Talk to girls online

>Talk to girls online
>Slowly gain trust
>Get into a relationship
>Say we love eachother
>Tell eachother everything
>Suddenly lash out
>Use her insecurities and personal issues to make her feel like shit
>Dump her
>Say I could never love someon like her, and nobody ever will.
>This is how I get back at women for not wanting me

I know it's shitty and I want to stop but it feels so good. Do I need therapy or something?

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Revenge is almost as sweet as pussy my man


How do you talk to women without getting bored ?

Nah, you're good.
Girls I met online have mostly just used me for attention, but I got a surprise for all of them.

I get nudes and make them do whatever I say. Women are so disgusting and degenerate

Nice projection.

>Do I need therapy or something?
Yes. Desperately.

>lust after hot girls who reject you
>treat the women who do want you like shit
>"hurr hurr sweet revenge"
It's perfect really. You get to feel good by treating lesser women like shit, but at the same time you avoid burning bridges with the women you do want.

How ?

The online girls are hot too. If They were here I'd be too nervous to even speak to them. It's like I get to reject the bitches who reject me. It's so nice.

You are taking revenge on someone who has nothing to do with the situation that hurt you initially. I would reccomend you to work on your self-esteem. You have been rejected many times, but that does not mean that anything is wrong you. Attractive and intelligent people are also rejected. People have different tastes. Keep trying! It seems like your are punishing innoccent people for your low self-esteem. Thats not fair

Mostly drama and love life really.
I gladly skip the talk about pets though

>therapy meme

You know, I'm not sure if you're a troll, you're mentally challenged (quite a lot, in case), or you're just incredibly childish, but for sure there is something very wrong with you, you need to acknowledge that not only you are a dick and a pathetic person (you probably already know and oh-you-LOVE basking in that idea, being the emo tumblr hipster weeaboo retarded kid that you are), it's also ACTUALLY really like that. You, YOU are a horrible human being, and you MUST stop beheaving like that. No one would care for someone who acted like you do, maybe this is the reason lots of women never considered you.
I don't think you are like that, I think you're just trying to find a way to alleviate your stress. Don't do that on the expense of others, actually, you really should go to those people who genuinely cared for you and apologise. Tell them all the truth, why you acted this way and that you never actually meant what you said. Consider therapy.
Please, please, please. Be nicer with people, they will be great with you.

nobody would ever post something like this if it was a woman taking advantage of men.

>>This is how I get back at women for not wanting me
...but... she did want you...

Not saying I can diagnose anything but psychopathy is not off the table for you.

is this you, D?

Incels are psychopaths.

I wish I was, life would be so much easier.

What kind of wussy psychopath can't figure out how to get sex?

Geezus if this is you send me a message lol

Keep doing it OP. The people getting pissed ITT are the exact types of girls you’re hurting, that’s the only reason they’re mad. They need to be woken up from their dream world.

A real psychopath would have no regard for women’s feelings and either ask everyone woman to fuck him or just rape them.

One who sticks finger up behind & sniffs it know how his feces smell, & one who scratches testicles with stick and sniffs it knows his manhood. But one who doesn’t will never know, as the world will never know.
- Confuscious

You stop giving a fuck and say wild shot just to see their response.
I usually only do this when I'm super dooper bored, drunk or just don't care.


>I get nudes
How, I never learned

A wussy one.

Yeah, then it would be “lol owned, what a retarded beta incel”

this is a cool pasta, I shall use it for shitposting purposes

Bruh I'm doing the same thing as you.

And yes it feels amazing and deep down I know it's wrong. It's a hurtful thing to do to innocent people but for most you meet online, they have ghosted someone or rejected someone at one point or another.

If you want to be a vessel for hurt and be apart of that machine, i can't judge you for it. I do know it's something that I have to stop eventually just because I should be above acting that way. Plus it's just a massive waste of time for something petty and wanting a girl to feel really hurt. Would it be something you want done to your sister or mother?

I have sought out professional help and it usually ends with the therapist having long and heavy exhales with the session going nowhere. It comes down to them talking about my dad and me being very angry and resentful, I just don't know how to take that out of my day to day life.

From the post you made you sound like you're angry. It's not enough to straight clock a girl in the face, but what you know to be a slow aching pain for a woman over a long period of time that will damage someone much longer than most physical pain. You're angry user, you have to cry it out.

Not OP, but
>Use the profile picture of a C-list model (good enough to be handsome, not good enough to be widely known) nabbed off instagram
>Start the introductory small-talk as to not give the impression of a horny asshole right off the bat
>Start talking about my balls
>Unironically start talking about my balls
>They love it
>Some of them wanted to meet "me"
>Even after I said I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off them
>And that they shouldn't be surprised if they notice a bulge in my pants
Women are superficial and disgusting

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