I have a girlfriend now but I'm tired of her attitude after the first date

I have a girlfriend now but I'm tired of her attitude after the first date.
Her: Do you like cats?
Me: Yes.
A few seconds later:
Me: I like some cats. Some cats are nice and some are not. We had cats when I was a child. I didn't like those cats.
Her: Maybe you weren't friendly to them. You need to be friendly with cats.
Bitchy thing to say. Should I dump her?

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fart on her to establish dominant

Looks like a normal conversation? Maybe you are just to fragile faggot

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This is a normal conversation? I would shoot myself if she stayed on this topic for more than a minute

How many cats?

Ya wtf? She's retarded OP, dump her ass. I hate people like that.

This way to


I mean just assuming I was unfriendly to pets is bitchy in my opinion.

Another thing she said that makes her a bitch is when I offered her to sleep over. I had told her I think the day before that I was cleaning. Then when I offered her to sleep over I said I hadn't finished cleaning. Then when she saw my apartment she said it was very small, and fast to clean.

Dear God why do people take everything so fucking personal these days, fuck.

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>one date
>with a girl you don't even like
oh honey...

Go to the market. How much money do I have?

yeah, OP is fuckin nuts, one date does not make her his gf

It does if she wants to come here again. Although I'm starting to suspect she's dating other guys simultaneously, even though we had sex and even though she asked me if I want to lick her pussy next time.

Also, she asked twice if I'm still registered on badoo. (The app where I met her) Plus both yesterday and today she took long to reply. She might be on dates with other guys this week, I'm busy working this week, she's off work.

If pets are assholes, it's probably because their owners are assholes. Asshole.

She should probably just ghost you. You sound obnoxious.