Just how do you guys cope up with debilitating depression? Lost my job, my closest friends don't want to come near me and I'm always feeling down whenever I'm alone or by myself. I do have a girlfriend I can relate to and a family by my side but it hurts to be like this when I haven't done anything wrong. I've been browsing Jow Forums as a means of outlet but at the end of the day, you just reflect that you've wasted your time doing nothing. What do you guys do to battle such things as depression and degeneracy of the world at the same time? Feels hopeless.

>inb4 an hero
>inb4 kill urself

I'm not at that stage yet. Not even taking meds because they should be taken as a last resort when you're about to lose your mind.

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>about to lose your mind.
>about to

welcome friend

Stop making this thread you annoying cunt

This spaghetti again.

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Stop spending accumulated virtue on dopamine dumps

stack silver and cryptos wait for the world to break
Get a bdsm GF mind control brain wash her into a sex pet
Stick to psychedelics for escapism avoid booze that is for peasants

When the economies globally breaks start a mini kingdom under the guise of a religion to avoid taxes in the banana republic country you'll be living in

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It takes some serious, willful action. Start with cleaning yourself and your living space up and then go for a walk. Build from there. Go submit applications for jobs. It’s going to suck for a while and your probably going to have to fake it until you start to make it. Only come back and browse Jow Forums for brief periods of time.

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I know that I am a man and that my life can only get better as time goes on.

Self medicating

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should have also said take Vitamin D you're probably nutritionally unbalanced

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Manila - Angeles city


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She will leave you and you will be all alone.
Dont worry, only 50 more years of suffering before you die a natural death

one day at a time
its ok to "sleep it off"

dont self-harm or use drugs / alcohol

focus on yourself & improving your situation

understand that the feelings will pass with time

accept it
its probably a by product of the processed "food" we eat in modern times & pesticide useage

Just kill yourself. It'll be too late when you are too deep in the rabbit hole and you get arrested.

>Just how do you guys cope up with debilitating depression?

Streaming vidya
Reading the news to zero viewers/listeners
Having emotional breakdowns over being powerless in the world
Consistantly figuring out the precise moment where my life went to shit

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hes got fucking mad digits so you know he knows what hes talking about

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Find a goal to work towards to, that's what helped me. Make sure its attainable tho and start with small steps. I guess its standard /sig/ shit. Some feels about yourself may never go away, but working on yourself to become a better person is a great feeling.

>start reading 'Feeling Good' by psychiatrist David D. Burns. That shit works
>work-out regularly
>start eating well. Lots of veggies, fruit, lean meat, nuts, almonds. Avoid shitty food like fast-food, pastry, chips, processed meats, etc...
>plan your day with accomplishable tasks, do not lay down thinking about your problems
>don't drink alcohol regularly, it'll make it much worse
>if all of that doesn't help you (unlikely), check out the herb st. john's wort. It's a natural antidepressant with plenty of research behind it

Walmart user, what's stopping you from leaving your situation?


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Welcome to my world, I spend every day fighting the urge to end it, and every night urging myself to get it over with.

Im not suicidal but I dont really like life. its not for me and I fail in any part of it. so yeah no idea. maybe I will wait for a bit more and see how it turns out. but I wont kill myself as long as my parents are alive

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>no GED
>no vehicle
>no other employer will be able to match my wages or hours given my lack of accolades
>all dreams died in 1998
>too old to start anything meaningful from the absolute bottom unless I want to willingly face an abundance of age bias and/or discrimination

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Sex, drugs like weed and light use of alcohol. But yeah there are a lot of things wrong with the world. We have a good reason to be depressed.

So what you need is a roommate and a ride out of where you're living to somewhere with slightly better opportunities? I've seen your posts and it sounds like my worst nightmare.

How old are you? Is it really too late to become a waiter/delivery driver/something else?

38 and not in the greatest of health.

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oldie here, got a job, hours are being cut to 14 a week next year.

need to find a new job or I'm fucked..

currently goingthrough a bout of depression. i am trying to find fun throughout my days. it can be the smallest of things really. i am making a conscious effort in having fun and taking chances on what will make me feel good m. accept the absurdity of your situation. read books that you think are interesting. take a chance on a career that you find inspiring to you. good luck friend.

Do you ever exercise? Even a little bit, not asking if you're a power lifter or anything.

You don’t. It’s do or die my friend

You build yourself up. You beat them at their game. You get a successful job and work for it. Then you find a wholesome sweet virgin and settle her down and travel the world. Then you build your company. All the while forging your body training and learning a combat sport.

You learn what it means to be a man and learn to lead. AND NEVER EVER silence your voice. To beat your enemy you must know your enemy, learn the tactics of the jew, media and shock tactics. Learn how to redpill slowly, speak your mind, fight back, be the strong bull people turn to. Be a race realist, be a nazi.

Raised by a single mother who suffered years of depression.
Now earning £80k uk with a christian columbian 3/4 caucasian ex-virging girlfriend. Starting my own buisness next year, gyming 5x a week boxing 3 times.

Im telling you this not to brag but so you see anyone can do it. Your only weakness is you fuck everyone else. I’ve even blocked my own mother for 2 months because she wasnt behaving appropriately with her neurotic attitude.

You must learn to live for you and you alone. Be able to cut anyone weak and corrupted from your life, family or friends. I love mine but I’m able to.

Tonight I’m driving to the nortb of the country to see my family, my two adopted white sisters and my christian gf whis virginity I took, to laugh at my mums liberal husband and rub zimbabwe and SA in his face and stand my ground over pollitical BS

TLDR people fucking died for you to be here on both sides of the great war, fight back, live for something, be a man. At worst die for what you believe in. If those goat fucking muzzies can do it why. cant you

Constantly in motion at Walmart. No door greeting here.

Hot baths with bath bombs

I am having a hard time controlling my drinking. It is the only thing that brings me comfort anymore.

the fuck, you live in a country where it's not only legal to kill drug dealers, commies and muzzy rats but you'd also get fucking paid for doing any of the above!
Grow a fucking pair and fuck her right in the pussy!!

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These 12 hour shifts are killing me. Wake up at 5AM, be there by 6 sit in a small windowless room monitoring production equipment remotely for 12 hours, go home and drink whiskey until I pass out then repeat the cycle.

>You build yourself up.

>You beat them at their game

>You get a successful job and work for it

>Then you find a wholesome sweet virgin and settle her down and travel the world
you seem everyone has the motivaiton to do this. when you are depressed you dont.
its like saying:"bro, just stop being sad!"

>Lost my job
Unimportant, get another one. I get that you're 38 and feel old but realistically that isn't so old that you can't start over. At the very least you can make it into a low level management position somewhere under the pretense that you are well experienced in the retail marketplace.

>friends won't come near me
95% of people's "friends" nowadays are glorified sociopathic "good-times" abusers. If they won't support you now they were never your actual friends, just acquaintances taking advantage of your resources in a convenient situation. The ones that stick around even when you're depressed are the only ones that matter.

>gf and family
This is more than many people can say nowadays. Be thankful for what you have here, especially if your gf is sticking with you despite the loss of your job. Do not push her away because of insecurity over inability to provide temporarily.

>using Jow Forums as an outlet
Bad idea. Most people on this site are in a similar or worse situation than you are. They use this site as an outlet by bringing down others to feel better about their own shitty lives. The only thing Jow Forums is good for is acting as a right-wing balance to the left-wing bias of mainstream media. The truth lies somewhere in between the two.

>I'm not at that stage yet
You are but you don't want to admit it if you are posting like this on a Siberian elk taming forum. Some people type "I want to kill myself" on Google. Some people call a suicide hotline. You type depressive posts on Jow Forums. Go to therapy. If you have to take pills to jump start the process then do it but don't take them for more than a year, they all have negative side effects that eventually become apparent. Focus on what you have and what you can do, stop dwelling on what you perceive as lost. There are no straight paths in life, our journey is full of forks, u-turns, dead ends, and figure 8s. You will figure things out.

Good luck Walmart poster. I used to work there too and it sucked my soul from me. I am in a similar situation and age as you and just kept putting applications out and messaging people on LinkedIn. My job now is depressing but pays over double what I got at Wal-Mart and is ridiculously easy. Pic related is where I spend half my life devoid of human interaction.

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the only thing that keeps me going is the unlimited hatred against jews and this satanic pedo elite that rules the world

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>hat do you guys do to battle such things as depression and degeneracy of the world at the same time?
Stop thinking you can fix any of society's problems if you can't even fix yourself. Don't focus on all the shit that's going on. Focus on figuring out the life you want and building it. The world's shit and always has been. It may be worse in the future but you have no influence over anything but yourself. That's the the tiny part of the world you CAN fix.

Nofap got me out of it. I can’t sleep in anymore, can only get 8 hours of sleep. I pass out by 9 and wake up at 5. I’m constantly thinking of my goals and can’t do anything but work more

What do you do for a living man? I just took up boxing a few months ago. Trying to get things on track