Fat shaming in academia

So I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this because it has made it hard for me to go to class anymore. I’ve written an email to my dean and as expected no response.

I have to take a physics class even though I’m a poli sci major. So we were talking about thermodynamics and for some reason the class started talking about human metabolism and how calories eaten - calories burned = weight gain or weight loss.

So I point out that this is a proven falsehood and skinny girls can eat the same amount as “fat” girls and it’s 100% genetics that dictates how your body will deal with the calories. Either burn them or store them as fat. This is a proven fact and the only people who say eating habits impact weight are fat shamers and trump supporters.

The entire class argues with me about the laws of thermodynamics and I point out physics and biology are different fields. Then even the professor agrees with them (he’s a typical pencil neck science professor who has lucky genetics).

So whatever, of course they gang up on me as the only curvy person in the class and one of the few females.

Rewind a month, I always bring food into class so I don’t get dizzy from low blood sugar and it’s no big deal.

Fast forward to now. Every time I bring pizza or a sandwich into class and I’m eating, I look behind me and can tell someone just took a picture of me. And before winter break the professor told me it’s against policy to eat during lectures. Number one it has no disruption to class, number two I need it so I don’t lose concentration, and number three he never brought it up a single time until I disagreed with him and won an argument about biology (ya, in a physics class).

I’m not sure what my recourse is but contacting the dean isn’t working and I’m thinking about contacting the news. What are my options here?

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Lose weight you fat piece of shit

>skinny girls can eat the same amount as “fat” girls and it’s 100% genetics that dictates how your body will deal with the calories. Either burn them or store them as fat. This is a proven fact and the only people who say eating habits impact weight are fat shamers and trump supporters
Are you a troll or retarded?

decent bait until you mentioned being fat. entertained still though. youll get a lot of responses.

4/10 gave me a chuckle

have you ever dieted for longer than two weeks

They aren't wrong.

The problem is that your metabalism might be lower so you burn fewer calories at rest. You could also have food allergies that cause you to bloat. And you might be more sedentary than you realize.

2/10 started as 6/10 but then it became way too obvious

What if we did literally exactly the same thing except switched it around? "This is what real men look like in Calvin Klein clothes" with short or weak jawed or skinny or fat men?

I know this is a troll, but you're objectively wrong. Metabolism makes a much smaller difference between people in terms of gaining fat than you think.


I'm 6' tall and my weight is always within 3 lbs of 150, a lot (most) girls are heavier than me so they could my ass. Just something keep in mind. I need to stop being a lanklet.

remember to sage, kids

>I need it so I don’t lose concentration
lost it there nice b8 OP gave me a good kek

You are correct, user. Next time you get into this situation, you can bring up how incline will make you gain weight.

It would be like all those autists who wear Drive jackets and fedoras.

OP would still be a fatass and I'd have no sympathy.
Fatasses do it to themselves, make and female.
Stop eating so much, I've never seen a fat person that didn't stuff their face.

Also OP is obvious bait

>real women
God fats piss me off so fucking much. I could type out a rant that hits the character limit. Fuck.

Professor (not yours) writing here.

If you really believe you are being prejudiced against, go in person to the dean's office and make an appointment to see him/her.

But frankly, none of the examples you offer are convincing. The WHOLE POINT of a university is the free debate of ideas, and the mere fact that others in the class held different opinions (or understanding of facts) is nothing you can complain about.

Most schools DO have rules about eating in class, and the mere fact that you got away with it for a while does not keep the professor from inforcing them.

A professor has the absolute right - indeed, the obligation - to forbid anything that is disruptive or distracting, and eating a pizza would certainly come under that heading (And the professor, not you, is the judge of whether it is disruptive)

This kinda stuff is actually making life for women harder than when we didn't have any rights. Because it still says there is only one way to be a proper women. Unless you are disabled exercise and diet is always an option.

In addition I think people should stop mocking fat people. You aren't accomplishing anything.

I know this is bait because incels live here looking to feed their bitterness. But I felt the need to add to it.

It’s funny how fat / gross women think anyone who doesn’t think they’re great must be an incel.

I seriously doubt you'd end up learning about thermodynamics in political science. You needed two semesters of calc to take anything past mechanics at my school, whereas political science majors didn't need more than a college stats class.

On the off chance that you aren't trolling, let's say you stop eating completely one day. What do you think happens to your fat?

one day doesnt do much
fatties in denial are scum anyway

not that user but, jesus, reading comprehension

I meant one day as in "some point in time."
Honestly, if I were fat, I'd burn my vacation days to sit home drinking water and eating celery. See how fast I can burn that shit.

sorry english not first language and reading seriously in a thread like this would be pathetic

7/10 would lol again.

big mistake
diet is obviously important but starting to move your lazy ass is even more important and more efficient in losing weight and getting healthy
being at a decent bmi doesnt make you healthy per se, gotta add training

I can't believe people are actually falling for this obvious bait.

Idk if this is bait, but ill treat it as serious.
First off, you can lose weight, and you can keep it off. Yes, it might not be easy, yes, it might be harder for you to do than it might be for others, and yes, this isn't fair that others can eat seemingly whatever they like and not gain any weight.
I think you should lose weight, not because you are being teased, but because you clearly care about your weight and don't like how it is right now. There is no miracle cure, hard work is required to do anything right. If you feel there is some biological issue like diabetes preventing you from losing weight visit your doctor and discuss what it might be and how you can overcome it. I would suggest joining an organisation that helps with weight loss, it helped and still helps me greatly in keeping on the right track and not slipping into old habits.

Believe me, you don't want to try to ignore this problem, it will not go away, only fester beneath the surface making your life miserable. Do something about it, if you are making steady progress it will be a weight lifted from your shoulders, and the longer you work at it the easier it is to continue.

I knew this comment would happen.

Because incels created the name for themselves, made forums for themselves, posted confessions of intent to murder online and then actually went out to mass murder and suicide. But when that is pointed out to them as a negative suddenly they get all defensive. This is an incel post. Fat women don't come to this site anymore than incels go to tumblr.

I'm a professional athlete, I made a point against the op image, and I find both incel and sjw culture irritating. The difference is that swj don't murder people.

If you don't want to be called out as incels stop calling yourself incels.

Yeah, but the thing is that celery is one of the few foods that actually has a negative calorie count. Your body spends more energy breaking it down than it generates, so you're effectively starving yourself on a diet like that.

Tell them to use your magical fatogenesis powers to solve the energy crisis fatty

Roastie please fuck to reddit. where some neck bearded mod can fuck you.

Fat asses will do anything except excersice and eating healthy to stop being bullied

At least try to be original lol
If you want to hurt me you need to be more accurate in your attacks.

Eating a few almonds or a cheese stick will keep your blood sugar even for a couple hours. A slice of pizza in class is inappropriate!

I remember all those fat Auschwitz survivors being liberated...

Troll post

Try harder.

Youre hurting yourself with every bite you take and every move you dont make. :^)

This isn't my area of expertise but I think that it boils down to both biology and calorie consumption. Calories account for how much fat you intake and the biology portion dictates for how exactly said fat is utilized and where it is stored.

Our metabolism is the best it will ever be when we are young so it doesn't take much for fat to be used but it will still be distributed as our genetics I say so. It's only extreme cases where a skinny person can est like a whale and stay skinny, I think that these are outliers for the most part and shouldn't be considered nearly as much as they are in the discussion.

How correct am I in any of this?

I literally wouldn't give a fuck. Calvin Klein models put a ton of effort maintaning their bodies, regular men do not. Why would I be upset about models doing their job?

>celery is one of the few foods that actually has a negative calorie count.
Is this really true? Isn't this just an urban myth?

You shouldn't eat in class. It's pretty gross and makes you look like a slob.

OP isn't fat, she's oBEAST

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Good idea, too heavy handed with the execution, 4/10 bait at best, see me after class.

It's a myth, but you still get fuckall from it.
A few days of eating nothing but celery and you'll want to die.

Stop eating such garbage. Go in more walks.

But seriously, eat only ine serving of things instead of five since we both know you eat your way through wmotions.
Youve been eating more since this upset haven’t you?

Why is this thread still alive?

What does that even mean?
Can you speak English?

An incel found it and keeps replying to himself. Rather he probably made the op.

underage detected

It's fat logic. By eating half of a stalk of celery, you've burned off the calories from that venti triple mocha extra whip and 15 pumps of caramel! Time to treat yourself to two more, tee-hee!
Now you've eaten -10 calories for the day and gained 5lb. It's proof that fat is muh genetics!

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You know, I also heard this about ice cream. The energy the body expends warming up the ice cream the calorie intake from the icecream.

Let's see proofs. Calorie intake from pretty much anything is orders of magnitude more than your body spends on warming it.

This is true of any and all cold things as it warms them to body temp (AFAIK) but that's probably not going to equal the caloric intake as far as expenditures go

It does mean drinking a cold drink on a hot day is just gonna make you more tired, even if it's momentarily refreshing. Learned that the hard way.

>short or weak jawed

I find it hilarious that fatties always compare being fat with poor bone structure that people cannot change

>skinny or fat

we would treat them the same as we do you, fatty

Decent bait

This will make fucking awesome copypasta. If you wrote this yourself you should apply your skill to write better things.

Wonder how many calories this bait is?

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I wanna see if someone in /fph/ will make a shitty mspaint comic of this.
>pic related is an illustrated tale of more totally true fat oppression

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As a former fat person, I can safely say your eating habits influence your shape more than anything.
Obviously you can excersice more to increase the number of calories you burn, but you can only go so far. That is why changing your eating habits is what people recommend.
Personally, I did both and have lost over 60lbs the past 6 months.

Holy fuck is this bait??

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Sounds like you're just bitching to bitch. Instead of blaming folks around you, keep your head down and do your work. If he says no food? Then don't have food in the classroom. You say you get low blood sugar spikes, then have a mint or a piece of candy. It just sounds like you're setting yourself up for failure the way you're going, so suck it up and mind your own business. No one will listen to you whine anyways.

>fatty decides to fat around
>gets called on it
>goes full-retard with fatlogic
>sounds like copypasta from fatpeoplehate

toppest of keks

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Remarkable bait

The bait is good

>unrealistic beauty standards.

weird thing though, when dudes see swole motherfuckers they feel momentarily inspired that maybe they should get off their fat ass to work out. or feel good for the swole dude and are impressed

but then when girls see the a fit girl they get bothered and say it's an unrealistic beauty standard.

wtf is up with this shit?

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