My wife just said to me that she isn't sexually attrqcted to me anymore, wat do?

My wife just said to me that she isn't sexually attrqcted to me anymore, wat do?
Short backstory, we were in a long distance relationship for years and got married recently in order to finally move in together, it's complicated. However, she told me that she isn't sexually attracted to me in the last few months and last few times we saw each other. It isn't exactly after marriage, but not long after that. We are kinda in a rut now and do feel like the ood boring couple, but I never though it would influence our sex lives this much. Is this normal for a boring phase in the relationship? How worried should I be, and what can I do. She said there isn't someone else she is interested in and I believe her, no reason to tell me she isn't attracted to me of she wants to keep that secret or go off with someone. Anyone with similar experiences in their marriage?

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Not in marriage, but in LTRs.

One question, what have you done for her lately? Or more precisely, what are you doing to build attraction with her?

is there something you're leaving out of the story like did you maybe get fat

also what exactly is the timeline here
Your were in a "long distance relationship" for years what does that mean how many years and did you actually meet upp and be physical with each other or was it just internet shit

Then you got married just to move in together? How long have you been married for

carry on and you'll end up in a cuckold relationship

Did you at least get out of base dorms/barracks?

Not much to be honest. I am constantly trying to bettet myself though, been going to the gym for the ladt 6 months, going to study for a masters which I wanna do with my fultime job, but nothibg special for her honestly. Maybe I have been slacking on that front.

Long distance for 5 years or so, where we meet for a week or so every two months, sometimes we were living together for 3 months at a time. We wanted to get married eventually, but decided to just do a marruage without an actual party and just signed the papers so we can finaly move in together. And no, I am actually more fit than before, got a bigger better appartment so that we have more room together.

Well there you go. Btw I'm not talking about your physical appearance, so much as the way you communicate your will and affection.

In simpler terms: how well do you work towards turning her on?

I have never thought about this. I kinda never thought I need to do anything, the relationship was going that smoothly. I was in the belief that just from being separated for so long, just finding time to meet eachother is enough, but apparently not so. We spend most of the time just watching netflix and having a drink. We still had sex multiple times a day, but she said she wasn't into it for a while. I am also not really an outgoing or social guy, so we weren't socializing much, and we also both thought that our time together is too valuable to spend it with other people. I guess I stopped trying completely once we tied the knot. I am just hoping that something like this can be fixed?

She is saying that she’s attracted to other men, she is goong to act on it soon.
This is tour warning
It is time to plan for divorce and protect yourself
Your wife is going to be your enemy soon enough
Fear will set in

I speak from experience.

Sure it can, but I hope you see what's wrong here?

Relationships are constant work. It'll be like that forever. Good thing is that the work can easily be enjoyable. Flirting with your permanent partner on a continuous basis is like eating cake every day, only healthy.

A huge part of arousal for women lies in the mental, i.e. language. Text game is underutilized in LTRs. But obviously, when she's comfortable with it, touching and eye contact are very powerful attraction builders.

You speak from the experience of being a fool

As I said, just being separated for so long made me think all that is not needed, but I see your point. That she actually told me means a lot, since she isn't waiting for it to escalate. Thanks for the advice, I will try to follow it.

Glad to have shone some light. If you wish to read further into this, try finding a torrent of this ebook/web seminar thing. I haven't read the entire thing myself, but I went through a similar book by the same author with a lot of gains.

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Long distance relationships are a joke

Do those kits and books actually work?

This. Tell her OK let’s divorce since you still love her and just want to see her happy.

Not him but that premise is laughable. Like how bad can the relationship be if you're TEXTING your wife into sleeping with you like what are you one of those 67 year olds who sleep in separate bedrooms? Are you mute and don't know sign language?

Also, on the other hand, if these like middle-school flirting techniques do actually work then it means that your relationship is held together with chicken wire and scotch tape and she's just as likely to sleep with a guy who held a door open for her once

I wouldn't advice anyone to use the book I read for its intended purpose, but what I learnt from it has done me a tremendous amount of good when it comes to turning women on, and keeping them that way. The times I've lost in touch with a sexual partner is when I've gotten lazy, or realized it wasn't worth any effort.

Obviously the book doesn't teach you how to be me specifically, and I pull from other sources of knowledge, but the short answer is yes. They work. Use it carefully though, and with good, loving intentions, you are dealing with manipulation here.

I see your point, but you're talking your own narrow opinion way too seriously. It's basically on par with titles such as How To Nailing Job Interviews. You're not supposed to form your entire personality around this shit. It's simply something that might give you some bright ideas on how to be more fun to be around.

I've got nothing against self-help books and I've read and used some but I mean just the premise along is laughable, let alone how the thing is packaged it looks like an ironic sexy board game that reddit.

It's like those HOW TO PLEASE YOUR WIFE AND PLEASE THE LORD AT THE SAME TIME! A CLEAN CHRISTIAN APPROACH TO ROMANCE books, sure there's some pieces of truth in there but I think I'm better off looking somewhere else to hear the same things

>I laughed
I get the sentimen, bro.
Believe me, I had my doubts, but it certainly not some Jesus camp type of motivational. Gets surprisingly lewd, even includes a step-by-step manual for getting women off over the phone. (Also laughable, but who's to judge.)

Simply put, it teaches men the advantages of thinking like a pulp fiction writer for women.

Yikes. I'd divorce her, no point in being in a sexless relationship with a girl who doesn't like you.

>My wife just said to me that she isn't sexually attrqcted to me
At least she let you know she's sleeping around