Hi I’m trans and I’m committing suicide. I wanted to write a letter to my family. What should I write

Hi I’m trans and I’m committing suicide. I wanted to write a letter to my family. What should I write

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Why you wanna commit suicide senpai? We can listen.

Call a suicide hotline for advice.

your honest to god truth of why you love them and why you are doing what you are doing

It would make life easier

Any advice

>hey sorry for being such a faggot, bye

If you're gonna kill yourself, at least do it in a productive way. Like fighting crime or something.

If you're doing this because you can't deal with being trans, it'd be pretty stupid to off yourself. Two of my best friends are trans (mtf and ftm) and their lives are great. Glad they can tolerate a boring hetero guy like me 'cause they're two of the coolest people I know.

I mean it's your choice ultimately, I just think you need a good enough reason. Struggling with your identity isn't good enough.

But I’m not welcome where I live


Just write “Yeap” in the center of the paper, they will understand.

Dear senpai, i couldn't decide if i was a boy or girl so i have decided to die. Bye bye.

do you think youre mentally ill in ways other than simple depression? it could be that you could be happy if you just sought treatment.

Okay, I'm gonna need an age and a country.

Nothing wrong with being trans.

I like the picture btw

good riddance


How are you going to do it?

It would make your life nothing, you'd be dead. Please don't do it fella.

why do you want to do this? is it because of not being accepted where you live?

I havent heard this song in years, i know im not OP but thanks im gonna learn this on guitar tomorrow

Yeah don't do it. No matter what you're dealing with, there's a way for things to get better. Plus life is full of cool shit and you're going to die one day anyways so it would be a waste to hurry along to it now. Stay with us and do cool shit.

>I'm trans and I'm killing myrself
Welp, can't really stop you. You're already pretty far gone. Sorry about your life, user.

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness actually. Stop cutting off your dicks please

yes it is an illness and people try living with it, nothing wrong with that

"I'm sorry for being such a horrible creature.''

Why do people have to be so cruel to each other like this?

Hi I’m trans and I’m committing suicide. I wanted to write a letter to my family. Hii!!!

Hes trans.
He thinks hes something hes not. Which is a really fucked up mental state that people encourage instead of trying to help these days. The hormone imbalances coupled with that shit stacks up.

My girlfriends brother thinks hes trans too. I fully expect him to off himself at some point because of this as well because no one wants to just own up and tell him how it is and get him some real help.

OP, if you're serious, I'd encourage you to reconsider. Reconsider suicide and this whole tranny thing and seek some actual therapy on the situation, not hormones or chopping your dick off.

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People are sick of others encouraging that behavior that leads people to terrible mental states and suicide. Maybe thats why. And often those in those states encourage others to follow suit thinking they are helping them when they aren't.

Apologize. Make sure the point gets across that it’s not their fault. Even if you think it is. Suicide alone is selfish and disgusting, but making your family feel blame for it is even worse.

user if you're strong enough to come out you're strong enough to live, think of all the other people who struggle with this same thing as you because of their identity, try to find other trans peoples or trans open people like drag queens or something. God bless user, hope you find peace.

>wants to commit suicide

Maybe if you hadn’t listened to all that gender nonsense you’d have a normal life instead of becoming an individual that feels miserable to the point to want to commit suicide.

So if you are going ahead with your stupid plan you should start by: “I’m sorry for having been a weak person. I’m sorry for having believed all those monstruosities in exchange for attention. I’m sorry for failing nature, myself and everyone that loved me. I’m sorry for not fighting nor thinking for myself. I’m sorry for alowing propaganda to control my life, my body, my emotions and for inflicting infinite pain onto myself and others” then add whatever else you want.

You don't write a note because you aren't killing yourself. It's not worth it. It seems hard now but trust me. It's not worth it. The fact you come here to write about this is because you want attention or some reason to not end it, and I understand that. Stay on this Earth. You have no clue what is beyond death. If death is just literal nothingness, how is that better than suffering? The truth is, suffering, is something, and something, is better than nothing. If you still feel pain everyday, that's better than nothing. When you start to feel literally nothing at all, when you become completely numb to caring about anything at all, that's when you can end it. If you truly have nothing left on this Earth to live for and you don't feel anything anymore, I physically cannot blame you for ending it, but you still have a family, and you probably still have hopes and dreams. Follow those hopes and dreams.

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Dear family, sorry for being a tranny

Dear OP, go on a date with me. Trust me, i wont

That's not true. It would make your life not exist.

>Mom, I still remember how when I was 3 you started talking me about politics and pushing me to be a liberal. Now I realize what you did was brainwash me. This is your fault, your politics have destroyed me. Even if it is not right, now I genuinely do not feel I belong in my body. All thanks to liberal ideology. Goodbye, mom, this was all your fault.

Do not listen to these people. Death is true liberation. Talk of "it will get better" are just lies. The brief moment of shallow highs can hardly count as getting better. The failure to kill yourself is the prolonging of the inevitable nature of suffering. Nothing will change. It sounds like you're alreddy dying anyway in terms of vitality, killing yourself now would make no difference. Just say "It might be a shock that I decided to do this, but I alreddy died a long time ago spiritually. All I'm doing is hitting the reset button to a new life where things could potentially be better for me."

I could say that you shouldn't kill yourself like others here have, but those words would fall on deaf ears.
Maybe you came here to convince yourself you shouldn't, in which case, don't.
But if you really feel you must go through with it, sort things out with people close to you, set things right with those you've wronged, make sure you are at peace before you go.
Then, look back on your decision, see if you stillwant to go through with it. If you still feel you have to, well, you don't need me you explain. If, however, you think that there might be a chance you could make things work, please give it a shot.

If you really believe that, why are you still here?

I'm waiting for deth to come to me. I'm living impulsively and milking everything I hav now until there's nothing left.

That's why it will be easier. Life is too much maintenance for no real payoff. Therefore, deth is phillosphically the best decision anyone can make. When you die, your brain releases DMT which means you could potentially be living a second lifetime in that brief moment.

Go for a walk or take a nap. When you wake up you'll feel much better. user here talking as if he's died before and know what happens. No body knows what happens when you die. Too spooky. Try to stay alive long enough so that way you can embrace or complete your transition, or abandon it.

Also suicide prevention hotline: +1 (800) 273-8255

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Thats not how you be at peace, that is how you continue your misery. Hedonism is trading long term happiness for short term satisfaction.

Sorry I was such a disappointment. Didn't mean to make you feel ashamed of how you raised me.

Trans suicide is inevitable. No point in trying to stop something that can't be stopped.

Stop being trans, problem solved.

No fucking clue why you had to include the fact that you have an untreated mental illness into your post, but hey, different strokes for different mental patients right?

OP if you're still there I'm one year into hrt if you wanna talk.

Thank you all also I would love to talk

Yes thank you all I would love to talk

>seek some actual therapy
I would be surprised if you could find a therapist willing to treat gender dysphoria as an illness and not just tell you to "accept yourself"

I am too suicidal, but I’m currently enlisted in the US Marine Corps. I thought to myself when I was 15 that if I was gonna Kill myself I’d atleast want to die in a way that would be productive and wouldn’t dishonor my family. I’ve been depressed since I was 14 and even though I’m in good shape and physically fit nothing gives me confidence. But I mean who knows I might just end up finding my will to live in the military. I’m shipping out to Paris Island next month, I just finished up MEPS. I think you should find something like this. Not particarlly Military but something like first responders, or volunteering. Have fun, we’re all going to die someday

OP how old are you? My sister is 24, a MtF trans woman, and is currently living a very happy and successful life. I remember her being more quiet before she came out, but since she came out she’s become much more outgoing and cheerful. Her transition went very well and she passes. I know it’s kinda cliche to say it gets better, but it looks like it really does.

>Getting actual helpful advice on Jow Forums.
It's a Christmas miracle!

So it's almost impossible for me to imagine what you're going through OP, but it must be frightening. Know that suicide is just another form of running away. I think it's time you find some real life help. Support groups, doctors, friends or family. Someone you trust and who can help you.
Many doors that look closed to you, might not be. Though you might need someone else to point them out to you.
Also, start cutting elements out of your life that are making you miserable. Are you in a LGBQADFASDFADF comunnity? Are they kind and helpful or are they drama causers? If the latter, then get out.

*ahem ahem*

*clink clink*

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Stop memeing. The truth is nobody fucking knows how to treat a trans person. It's not as easy as "don't encourage them".
I'm not OP but I tried "reconsidering" the whole trans thing years ago like you said. I still haven't killed myself but I feel worse every day, I'm sad all the time, I'm irritable most of the time. I got "actual therapy" (biased against transitioning) and it didn't "fix" me either.

I hope you leave some lovely tits pics.
It's a waste if you don't.

Bonus points if you lactate estrogen, but it's not required.
I just want to see those cone shaped, sensitive nipples.

It only gets better for people who are naturally beautiful. It won't get better for that old mtf for whom it's already too late to pass.
Stop saying "it gets better", it's bullshit and for many people it does NOT fucking get better.

Dysphoria is a symptom, not an illness
I think that entirely is why nobody can 'specialize' in it
You'd want a lung doctor, not a 'cough' doctor-- do you follow?
I think we need more specialists in acute depression, anxiety, and the escapism they cause

Cutting your dick off would never make anyone happy, If why not share your story so many of us can learn from your mistakes

Well my sister wasn’t exactly a beautiful person before she started transitioning. She also didn’t start transitioning until she was 22. And she only got bottom surgery and facial surgery this year. You’re right that “it gets better” can be bullshit, but until we know more about OP’s situation, I see no reason to assume her situation is hopeless.

Well it made my sister and a lot of other trans people happy. Stop acting like your bullshit politics are actual good advice.

dont kill yourself