Ugly woman here . how do I get a decent boyfriend?

ugly woman here . how do I get a decent boyfriend?

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would you make a decent girlfriend? lower your standards

Approach guys the same way men have to approach women. Laugh about EVERY shitty joke guys make, even when they aren‘t funny. Smile a lot. Always be friendly. Hope that one of them is desperate enough to stick around. There are enough guys like that out there.

training, makeup course, keep care of body and all
should at least manage a 6 that way
if you got cursed with some deformation, aim for the desperate ones, or be a very interesting person
what cards do you have in your hand?

Open your legs but originally

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I'm a dancer and I can play the piano quite quite thin but I'm short . That's about it . (I usually dance all day)

I know a couple guys looking for a gf. One is a future dentist the other moves bricks. Hmu

Why don't you start with any boyfriend, ugly.

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what's blocking you from getting a bf? just uggo? or also psyco? if you dance and all you should be quite palatable

No guy is going to give even the slightest fuck that you play the piano

I guess my insecurities. It happens to dancers because I get to see almost naked women with very good bodies and faces all day. Sucks. (I'm like a 3/10 and I think I'm pretty aware of myself )

That's what the dating process is about i think, so you can find out whether you want to enter a relationship with the person. So just do the dating thing.

Post a pic of yourself let’s see how ugly you are, then we can give you the advice you need

>girls on Jow Forums: how do I get a decent boyfriend?
>boys on Jow Forums: how do I get a girlfriend?

not gonna ask pics, but can you post a girl you think is on your level?
insecurities dont prevent guys from approaching you tho, maybe you are unsociable?

Learn to cook and work out 6 days a week.

So are you a pole dancer or some shit? Are you the weekday girl?

I would

I would play your piano if you catch my drift

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I don't date ugly girls.

Because they don't exist!

Hehe now that I've caught your attention with my funny opener, would you like to continue this conversation in my humble discord server? It's not every day you see a female on Jow Forums and I don't want to miss this opportunity to meet a lovely girl such as yourself :O. So please consider, and maybe I might just make you my girlfriend ;)

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j-jesus christ

dancers are hot
you're already winning

Like Bridget the midget ?


Fat and ugly, or just ugly?

Any girl that isn't fat is automatically above average. But fat is a deal breaker for most men.

I dont care
Cute and kinky


user, meet user

>Everyone on Jow Forums: huuruurrr durrruurrr guhh....

Find a poor homeless man, buy him some nice stuff, get him cleaned up, help him get a job, if he is truly a good man, he'll work hard to make you happy, if not, throw his ass out.

I'm basically the poor homeless man, and the women who've paid for my food and drink over the years I swear to god god damn

What do you dance to? I have no advice but im starting to get into it myself.

Hard to be really fit and well-taken care of an ugly. Like you really have to be working with shit base material for that.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you are going to become good looking, but you can swing a 6 with the basics assuming you are in the US.

You think an ugly girl wants to date an ugly guy? This is 2018 bitch, get real.

HAHAHAHAHA classic thot
God I hope your life is miserable.


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>dancers are hot
Club rats are hot, actual dancers tend to be bitchy psychos with no figure.

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I don't like how every board is /b/ now

why the fuck am i still on this shitty website hot damn

Go shit post somewhere else then.

Show open affection.
Rely on them for things that will make them feel confident when they do it for you.
Cook good food for them.