the benefits very shortly after she is off.
If you see said boy you might want to pack your bags cause she won't be into you much longer

>Using your significant other as a glorified sex toy

If i'm going to restrict myself to having sex with one person then I expect the sex to be good.

If the sex is shit then we might as well just be friends.

>copper IUD
Nobody ever do this.
It's the worst idea ever.

>Life is good
How? Your gf is infertile lmao.

fucked a girl with one of these once. there were metal wires poking my dick on every thrust. not cool.

The amount of muh dicking in this thread is both surprising and depressing
Pic related

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Why is it bad? Mine can't take hormonal bc either.