I'm scared of becoming one of the ugly men with no kids

I'm scared of becoming one of the ugly men with no kids.

How do I ensure I have children

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Kidnap a young girl and lock her up in a room.

That's not mine though. Genetically

Maybe meet a girl, get married, have sex?

But I'm 26 and have never had a gf
I don't know how

Well, you will need to meet a girl. Where do you go that there are you know, girls?

I work from home and never leave my room
I go to some tech meetups but it's all guys

I don't know where to go

Right. Then you need to leave the house. Firstly, do not think you are going to meet the love of you life any time soon. Second, since you have income you can afford to get a new hobby. What have you always wanted to do?

REALISTICALLY seize the means of production.
And then you can get kids.
nO Wait
Leave your fucking room with a nice gang.
And gangbang your nearest bar.

And I really mean just have a good time in the pub or a social event with little distraction.
As for conversation, make sure you have a social event that should have people who know all the topics your workplace has.
Gaming convention or tech show and presentation. Then talk like you came out of the office and want to chill like an overheated worker you are.

But I'm an English major, so I might be romantic in ideals.

I don't make much but I have liked photography
I may do something with that

Right, great start. There must be photography classes or a club near you. I want you to report back to this thread how many you have found and which one are you going to do.

I found a photography Meetup next month. I'm going to try to go

Also a board game meetup

Serious question: what if there's nothing I've always wanted to do? What if I have no passions and nothing I do seems to induce more than a baseline level of enjoyment?

Have you ever considered how selfish of you it is to want kids despite being ugly? Your kids will also be ugly and just wind up suffering even worse than you did.

I would rather be alive

That’s why you impregnate her. How dense are you?

I'm on the same boat.
One more thing is that if you live in a shit country, people usually are focused to survive, rather than having hobbies.

Ugly people can produce cute babies.
He said he works in tech from home, so his brain is at least worth passing on. Get him a hot lady and he'll probably pump out some serious blue bloods.

find someone as desperate as you are

Spending time with kids would relieve you of this fear. They are stupid entitled little assholes.

You need to stop complaining, if you're going to get anywhere. I've read the entire thread, and you seem to be an excuse generator, never stoping the excuses towards good advice the other anons are offerings.

If you always make excuses about your future with a girl, and about how "ugly" you think you are(It's a completely subjective term anyway, most people probably think you're just fine the way you are), you dig yourself a hole you can't get out of. If you don't take action and be proactive about caring for yourself, and then maybe some kids one day, you're going to watch your life sail past you in many ways.

Also, if you really want to take care of kids, there is the option of adopting as a single father. With how bad the divorce laws are nowadays for men in the US, it would be very smart of you to make this decision if you can't find a girl.

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Maybe you are the asshole?

Thanks man

Single men are barred from adopting by law

So you want to be ugly with a ugly kid as the alternative?

user, meet user

Why does the world hate me

Kids = highly expensive, time consuming, risk as hell, & just another thing they can steal from you or hold as ransom.

I want a legacy

We all do.

dont listen to him, that is a blatant lie

Have unprotected sex with a fatty


Simple there is always someone uglier than you

breed them and hope the child get lucky in genetics

Hit the gym. Hit the bar. Hit the library. Read a good book at a coffee shop. Manscaping. Buy new cloth that are in style. Online date. Go to church. Do these things and you'll be fine.