23 female here...

23 female here , I’m normally on /b/ but I really need some Jow Forums tonight this is honestly such a long story I don’t know where to begin and I don’t want to bore everyone with this stupid drama going to just say the main points, I might be all Ofer the place and not make 100% sense but I just need to talk about this really so here it goes ...

When I was 18 I started dating this guy I worked switch that was 32 we really got serious even though the age difference . I soon came to find out He was an alcoholic and took anti depressants we would drink together but it got to the point where he took a leave from work and was just getting fu led up all day long
We got into a fight one day and I punched the TV and broke a chair
He called the cops on me and got me arrested almost fired but then instead just transferred from my work because I did nothing wrong. We broke up in December 2015 and since then I’ve blocked number and FB so forth but for the past couple months he has been emailing me
Saying he misses me ... idk what to do

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Sounds like you two deserve each other...

Stay away he’s desperate, probably went through a breakup and in desperation reached out to your crazy ass. He mad a mistake, do him a favor and don’t take advantage of it you goddamn psycho.

Ignore him forever.

Do Not Go Back

t. married an alcoholic

i also forgot to mention that back in August he emailed me threatinging to take me to small claims court because he paid my bail

And now he’s saying he misses me
I’m so confused ?
Like he probably is depressed

I did love him and he’s the one who ended it you know I’m just like you can’t do that take me for granted and then ruin me and once I start getting better try to break me down and take me back

>23 female here I’m normally on /b/
lol what do you do there?

Post my pics ? Lol

links :3

>dates 32 year olds
>posts pics on /b/ in 2018
This thot needs Jesus.

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Kill him.
Then kill yourself.

“I think I’m more mature and intelligent than I actually am” syndrome, classic.

>and I punched the TV and broke a chair
>got me arrested

You are crazy. Stay away from him you irrational emotional crazy woman.
He is already depressed (maybe because a bad life or just jos genes) and needs a helping hand and helping woman at his side, not someone who blames him even more like you. Help him or stay away!

There is only one reason an ex tries to get in touch after a long break.

His most recent girlfriend threw him out

Leave him. He got you a record. Fuck 'em. Someone taints my clean-ass record over some stupid shit, they are thrown out the exit door.

I get an 18 yo girl dating a 32 yo loser working a low or no skill position. It also makes perfect sense he gets fucked up a lot and that won't change. What I don't get is wanting to go another round with a loser like this. Now he's 37 and nothing has changed.

You: anger management
Him: alcoholic anonymous
Both: cut each other off and move on

I can only help someone that wants to help himself it’s such a long story on why I punch the TV I mean I am a little crazy but

Post pics or a link to your pics.

>punched a chair
>called the cops


Go to church before it is too late you degenerate

>idk what to do
You are already damaged goods at this point. Do whatever you want.

>18 yo girl
>32 yo man

Are all girls naive like this? I feel like in hindsight I should have just asked out girls when I was younger if they are.

By the time you're 30 he'll be 44, and he won't stop drinking in the meanwhile.