Girlfriend left her phone at my house

>girlfriend left her phone at my house
>she has no password
>curiosity got the better of me and i decided to look inside the phone
>expected to find cheating messages or tinder convos etc
>instead found HORRIFYING images
>images that reveal dark and twisted ""hobbies"" of my gf

ive been in a deep depression since seeing these images. i cant fathom why my gf would want to do shit like what she took pictures of. i cant look at any humans the same way knowing an innocent cute girl is capable of shit like this

i want to break up with her but i genuinely fear for my life if i do so. what the fuck do i do?

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post the pics and then fake your own death

What are these hobbies?

you dont want to see this shit and also its not fit for a work safe board

nigga you better get specific

Ok, then describe the pics

Are you talking about gore? That is perfectly acceptable these days.

why the fuck would he fear his life then?

its a plethora of fucked up shit but basically

>she likes to torture wild animals eg squirrels, birds, foxes
>pictures of these animals corpses as she gradually decapitates them and pulls them apart
>i dont know if she killed them herself or if she found the corpses in the woods already dead
>she has a scat fetish from the looks of things
>lots of pictures of shit on her phone
>shit on the dead animals corpses, shit in public places
>WORST BIT: found pictures of what i think is her basement
>she never let me inside her basement in 3 years of a relationship
>even though i went to her house dozens upon dozens of times
>was really adamant about not letting me in the basement
>she lives in a house alone (shes rich)
>pics show this basement
>its full of a collection of animal corpses
>recognise some of the corpses from her previous images
>ALSO went on her notes app
>she's written whole essays on there about her torture and scat fetishes

11/10 curiousity bait. Gr8 LARP m8.

okay, this is epic

>white people

big true if

no shes asian actually

ive been trying to draft a message to break up with her for the last week. ive delayed meeting her IRL by saying (lying) that ive had repeated family visits over the christmas period but shes getting suspicious. what the fuck do i do?


Bro that’s actually really really wild. If you care about her as a person I’d say seek to get her help or say that you went in her phone. Maybe even tell her in a public place like a park or somewhere because god forbid she tries to hurt you. Otherwise maybe contact authorities or something. I’m not too sure otherwise. That is hands down the most wild thing I’ve read all day and I just randomly clicked on this thread. Godspeed bro if you have any questions I’m still here my man. Gf fag here too. Except mine doesn’t do that. But now you have me thinking...jk...not a joke

Don't let on that you saw what's on her phone. Make up some breakup excuse that makes it look like it's about you, and make it more convincing than a vague "it's not you, it's me." Do it in a public place, but be aware that if she takes it badly she's way more likely to try to generally fuck with your life than do something dramatic and illegal like stabbing or attempted murder.

She's pretty retarded to both leave the phone unlocked and not figure out that you looked through the unlocked phone, though.

>She's pretty retarded to both leave the phone unlocked and not figure out that you looked through the unlocked phone, though.
>Implying she did not do that on purpose

If this shit’s true, you’ve hit the jackpot. She’s willing to do whatever weird shit you’re into.

Assuming that this is true,shouldn't op call the cops maybe?
Last time I checked torturing animals is illegal.


Unless you're baiting us, you need to confront her about this shit asap. Yeah yeah you went through her phone... but she's got a fucking pet cemetery in yard, ain't no one gonna point fingers.

Change your locks, block all contact, take her phone and report her to the police with it, and move.
That girl is going to kill you someday. She's got a lot of classic traits of becoming a serial killer, too. You're going to be the first.

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OP, a-are you here?

OMG OP was killed by his psycho gf. If OP starts posting scat porn and dead animals then we have confirmation.

Cue Jow Forums.

If this is actually true, she's unironically a psychopath, no exagerations, it does seem to fit the bill. Get away from her, but be careful about how you do it.

Ghost her before she turns you into a ghost.

I actually really like this, im using it from now on

This. Move towns or counties if necessary. That woman sounds unhinged. You don't want to end up in the basement minus your head and skin.

I am unironically ops gf ex

Let me tell you a bit more about her

>German and thicc has long hair
>likes rats in her hair
>inherited her house after her brother killed her parents
>why you ask? because he was fucking her and they found out
>makes lots of money making digital cloths for vr and second life
>married a guy and liked to cut him up and burn him for funsies, dude went missing never mentioned again
>shes a furry

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bit more

>envys serial killers
>believes they are born not bred
>believes she will kill it;s just a matter of time

big if true
dump immediately and moves states

someone include me in the screencap

Some of you guys are alright, don't go to OP's house tomorrow.

>implying this isn't part of her Machiavellian plan
>implying these wasn't inspired by a House of Cards episode is now planning to murder OP in a fantastic way
stay away from metro trains OP

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It depends on the state and we don't even know what country OP lives in

Fucking dexterfags and their fan fiction

I hope for your sake this is bait. If not, then you are fucked. You should break up with her, but get a restraining order cause it's looking like your gonna end up in her basement

Ever since seeing that picture on /b/ I have wished for a woman who would cuddle with me naked in an eviscerated horse corpse.

Live my dream OP

She left her phone there and unlocked for OP to find, she wanted you to know. she displays many traits of a serial killer. most serial killers want to get caught eventually they love the fame.

Jackpot. Incest roleplay when?

Oh my fuck I’m genuinely scared just from reading this, and I haven’t been spooked at all by a Jow Forums post in years.

>Circa and SWIM took half a nutmeg they stole from Nostradamus
>Clash and bash mutant minday brown snow
>exterminators wife thinks she can get high off his rat poison
>Que'est-ce que je le suis responsible pour nana et vivre sa vie
>No perdí el tiempo en Amsterdam
>Be me
>15 district slap emus run
>bittersweet leather pixel drugstore
>cowboy hat too much malware >see the same angel on my dinner table
>"come sit,user"
>no right now you don't
>big regret how to forget that dubonnet on ice sitting next to this edgy Delmore and Lou
>we are having lasagna but not tonight
>hypergraphic vampire slut drooling over tattoo needle opioid fentanyl

Okay that cracked me up. No longer spooked.
reminds me of all those drug forums i used to read back when i was doing psychedelics

that last line is poetic

it seems like it's already too late

>>lots of pictures of shit on her phone
made me chuckle

Next time at least read the thread so you don't contradict what OP said about her

>people falling this hard for b8

You've been dating for 3 years and she never once asked you to shit on her/let her shit on you?

Man, she has a lot of self-restraint.
No, but seriously, I know she's your gf and normally I'd say to report this cunt for abusing animals, but I've seen way too many murder stories to know that may backfire.
So just break up with her gently. Time to flex those acting skills.

She's probably a taxidermy hobbiest OP. Ask her to fulfill your fantasies by shitting on your chest then talk about methods of game cleaning.

Grow Up.

Overcooked, not believable.

outstanding bait.
OP gets the skills award for the “I can’t post this sick pics in a sfw board”

Bump, this is fun

t. OP's GF

Gr8 b8 m8

Bitch is going to murder you

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I wonder if getting caught was part of her plan.


Is this real life kek

lmao what

Give her roadkill as present and see how she reacts

I really hope this is bait.

Great bait post lmao . This is /reddit/ tier

I'd say break up with her but she'd probably kill you so have fun being trapped for the rest of your life


serial killers start with animals and work their way up the fact that she is a sadist is a telltale sign. she was able to hide something like this from you for 3 YEARS think about that for a second She is a sadist with a taste for death on top of that would you trust someone who takes the time to hunt animals traps them and slowly disects/shits on them as well as writing full ESSAYS ABOUT TORTURE.

One thing tho talk to a theripist about getting out of the relationship because she cannot be helped but she is a landmine field atm so you dont want to shock her by just leaving her, YOU CANT STAY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP.

This seems unlikely with a phone entirely unprotected by password

Stare in the abyss and the abyss stares back at ya

don't let your mind wander again

You got to at least engage in her scat fetish, there's no other way around it

her cheating on you looks like a much better scenario in comparison doesn't it?