My girlfriend's currently alone in her apartment with her three gay friends at 3 in the morning (SEA timezone)...

My girlfriend's currently alone in her apartment with her three gay friends at 3 in the morning (SEA timezone). She says they're just chatting and catching up. Her gay friends aren't the flamboyant type, just the borderline subtle metrosexual ones. I'vr already expressed my concern regarding this, since even though she says they're gay, they're still men, and I'm not familiar with them yet, but she wouldn't listen.

Is my worry valid? Do I have the right to get mad at her for not listening to me?

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You have the right to feel or think whatever you want. But if I were her I’d get rid of you as soon as you start becoming a nuisance to my social life apart from you. I hate the possessive types.

I'm ordinarily wary of anything like this but in this case OP you need to relax.

If I switched the positions, say I bring my three lesbian friends into my apartment at three in the morning, and I say we're just chatting and they're lesbian anyway, would you be ok with that?

Yes, because I’m not an insecure idiot.

Sure you are. Thanks for the input.

I mean I WANT to relax since they're gay, but the problem is it hasn't registered to me personally yet that they ARE gay, since I've only met one of them once and the other two I haven't met yet, that's why I say I'm not familiar with them yet. They may be her friends but to me they're still kind of strangers.

Guarantee she’s practicing sucking dicks with all of them

That's the funny thing about security, you are most vulnerable when you think you are the safest.

A woman who has multiple gay friends is a massive red flag, mate. Not because she will cheat on you with them but because any influence they have on her will be negative.

your worry is valid yes, but not much to do about it
have a female friend who lived with those 2 gay guys, guess what? the top fag was bi

Like what, for example?

>but not much to do about it
OP here. My girlfriend can be the jealous type too, but she's trying to be subtle and quiet about it whenever she gets jealous. I know because whenever I tell her things that include another female, she'd be wary and won't speak to me for a while until I assure her.

So I'm sure as fuck when I hypothetically switch our positions wherein if I bring lesbians to my apartment to be alone with them she'd get mad for sure. This is why I think I have the right to be mad when I've already calmly explained to her twice about my concerns earlier and she wouldn't listen.

Fags for the most part aren't family oriented and give awful dating advise. The cock carousel is the norm in the homosexual community.
Not to mention the likelihood of a homosexual man unironicly wanting to spend time with women is a Hollywood trope.

well it's not like you have to match all your gf's flaws, im not jelous by nature so i dont understand it as a behaviour
if a girl wants to cheat on you she will do it anyway, even if you keep stressing her all the time, you will go to sleep sooner or later
so you gotta trust her and be on guard for any inconsistencies in what she tells
i have female friends which i dont want to fuck nor have ever slept with and just enjoy staying with them from time to time so the opposite can happen too, trust is really necessary for the thing to work
that said, if she's just testing your reactions by trying petty provocations she's trash

Yes, because if they're gay, they're gay.

If you don't trust your girlfriend to set up her own boundaries and act right in your relationship then there is literally 0 point in being with her. Also, contemplate the reality that the only solution to this problem is her packing up all of her shit and finding a new place to live simply because of your discomfort. That would 100% tank your relationship even if she agreed to it. The only way to maintain this relationship is to nut the fuck up and get over it or break up. Either you trust your girlfriend to act like an adult or you don't.

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(All women are bisexual.)

>I don't know whether to send you to Jow Forums or Jow Forums
Good thing you have no authority what so ever.
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That's giving them way too much power. Refuse to let them and they will begin to wonder if they're good enough for you or if they make you happy. Especially if you go down on them. The guilt will eat at them. They will be so eager to please

I would personally think she's cheating. Just dump her and get a gf that listens user

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bro stop. You let her use her "hot and horny" mouth on you, and before long she wants to use it on others. Don't let her, and she will always be begging for your approval.

Your way you get cucked, my way you ended up with a super loyal woman.

Spare me the red pill bullshit please. I’d rather have an enjoyable life.

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