What does it mean when a girl takes ages to respond to any message?

What does it mean when a girl takes ages to respond to any message?

I met a girl on Tinder, we hit it off and had a really good time. I suggested to meet again, she later messaged me when she had time to schedule the meeting. So far so good.

Problem is, I really enjoy chatting through instant messages, as it just helps to get closer and maintain a nice relationship. Most girls on Tinder are very responsive and I had lots of great online convos there, but this girl seems to send me a message twice a day and that's it. Come the fuck on. I'm also busy with work but it takes 5 seconds to reply once in a while.

Is it a certain sign that she's meeting like 20 other people at the same time?

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Not everyone likes conversations through chat. They’re not real.
If you’re getting dates that’s what matters, not whether she’s got enough time on her hands to be your penpal

I was texting a girl for about a week or so. She took forever to respond. When I asked her about this she told me I was boring, and later I found out she has a boyfriend. I'm not an expert or anything, but this is just what was casing long replies in my case.

>They’re not real.
it's a conversation in the same way that talking to someone in person is a conversation

No it’s not?

why not tho? It's the same 2 people talking, as if it were irl.

Do you think you and I would be having this conversation if we met irl?

Messaging adds a smokescreen, people have time to edit their responses. There’s no tonality. There’s fucking emojis ffs. The pacing is different. There’s no eye contact.
It’s not the same, and what’s more it’s lesser.

You're getting emotionally attached to a girl off tinder that you never met. Take a step back and calm the fuck down. People are busy and not looking for penpals. If she's willing to meet up, that's great, leave it at that and meet up.

I guess you're right, the pacing is different, and people have more time to think... And yeah, we wouldn't have a conversation like that irl, because I'm shy af around people I don't know. Ok, you've changed my mind..

>You're getting emotionally attached to a girl off tinder that you never met.
I'n not the OP, but I do that too. Simply because I hardly ever get any attention from females. So if that is the case with OP there is nothing wrong about it I guess.

It's unattractive and you should avoid it.

I know, and it only hurts me. It happens because I get excited, and start thinking and planning my future with that special someone who I like. But when I find out she's already in a relationship it hurts..

So don't get attached to a girl you talk to. You need to live with the "let see where it goes" mentality. A girl needs to earn your attachment.

>So don't get attached to a girl you talk to
It's hard.

I know how you feel, I tend get attached to pretty girls who talk to me and fantasize about us getting married. I always tell myself to shut up and stop thinking about because we're not in a relationship. Even in a relationship, you shouldn't think like that

>about us getting married.
that is so fucked up. I do that too. I feel like the only way to solve this would be to stop myself every time I start dreaming about future. I'm fucking pathetic...

It's good you always try to stop those emotions, but don't get depressed about it. You're not pathetic, you think like this because you have a scarcity mindset, believing that the pretty girl who talks to you is "the one" and there will never another like her. You believe you're pathetic, but you're not user, work on your insecurities first, get friends and hobbies, and then try to get girls.

Why are you trying to psychoanalyze a stranger over the internet? Stop chasing people who don't want to be chased. Stop investing time and energy into people who don't invest the same time and energy into you. Why she isn't communicative or what else she may have going on is 100% irrelevant. If she isn't giving you what you need then fucking bail. That's it.

I've been working on my self lately, mostly with the help of Jordan Peterson's lectures. But every time something happens, I just lose all progress, and end up laying in bed for days. I found a few nice friends this year, and I guess it was a bit too early to try to start a relationship. Thanks for the nice words, user.

Improve yourself and build your friendship up user because you will have something fall on when something bad happens. I didn't have any friends and was very clingy when my ex broke up with me, it was rough for me. Now I'm working on myself and trying to make some friends. Having a gf doesnt make you win in life user, you shouldn't depend on anyone for happiness except for yourself. Don't believe the whole two halves become one in a relationship, it's supposed to be two complete people sharing their completeness with the each other.

>it's supposed to be two complete people sharing their completeness with the each other.
I haven't thought about it this way. Idk why was I thinking that I'll find that special 'someone' who'll fix me. Damn, user, you just showed me what's really important.
Sorry to hear that breaking up was rough for you. And yeah, making friends helps so much. It's been a long time since I was this happy and satisfied with my life, now that i've made a few friends. I even started hating myself less.

That's why a lot of people say fix your insecurities and build a stable base before you date, I didn't. I was clingy and never communicated, though she was also a bad partner. I didn't care of making friends because I had a cute gf, which later bit me in the ass in the future. I tried to set a date with this girl I met in class but she ghosted me twice, later I would find out she has a boyfriend. It hurts but there's nothing I can do, there are more girls out there. Please work on yourself first user, then try to get a relationship