Why buy a house

Why buy a house for $200k or more, depending on the area, when you can build a 3d printed house for $10k or so? hundreds of thousands of dollars just seems like a crazy ass amount of money for a roof. obivously you have to think about the other costs put into the house like plumbing, etc, but still. And the land itself is a big part of the value. What do you think? Why do people make this huge investment? i guess if you really, really like having two living rooms then it's worth that much money. But most people i know don't even use half their giant house

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Not everyone is fine with a Spartan lifestyle like you and I.

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>literal cookie cutter house

>Why buy a house
because you fell for literally the oldest trick in the book and now you have to provide shelter your roastie and her son

This was my line of thinking too. The problem is that in a lot of nicer areas, you are basically paying for the land and/or to tear down the unfixable shit house already on it.

Basically, it's more like 100k for land, 5-10 for tear down, and then 10 vs 50ish to build a house.

So really, it's not a $190,000 difference in the decision.

I bought a duplex for 60k need to get on top of having the second floor apartment ready to rent but might hold off for a few friends.

There’s hope depending on area you’re looking at.

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We’ll get printing. I hear those concrete cartridges weigh a ton though.

3d printing is cool n all but it really aint as simple as.people maken it out to be. Even printing a solid figure can come with loads of little bumps n shit on it lol

You gonna print it under a bridge?

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You could also buy a shipping container for 2k and put it on a 1k lot in the middle of nowhere Arkansas. What's your point? Real estate is local. Tap fees for that 3d home would be the same 50k as would the 3k+ in property tax per year in my market. And I live in the bottom 5 states for property taxes.

Retard. This is why the rich control the world.

Londonfag here. Just bought my first one bed flat for £450,000.
Not even phased, know that it’s a good investment.

If I lived in some shitty town in the US with poor build quality, probably in line for some natural disaster due to climate change, and no increase in house prices, I wouldn’t bother either.

>tiny apartment in a shithole city full of muslims in a failing nation.
>good investment.

Pick only one

You’re just salty that you don’t live in the cultural capital of the world, but rather some dull US town with no art, only chain restaurants and nobody worth befriending.

Where do you even get the idea to print a house

You probably mean "fazed"

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fun fact, edison was obsessed with concrete as a revolution and thought in the future, houses and all their furnishings would just me made from giant moulds filled with concrete.

>cultural capitol
>puts beans on toast and calls it a meal

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Don't know where you are looking. Down here in Mississippi, a cheap house maybe costs between 5k and 10k

Funner fact, he formed a company and made those homes.

Yeah but every morning you have to wake up with the realization that you live in Mississippi...

It was the only option after his parents kicked him out of the basement.

Those cant be good neighborhoods. Must be in the middle of nowhere.

Exacly a big bonus when you realise that you dont live in California a.k.a. poo capital of USA.

>good neighborhoods

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It varies a bit, but most of the time most of the cost is for the land which is of course location being the biggest factor. Look at any assessment or insurance policy and you will see most of the value is the land, not the actual house.

Staying away from owning housing and being a permanent renter is a somewhat legitimate choice but only if you do it correctly. It takes a lot more discipline to beat the benefits that a homeowner naturally gets. But the reason this is the case is because a mortgage is such a powerful borrowing instrument, not because of housing itself. Rates are usually low, terms are very flexible, protections are high, tax benefits are decent, and even downpayments themselves are favorable. Combine that with an inflationary environment and you see the results: homeowners have higher net worth on average than renters.

Just keep in mind that you will be paying for housing in some way. And it will be a significant portion of your income. It's just your choice how it will happen.

sick investment dude how do you intend to profit off of your one bedroom primary residence that you pay interest on, sell it 30 years later and use that money to buy another one bedroom London flat?

a $900 apartment is cheaper than a $200,000 house and always will be
where do you find a $900 apartment? the same place you find a $200,000 house

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>Rates are usually low
Rates are no longer low, you just can't say this anymore. A 30 year is 5%.

>terms are very flexible
pay the mortgage or the house goes into foreclosure

>protections are high
true, but only if the house is expensive
for a modest middle class house an umbrella policy will cover an equal amount for next to nothing

>tax benefits are decent
not as of tax year 2018

>even downpayments themselves are favorable
literally anything other than 20% down is doing yourself a disservice
you are either paying PMI on the low side or not utilizing the leverage the mortgage allows on the high side