What mixture of over the counter drugs can kill you in a reasonably painless way?

I've been suicidal for 12 years. I've tried doing things to change my mind but it hasnt worked. I still think about it everyday constantly for the last 12 years. So enough is enough. I'd use a gun if I was American but unfortunately I'm not so mixture of drugs will ll have to do.

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we got another one

what's bothering ya man?

No. Just answer the question in the OP.

None, really. Chances are you will do nothing more than make yourself very sick and uncomfortable and end up in the hospital without actually dying. That's usually what happens.

Well what am I supposed to do so? I'm not American so I have no access to guns

Jerk Off and smoke a cig

Your "advice" is not appreciated. Get lost.

alright. jerk off with a rope around your neck instead asshole

The good thing about wanting to kill myself is I don't need to act polite to everyone anymore.

My advice to you is look up the official table of drops. Drugs are iffy- a properly done hanging with good rope is definite.

I'm too clumsy and bad with my hands to do hanging properly. I'll fuck it up.

I won't tell you, but it's harder than you think. Don't fucking try to kill yourself.

>Don't fucking try to kill yourself.
STOP. People have been saying this to me for 12 years. I've enough of this shit. I tried all your bullshit and it made no difference.

yeah u right man. Kill yourself. Do as your mind tells you to do. Nothing has worked. Its been 12 long years. Im impressed to even think that one will survive so long with those thoughts. Im impressed in a good way pal. I almost lost it in less than 6 months, and then 4, and then just a couple of days. However, here I am. I dont know a single person that has struggled with these thoughts, and those who havent cant say a single thing apart from "Don´t fucking try to kill yourself". Thats all they preach. They feel like saviours. I cant finish explaining how much bullshit that is. What I can tell you user is that there will always be something worth living for. I DONT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK if all the advices you have received haven worked. You have struggled for 12 years. 12 FUCKING YEARS BROTHER. Now, i have no more advice nor will i plee fot you to not kill yourself. I will, however, stress out the magnitude of your decision. You are looking for a way to kill yourself but even then you have restrictions. the answer is in front of you man. you don´t want to kill yourself. you are better than this. you are you brother. be strong, be safe, strive to be better

user today I felt something I never felt before, primal dread, I felt like I was being followed and fled super fast, it was one of the most auxillarating things I've ever done, doing something for survival. I think you should doing something similar, walk along a thin bridge crossing a ravine and see what your body tells you to do, to walk or to jump or climb some rocks, see what your body says, whether it be keep climbing or to let yourself fall. I don't know what exactly the key to happiness is but it seems likely to be tacit, not something you'll find outside of yourself.

People are telling you to not do it because using drugs is the 'cry for help' way to attempt suicide. It is almost never successful.
Just hang yourself dipshit.
Rope is super cheap and you can literally do it on a doorknob
Just print out and sign a DNR order and clip it to your shirt, that way the paramedics cannot legally attempt to revive you so you don't risk being a braindead veggie

Fuck you cunt. I said I'm too clumsy and bad with my hands to do hanging properly. I want easy solution where I just swallow drugs and die.

lol whatever, you are probably a girl. Only girls try with pills and cry about it in therapy when swallowing a dozen tylenol didn't kill them.
If you cannot tie a fucking knot just jump off a bridge faggot

Get opioids

>just jump off a bridge faggot
Thats actually a good idea. I feel like a retard for not trying this before. Thanks.

Do you have access to a gar. Do the whole car in a garage thing

Dude just make yourself a nice sandwich, drink a tall glass of ice water, and go to bed. That matters more than your desire to die trust me eventually your body will force itself to sleep and you’ll crash just get to it now instead of wallowing in self loathing shit and giving your ego what it wants. Fuck your ego just make a good sandwich

you kids must learn that nothing will be painless BELIEVE ME!but there is heroin after all

if you are so reckless then why not growing a pair and robbing some valium,vicodin,fentanyl,methadone,oxycodone,etc.from a drug store.At least you die knowing you have balls

Tell him to wear some mask too

Because I'm not a criminal piece of shit.

12 fucking years mate. This isnt a recent thing. This is everyday for 12 years, It doesnt go away by eating a fucking sandwich.