Low IQ

I know that my IQ is exceptionally low because I am African American. There are so many different things that I tried to do like programming and reading philosophy but I couldn't fully grasp those things. Most would say that willpower and work ethic are better than intelligence but I disagree. If those things were the case then niggers would actually be doing something with themselves. Anyway, Is it still possible to go to college and contribute to society with a low IQ ?

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Yes. Also, the racist rethoric makes you sound even dumber.

Low IQ threads attract low IQ responders

The pot calling the kettle black...

Could be stellar bait with a little work. Try using less words.

Are you the same asshole on parole?
If not, you two should meet and fuse together just in time for the holidays

Shit-tier Jow Forums bait. I wish I would give you less than a 0/10.

I didnt mean to sound racist. I just assumed that since we're on Jow Forums I could just use nigger. As for the part about blacks being dumb, I got that from the statistics that I seen inside a book called The Bell Curve and a few videos about blacks scoring lower on IQ tests

Also I'm not baiting

I hope I'm not doxing myself but here's the proof

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Alpha lies

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oh you light skin

The flash made my skin look a bit brighter

Take an IQ test. Try this one:


I don't believe much in online IQ tests but here are the results

Your IQ is intended to be: 113

Calculated using spreading 15

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Nice excuse for being a stupid nignog. You have black science guy, that one slave that taught himself to read and write, and some others I can't be bothered to remember

>Being this much of a racecuck

Holy shit imagining being racist to your own race. I can't think of anything more pathetic. Hang in the towel, man, your brain is too far gone

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This post is baseless.

Calling someone out on being unintelligent isn't a sign of stupidity.

how is IQ an excuse ?

I've been browsing Jow Forums quite a bit lately

not all blacks are unintelligent. they are less intelligent on average but that is just an average. im a hardcore race realist who believes most of the reason for this is genetics but you shouldn't assume you're low IQ just because you're black.

programming and philosophy can be very complex. You should take an IQ test if you're especially concerned. The fact that you are questioning your own IQ means you are most likely (not guaranteed) 90+ IQ.

I got 130 anons, should I try and join mensa?

I thought that you would need a higher IQ for that

IQ is a meme. What holds 99% of people behind is psychological dysfunctions and anxiety. Poor marginalized people have usually more problems of this nature so their academic performance suffers too.

OP my IQ is 101 and I go to a top university. I tried programming and philosophy just like you and i still can't grasp it either. But that doesn't mean we won't ever figure it out or that we're stupid or fucked. If you take an IQ test (like a good one you do with a person over the course of two days) then you will realize that your IQ score is really an average. There are different types of intelligence. No not bullshit like emotional intelligence, though being being clever while talking to people xan take you a long way. Sections like workimg memory or perceptual reasoning. So you will see your strengths and your weaknesses and you can go from there.

Thanks user but I worry that taking the IQ test would only make things worse especially if I get a low score

Well I always thought I was a brainlet but I scored a 117 for this test.

Google "IQ tests discredited"

this is true. blacks are inherently the dumbest race, i would never want to get near one in fear of their niggery contaminating me :(

You went back all the way to page 5-7 just to birth this shithole level post?

>Most would say that willpower and work ethic are better than intelligence but I disagree
But they do.

>If those things were the case then niggers would actually be doing something with themselves.
I honestly think the problem with niggers is EXACTLY the lack of these things. If all you see around yourself, it is easy to lose hope and just accept the things are going to be shitty, since they were always shitty.

> Is it still possible to go to college
Man, if you're not sure about your academic potential, just forget college and pick up a trade. Skilled craftsman contributes society much more than many average college-goers.

*If all you see around yourself, is poverty, laziness and no future, ...

yes and it was worth every minute

One of the most intelligent people I've known was African. I forget which country though. He also had work ethic like a mofo.

>I've known was African
Possible, but OP is an American nigger, used to living on the back of the White man.