Who is right and who is wrong

Ok guys buckle up I got a story

Basically a while back I was disowned by my dad. The reasons where absolutely retarded, And I refused to go back home. However, Unlike most people from my area, I was born with this thing called "empathy". Even though my dad was clearly in the wrong, I came back to the house said sorry and moved on. He never apologies to me but I saw the regret in his face, which was enough for me.

To note the extent of the impact this kicking out had on me, I lost a once in a life time internship opportunity, failed a whole semester and ruined my GPA, lost all my friends and their respect, lost all my money. I worked since i was 15 (21 now) maintained absolute discipline, but lost it all because of my dad's pride.

Fast forwards to a bit after the incident. Basically both my sisters work in the medical profession. Me and my sisters always made of hand jokes to each other, but we ALWAYS took them as jokes. So one day my sisters decides to add her new husband to our family chat. me and my sister start making the jokes, husband get's angry at me, swears at me even though I never swore at him, then I was kicked from the chat. Now I thought nothing of this, still thought he was joking, since he always seemed to be messing around when i first met him, and just forgot about it, like any normal human being would. Now, remembering I lost everything, I spend all my days working and studying to replenish my lost life, So I rarely see my parents, and completely forgot about the whole altercation.

Fast forward a few weeks, And I decide to meet my parents. They are talking about my sister, and how she has not visited in weeks. I ask why. They tell me its because it's about the altercation and her husband is angry. I'm surprised. Dad asks me to call sisters and apologies, and I oblige not looking to screw my life over a second time. As I leave the door, I get a call from work, and I have to leave their and then for work. In my rush, I completely..

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Forgot to Make the call. Like I said above, a few more weeks go by, Visit parents. Everyone is much more angry at my sister. She has not visited in weeks. I decide to ignore the situation and move along say my hi and by’s and was about to leave.
I could tell my mum wanted to tell me something but was to scared. I reassured her I would not tell anyone if she told me and she told me. She basically said that my brother in law told my dad that he sent guys to “beat me”. I laughed it off, re assured my mother and left. Im 6’2 and worked labor since I was 15. This man is a 5’5 balding midget who needs to bend his neck completely vertically to even glance at my face. His friends are the same. So, this was of no concern.
Fast forward a week and I get the news my sister is pregnant. Great, I’m going to be an uncle. Problem is, brother in law won’t let us see the child. Basically said to my sisters face that our family is undisciplined and dangerous. My mother raised 8 children in a shit hole with no money, all being educated and well off. This man was broke, has no education and from our home land country, which is even shittier then our current shit hole. We gave him a lot, and without us, he would still be collecting shit of the street to get by. But again, I digress, I warned my dad about this man, But my warnings fell on deaf ears.

Now I need to introduce a new character. His sister. There is not a single human being on this earth I despise more then this women. She is stuck up, constantly sticking her nose where it does not belong, dumps ger children around people’s houses and leaves them to run a muck. A few days before the wedding, she came to our house. Decided to pick up our sister, and go around handing out invitations to over 100 guests. Now in our culture, the couples cannot be alone together until after the marriage and wedding. My dad made this clear to my brother in law and he accepted.
When my mum refused to let my sister go, this women lashed out at my mother. This enraged me and I kicked them both out. Told my dad what happened. To not make this post any longer, a few apologies are made, everyone is “happy”. I warned by dad that he has shown us his true colors, and we should stop this marriage now, but his “good friend” who set this up assured him it won’t happen again. Again, I said nothing and continued on with my life.

Fast forward to today. My sister has given birth recently. I have not seen my niece. I cannot set foot in my brother in laws house since I’m banned. Mother has only seen child once. But that’s not the problem here. My dad comes home from overseas tomorrow and wants to see his niece. My sister is coming but not with her child. My dad will ask why, she will answer “my husband does not allow it”. Knowing this, I decided to call my brother in law and squash the beef once and for all. This is how the convo went:

>me: Hey dude whats up:
Note I used my brothers’ phone, so he answers saying my brother’s name.
>me: No dude it’s me. We need to talk and deal with this.
>Him: What do you want?
>me: Look, I just want to apologies for what I said. It was a joke, but I’m still sorry.
>Him: No man where passed that.
>Me: ok then, you going to allow my dad see his grand child.
>Him: No
>Me: Why?
>Him: Because I don’t want him to.
>Me: Do you realize, that a daughter seeing her father, and a grand daughter seeing her grandpa is in your hands right. Put aside your pride. Let her come.
>Him: No, not to he apologizes to my sister and my wife.
>Me: Wait why does he need to apologies to your sister. She was in the wrong, attacked my mother. But we squashed that. Why are you bringing it back up.
Now, I’ve come this far and the next few lines might be BS. But I assure you, they are his exact words.
>Him: Because I’m a shit stirrer and I like creating problems.
I stand there in absolute shock for a second not being able to process what I heard.
>Me: So you would destroy a family…because you want to cause shit?
>Him: Yea bro I’m a fking shit stirrer and I hate all your family. Wtf are you going to do.

At this point I was extremely angry. I suffered from anger management problems, And I had to use every ounce of strength in my body from killing someone. I remined him of how he said he’s going to send guys to beat me. I told him he’s no man, just some bottom of the barrel shit stirrer who would have nothing if it weren’t for my families help.
Then I warned him calmly that if I ever saw him again I would beat him without mercy. Since he made it clear to me that his parents have not disciplined him, I will.
Honestly this is just a rant. My dad is meeting up with him and the dude that set this marriage up to discuss. But I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to beat this man senseless and remind him that his place in this earth is under my shoe. I was raised to always respect another man. I kept my cool, and did everything in my power not to escalate this situation. But nothing speaks more to undisciplined boy then a right hook to the jaw. I will remind him of his place. And if he steps back out of line, I’ll keep reminding him.

I’m sick of taking and taking and taking and having to hold it all in. I’m like a bull being taunted by the crowd slowly breaking the chains. I will show no mercy. I don’t care for this life anymore. Once I’m done with him tomorrow, I will meet up with the gang bangers of my family and become a crim. Screw working honestly. The only thing honest men have shown me is hate and pain. And I have nothing to show for it.

On top of all that, they are literally willing to go decades without talking to family over stupid reasons, They are the dirt of the earth, and have the pride of kings. This disgusts me.

I will stay and read replys till I have to go to the house. I will not reply. If someone manages to change my mind, You will know.

NO problem is worth a five chapter novel. Restate the problem in 2 or 3 sentences if you want a reply.

(I will say that before I got bored and stopped reading I got the impression that you feel everyone in your family is weird except poor put-upon you. When EVERYBODY reacts badly to you, there is a far more likely explanation)

You should poison him

jump this nigga with a baseball bat at night and kill him

Frame him for being connected to ISIS. Sounds like y’all are from that neck of the woods.

Post his Instagram

Hey OP is there any chance that this guy does have extremist connections? The behavior you describe (controlling, isolating) is indicative of people who are being radicalized

Sorry I'm still comfused on the hand jokes thing. What kind of jokes did you and your sisters ised to do?

while your with your parents or something get your friend to kill him or beat his ass so they cant pin it on you

Only two years max for assault

I say go for it

I would think murder


Enjoy your personal Army


Just make sure to break his legs so he can't walk again and so that he can't threaten you again and he loses all his friends who will think him stinkier then shit once he is in a wheelchair

Take a red bull and a beer (only one, no need to get sloppy) before heading over to kick his ass. It will help your anger and calm you at the same time. Good luck buddy.

Post his info and we will take care of the rest.

lel that's the impression I got too

You could be leaving out important details, but I'll empathize with you. That situation is rough. However, this type of revenge will only cause you more misery. Speak to the police about this situation and see what they say. If they can't do anything then talk to your sister and get her to stand up to her husband and his brother. Is she on your family's side? If so, convince her to tell him that she is bringing her child over to your family's house regardless of what he thinks. By law he has no right to withold the child given the circumstances. Will he hit her over this? If so accompany her outside the property to make sure nothing goes down. If shit goes down, call the police. He'll never see his kid again and YOU will have your revenge without ruining your life.

I'm not reading this. Just go take an advil and pet a cat, that will probably solve your problem.

*stand up to her husband and his sister

>Who is right and who is wrong

The one who takes a one-sided story to Jow Forums for validation is wrong.


Hey guys op here.

So my dad, the guy who set up the marriage and my brother in law where supposed to meet today. No body told me the location since they where pretty much convinced I was going to kill him.

I managed to get the location out of my brother who overheard the conversation. Drove down to the house, Went into a blind range pushed passed everyone and picked this guy up and smashed him into a table and a few chairs.

As I was reading myself to administer the beating, he began furiously apologising and promised he would never disrespect me or my family again. I gave him a few back handers to remind him of what would happen if he went back on his word.

Also, to everyone saying he's some kind of extremist for exhibiting this kind of behaviour. He's just prideful. People native from my country have a huge pride problem. Legit garbage men with no money will make the most outrageous demands just to appease their ego.

For those calling bs, believe what you will.

At least I got to see my niece tho, she was cute.

Just to add, Ik where he lives now. So if he ever tries to pull shit like this again, I can just break an arm or 2. He kept where he lived a secret so no one in my family could get to him.