Females of adv would you give incels free sex if they would stop calling you names such as roasties or thots?

Females of adv would you give incels free sex if they would stop calling you names such as roasties or thots?

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Do you mean globally?



Let's see, have the worst sex ever to stop one person from being pathetic? Nah. I got bullied so much I know how it works and how to deal with it. Their insecurity isn't my responsibility. Words only hurt when they come from someone you care about. And I like when sex is passionate and loving.

The fun part is that incels end up talking to a lot of women online but because they assume it's just another dude they never even realize that it isn't difficult and how damaged their psyche is.

My female friend gave me free sex and liberated me from the chains of virginity. I'm pretty sure it was pity sex. I never went on about rosties and the standard Jow Forums talk, though.

The sex might not be that bad :)) you have no idea what they are capable of, incel friend of mine fucked some camwhore because she was bored and she told me she orgasmed pretty hard


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Only if they shower first.

>be camwhore
>decide to become real whore for more money
>could fuck seedy men who fuck around a ton
>instead fuck virgins who won't have diseases
>tell their virgin friends how great it was to try to lure them in
It's a good plan.

She never charges for sex they still hate each other after that lol

Nope. I just have sex with hot people who get to know how to turn me on.

What's criteria for being an incel? Feels like the word is used quite liberally.

Nope. You call all females roasties or thots and therefore doesn't bother me at all. You're like a little yapper dog that you tune out and not even worth kicking.

people who cant get laid because of their look or mental issues

or other circumstances

>People who don't get laid even though they wish they did.

>Females of adv

t.bh if they set their standards that low they probably wouldnt be incels, most incels have highly unrealistic standards.

Other circumstances could be volcel instead.

IMO it's not always "highly unrealistic standards" as much as not wanting to do anything to try to make them less unrealistic and having a very defeatist attitude towards it (even if it's a learned thing).

So an incel isn't necessarily the bogeyman people think about when the word is used? You know, openly hating women, poor hygiene, ill-fitting clothes etc.

Why would it be difficult to imagine a decent person that just hasn't gotten laid? It's basically just the zoomer version of "virgin" used as an insult.

Well it's a wide range of guys who can't get laid, you don't even have to be a virgin to qualify. Some shoot people, some graduate MIT etc.

Because none of the incels I have ever talked to have ever been decent people. All I have to do is get them talking and they tell me exactly how fucked up they are weather intentional or not; you're simply not capable of hiding how shitty you are on the inside, whatever your particular critical malfunction might be. Intractable laziness, outright delusion, narcissism, entitlement, pervasive self-centered thinking or some combination or variation thereof. Incels dont become incels for no reason. You are not a virgin because you were 'focusing on yourself and your career'. You are a virgin because you have a trash personality and actively repel most people.

What's the story
How can a woman hate a man who achieves her orgasm

So the problem stem from the fact that a descriptive term has become recognized as a movement or whatever?

Yes, that's exactly the deflection hes going for. When in doubt, nitpick.

Because I imagine the people that decide to out themselves as "incels" aren't the best examples.

That whole thing is just Reddit trying to feel better than someone.

I'm don't follow...

While you're at it, unlearn all of the incel community vocab you've picked up, and stop hanging out in incel communities where it's nothing but pessimism and crabs in a bucket mentalities.

If you're spending time debating terminology you're not spending time yelling at him for being a shitter.

>Words only hurt when they come from someone you care about
Yet incels made you so butthurt that you felt like writing this bullshit on an ironic thread. Neck yourself

Different user,but you seem to have ignored what was actaully said there.

Re-read what that user posted and think actually think about it.

>The fun part is that incels end up talking to a lot of women online but because they assume it's just another dude

You aren't fooling me...

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No, but 1 million $ per incel would do.

agreed AmeriBro

There are no girls on the internet and all the ones responding here are trans

Giving incels money is an awful idea.

Either prostitution is going to skyrocket (Not too bad) or you're gonna create a bunch of Elliot Rodger types that are all "Waaah I have all this money why does no one want to fuck me, THEY'LL PAY REEEEEEE"

lol doubt anyone would pay more than $50 to fuck you let alone the incels

It sounds like you should be taking what you can get at this point f am.

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Considering that a few weeks ago someone here wanted to pay a girl 500$ just to make out, they probably would.

>Implying that anybody gives a shit about what incels think or the names they call people

LOL that occurred on a Jow Forums thread and in real life there's also the incels who pay $0 and report prostitutes for tax evasion and interfere with other men's hobby

I have always taken what I can get, and my estimate has always been reasonable.

Incels don't graduate from MIT. They all have low intelligence.

Not a problem here, prostitution is legal in most european countries, kek.

thats why you guys are scum

we love our girls here


you guys should be ashamed not proud

>w-we love our girls
>lol that tax report will show her

lmao, hope you're reporting male prostitutes as well



No but i fuck incels that are nice

lol the media also says all people who browse Jow Forums are incels, which actually has more supporting evidence than claiming graduating MIT means you cant be an incel

Actually the opposite, higher IQ and education both strongly correlate with losing virginity at later ages

I like the responses ITT. The females' opinion corelates very well with the analysis from the no more mr. nice guy book.

The modern definition is undesirable men who regular society thinks should be rounded up and genocided because they post mean things about women from their basements.

What is the analysis Doctor? Do tell more

Many incels have a damaged personality and a completely wrong view of the world which makes them both lifeless and impossible to connect to. Women and men are attracted to each other, incels overcomplicate this to a high degree.


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I had 2 previous sexual partners. They would consider me a slut and therefore i don't deserve their almighty cocks.

They can call me whatever they want, they're so non-important it's weird someone would post this question

Once upon a time I had this ridiculous sex fantasy in which I take the virginity of a neet/incel/neckbeard. In other words a loser. It was particularly exciting to imagine him as a fattie with small dick, sitting on his lap fucking in front of his computer while playing hentai in the background. The idea that he would come really fast and him being clumsy was cute.

Thankfully I never did it, and now I'm with a rich jap chad who was the captain of his rugby team in university and is a good dom.

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would make a good porno

IMO, if you define yourself as someone who is INVOLUNTARILY CELIBATE—which is a complete oxymoron— you’ve clearly got a chip on your shoulder and some minor/major entitlement issues about the whole thing.

I say this as a guy who was celibate—as in I actively chose not to have sex—because I just personally believed casual sex didn’t really suit me and would have rather waited ‘til I found someone to share something with.

I ended up eventually losing my virginity at 24 (after I basically got my heart broken and said “fuck it”, and slept with literally the next girl I met. It was pretty terrible and confirmed all the reasons I chose to be celibate btw), so I *do* have some sympathy for how that kind of pressure the concept of virginity so late in life *does* feel like it’s weighing on you and like the whole world seems to be keyed towards revolving around something you’ve never experienced or understood really,

But the bitterness and blame I s just them trying to make themselves about something they feel inadequate about. And for that, I don’t have much sympathy for.


Femanon here.

>INVOLUNTARILY CELIBATE—which is a complete oxymoron—

How is that an oxymoron?
Being a married bachelor is an oxymoron.
Being unable to have sex isn't.

I'm a 55 year old boomer milf (I think anyway) with a young virgin fetish, I guess you'd call it


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>he actually wants to have sex

The definition that roasties use here is "someone who thinks women are not 100% perfect", they've called me an incel dozens of times and I've had sex with 5 girls (still haven't even turned 20).

lol shaming women for their sexual promiscuity doesn't even work

what you really have to do is go after the physical stuff
for example even so much as insinuating that they're overweight will get them to reply

Do you have any intention of entering into a relationship with these dudes? Or just like to fuck them?

Why would they? Did you forget the time mgtow wasn't a thing already? They weren't getting laid when they were /niceguy they won't be getting laid now.

Why is this thread so awful? It's basically just idiots who took the bait arguing whether everyone who has ever had sex is evil or if everyone who hasn't had sex is evil.


Virgin != Incel. Higher IQ virgins are all volcels. Incels are all of low intelligence, this is a proven fact. Incels just pretend that volcels are incels when they're not to try to make it look like there are decent, smart incels.

Someone who lies about not being able to get sex.

okay incel in denial :))