First time applying for a real job

First time applying for a real job

only had two jobs
>DG (applied with no experience or resume, got hired immediately because it was a new store)
>tutor (didnt need a resume because I had an A in the course i tutored in)

So im new to writing resumes, and i plan on applying for internships rn, and in the future for a job.

Give me advice on my current resume pls, how should i improve it? Idk if what i have needs to be more descriptive, or have more info, or what.

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most recent experience goes first

Date of birth is a big no no
"soft skills is irrelevant"
Add more to your "Hard skills"--this also should be named just "skills." Take out those faggot looking bars below the skills.
Interests "hiking & trekking"--seriously, is this bait ? "competitive gaming"--dude I am not taking you seriously anymore.

Your resume says nothing and as a hiring manager I'd overlook it. Like the other user side, your DOB on the resume is a give away that you lack experience. Under experience, list your most recent experience first. Under the description, list quantifiable things you accomplished. Did you help to reduce shrink? If so, by how much (20%, 25%, etc)? Did you get great performance reviews? Did you increase sales? If so, by how much and how did you do it?

As an employer I am looking for a sure thing. It doesn't exist, but you need to sell me on why you are that sure thing - on one page, in about 15 seconds. It ain't fair, but it's how it goes.

i mirror'd examples from zety.

I can see DOB being a no no i guess, i was thinking that i should have it so they know im not some 30 year old who has not begun life yet.

I dont have too many hard skills i can think of desu. Do you have any suggestions of things i might be forgetting?

Zety requires the bars on this template. Are they really that bad? I felt like it made it look like i put more effort into this.

Should i have not put interests in at all? When i applied for dg, in person they did ask what my interests were. and Zety examples shown interests as well.

>Help sustained
should be Helped sustain

how the fuck am i supposed to know how much i reduce shrink or increase sales?

You are an engineer, no body gives a shit about your shitty side interests. Show the hiring manager side projects, technologies that you learned how to use, programming languages that you know, publications, etc. I would throw your resume in the garbage can if I saw it on my desk. Didn't you learn how to use microcontrollers, program in python or made multithreaded, client/service programs in C++, where are your arduino projects, how can you be a senior EE student and not have any personal projects ? Where is your github account ?

Also who the hell is Zety, just because a stinky pajeet puts up a website with shitty resume does not mean that it will get hiring managers reading and interested in your resume. Drop that design and start from scratch in Word

So remove my "interests" all together?

I'm just moving into my senior design project, and that will be my first real design.

I have not done any personal projects outside of what has been required. And even with what has been required, I have only programmed simple tasks.

I never used github, and have no idea what it is.

The only notable thing that i use it simulink from matlab, which i was told is something good to put on a resume.


I did hiring for awhile. It was terrible and my biggest motivation in the role was getting it done quickly and efficiently. The thing to keep in mind about a resume is that it isn't a statement or a personal effect, its a purposeful document. Your goal is to not get cut, everything else is a mistake.

The last time I was hiring I had to fill 11 positions. I had time to do about 20 interviews. I received somewhere between 100 and 120 applications. So, here was the process.

First cut, I looked for obvious deficiencies. Didn't include a cover letter? Sent two letters of rec instead of three? Forgot your resume in your application? Gone.

Second cut, weird shit. Printed your resume on pink paper? Had some kinda cutesy picture of pony as a header (I wish I was kidding)? Laminated it? Scented it? Gone. Your weird little power levels on the side would have landed you in the garbage.

After my second cut I was down to about 80% of where I started, meaning I still have 80 or so applications to look at. This is where more obvious deficiencies get you cut. Lots of typos? A weird pattern of training or experience that isn't accounted for? A major shift in focus you're not explaining? Addressed it to the wrong person? Fucked up your template and sent a cover letter for a different position? Any of these things would just stop me from reading your application and move you to the no pile. Now I'm down to 60 or so applications.

Fourth cut was where I started cutting for qualitative reasons. Is your writing extremely poor? Are your letters of rec written by people I know who are shit birds? Are your letters too vague and standard issue? Do you seem like a bad fit because you've worked in low stress places and we're high stress? Do you have a letter from someone I respect? Do you seem like a good fit for some other reason? Is your writing great or do you have a good pitch?


The thing to keep in mind here is that you're looking to avoid being cut until the very end. You're not trying to get the job, you're trying to be good enough for an interview. Don't get cute, don't stand out. Save all that for the interview. When you're sending in a resume, be efficient. Focus on transmitting information. Make it uniform. Get rid of the color. Get rid of the header, that pitch is what your cover letter is for. Use the space you save to create a proper header with your name and contact info (if I can't immediately find something I'm looking for I'm going to stop looking). Change the weird power level shit on the side to a list of "other relevant skills." Scrap the soft skills entirely and cover that in your cover letter. For the love of god get rid of the date of birth it looks like someone trolling for an EEOC beef. As you get older, get rid of the dates for your education and get rid of non relevant jobs.

I am always told that I need to stand out, then you two tell me to basically go back to word? Word is literally no fucking effort. I do not understand why this template is a bad thing for a resume.

Remove that shit down the side where you claim ~80% proficiency in communication, team work, problem solving, matlab, and C++, but then 100% in work ethic.

If you work ethic was really that fucking infallible, you'd be 120% at everything listed, which you aren't and neither is anyone else.

Just list these things as skills (if it's relevant); it's up to the employer to judge whether you're good enough at something to work there, not you. Don't sell yourself short by claiming you aren't at amazing at something, you might still be the best applicant.

So exactly what do you contribute as an employee? Why should I hire you? Take some basic initiative to find out how you as a cog fit into the machine.

Because the way you stand out is you qualifications. You're applying for jobs where basically every other applicant is going to have the same qualifications. Anything you do to try to stand out through design runs the risk of pissing someone off. When you have to cut 80% of applicants and they're all basically the same you start to look for problems. Those power levels are going to look weird to someone and they're going to dump you. Maybe you'll run into someone who doesn't like the color blue, or someone annoyed at hearing the same thing in two different places, or somebody who expects your phone number to be at the top and drops you because it wasn't where they scanned in the 10 seconds they gave you. You'll almost certainly run into someone who thinks they smell desperation in your soft skills section.

You're getting tied up in this being about your worth as a prospect, its not. This is about the exact opposite of standing out. First jobs are a numbers game. A resume like yours might be just what one random guy is looking for, it might be what one random guy hates. A clean, white, efficient resume is going to look like everyone else and force a hiring manager to actually read it.

Here is my new resume

>I removed age.
>I removed the percentage of my skills (now im just acting like the bar is for visual affect)
>I was more descriptive about my experience, while also removing the months that i worked.
>I removed my interests.
>I made hard skills be viewed before the soft skills. I also added an extra hard skill.

I forgot to fix the bottom though, to make the dark column go all the way down. Ill fix it later.

How does my resume look now? Any other critiques?

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i also removed the color

You have a typo: it should be society of physics students, not society of physics student. You could due to tighten up the grammar overall.

Are you sending a cover letter? You should. You'll do better standing out there and you can expand on the paragraph you have up top. The soft skills would fit better there, and the paragraph you have up top would fit better as well.

If you made that change, you'd free up space to create a heading for hard skills (I'd call it "additional skills" or "relevant technical experience") beneath your "additional activities heading. You'd also have room for a "relevant coursework" section or to be able to expand your experience. Also, as it stands now, your explanations read like bullet points. Getting rid of the side column would let you make them actual bullets.

Yes, I know its going to look like basic word, but right now your side column looks like you printed color in black and white.

Yep, i noticed that typo while reviewing. I fixed it. Any other mistakes you've noticed?

I'm confident that a cover letter will be required. So you suggest removing the intro paragraph complete and subbing it into the cover letter? As well as the soft skills? I was viewing the cover letter as a chance to go into more detail about what I've listed on the resume.

Should i completely scratch the column concept? I thought it looked quite nice and formal, only needing to be set up better.

I think it looks less than formal and more like a college kid trying to catch your attention. There will likely be plenty of others like that.

I would generally write a cover letter as three to four paragraphs.
>1) Why you're interested in this job with specifics about both the position and the company.
2) How your skills and experience make you a good fit for the position and the company.
3) What you think the company can do for you in terms of professional development.

Your soft skills and your elevator pitch belong there. DON'T FORGET TO ADDRESS IT TO A SPECIFIC PERSON IF THE JOB POSTING HAS THEIR NAME IN IT.

thx for the feedback.

newest version, changed the format completely.

is this ready to go yet?

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btw, im likely to submit my cover letter and resume in a pdf if i were to do it online.

Does it matter if, in the pdf, my resume is more of a full page picture rather than actual text. In other words, the content cannot be copy and pasted? It will look exactly the same, the text just cannot be copied, edited. or have anything added (such as notes).

As an observer, this has all been very informative, especially

Being brutally honest, your resume looks like dog shit.

Drop the short description at the introduction
Drop "soft skills"
Add more "hard skills"--it is laughable who you barely have any.
Add courses that you have taken to replace soft skills

t. recent computer engineer graduate earning 80k a year

I figured my "additional" research project, BGOOD Laser (extremely rare and prestigious), and dual degree would be the highlight of my qualifications. I dont see how few hard skills somehow is a negative when it is shadowed by those other very great achievements.

What type of courses should i list? From my elections and my dual degree I currently know quantum mechanics, general relativity, and encryption/decryption. Should required courses like power engineering be listed even thought it should be implied with the degree?

Also, how do i word it in the resume that I've taken these courses? I've never once considered mentioning courses I've taken for the simple fact that it seems dumb since it will be shown on my transcript.

Add courses that the company you are applying for would care about. Applying for a tech company which develops devices. Then add software and hardware courses (C++/C, embed ed systems, computer architecture, signal and systems, etc )

>Also, how do i word it in the resume that I've taken these courses?
You simply list the courses. Example: Courses: Advance C++, Intermediate Java, Python, System Programming, Electronics II, etc

>Rating soft skills as if they were rpg stats
pls dont

>C++ Programming
>>>>>>And assembly language
do you know assembly or not?

If you are smart enough to do all of that then why do you need Jow Forums to write your resume for you?