I don't get it

>be me, 23M, virgin
>my crush (cute Asian) starts talking to me
>we exchange numbers
>we go out
>we're official on the first date
>quick kiss 2 weeks in
>we make out 1 month in
>I tell her I'm a virgin she says it's ok

>6 weeks in (today) I'm @ her place
>we're making out, i make a move, I grab her boobs
>she kisses me harder
>she stops
>I thought she stopped because I'm a virgin so I told her I'm ready
>she says she isn't
>I apologize
>cuddle with her for the rest of the movie then we go get groceries
>i can't remember why, but i apologized again in the meat isle
>she says "I'm sorry"
>I tell her not to say that it's not her fault
>she says no i'm sorry i'm not experienced either i should have told you
>I tell her we will talk about at her place

>We grab dinner, I'm at a better mode since my fucking gf is a virgin

>I bring back the subject, ask why she didn't say anything
>says "idk"
>I tell her "I just want to know is it something you see us doing in the future"
>she says "of course, I just wanna get to know you more"

OK now what confuses me is she had a BF before me, and apparently she didn't have sex with him, why would she be OK to have sex with me?
I do believe she is virgin, it makes sense now, her bf cheated on her, and she is amazing, so it must have been the sex that he was missing.

Another question is, how will I know if she is ready? I don't want to go past making out with her until I know for sure she is ready.

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Also I want to say, that I like that girl a lot and sex is not that important for me, the reason I made a move, is because I thought she would be expecting that by now, and she won't make a move unless I do since I thought I was the only virgin in this relationship and I know she won't make me something I don't want to.

Dude just relax, and go to this site, it'll help you out with your problem.

Lmao, what a fucking loser OP is

Thank you anons very cool

Just keep it slow, as you said so it is not that important to you maybe its more important to her so she isnt ready by now as she wasnt ready for his past bf, dont commit the same mistake as the past one and lose her for that, when she becomes ready you will know and maybe she would be direct and told you as you did

> when she becomes ready you will know
Other than her being direct, how?

You fucked up.

She's gonna seek a BLACK cock that can please her now.

Telling you in words or unbuttoning your pants. Don't think about it.

> OK now what confuses me is she had a BF before me, and apparently she didn't have sex with him, why would she be OK to have sex with me?
She's older now, maybe has stronger feelings for you. Besides she isn't okay with it now, she wants to wait for a bit, right?
> how will I know if she is ready?
From one thing comes another. Maybe in a few weeks when you're cuddling she'll go a bit further.

All VERY based answers
BIG if true

You're actually in a really good place with this girl if she's openly talking with you about her lack of experience. It means she trusts you and is comfortable with you. She might just genuinely want to get to know you better before smashing. And that's fine. Your relationship is brand new so she isn't in the wrong.

Don't rush into sex. If you're both virgins it will not be good for a while. Become really comfortable with each other first. Do oral on each other for a while. Blahblah. And my advice is to really make sure she is comfortable during your first time. If you're patient you will get there with this girl. Constantly check she is okay because it can be painful or embarrassing for women during their first. My girlfriend bled everywhere. It was impressive. And it was extremely painful for her. We laugh about it all the time now.

>and apparently she didn't have sex with him
Bullshit. She just doesnt want to have sex with you yet. Because she probably thinks it would make her look like a slut.

It's six weeks. Calm the fuck down.
I dated my asian girlfriend for a year and let her move in with me before we finally had sex. If she comes from a strict traditional family that's how it is.

Just let it happen naturally. If you simply want sex, go on Tinder or get a hooker.

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this is unironically good advice, hear this guy out OP.

Okay , THIS is epic

>first kiss 2 weeks in
>first makeout 1 month in
>will most likely spend a fucking year before she even touches your dick
if you didn't state your age I'd have guessed that you're 12, tbqh.

Based af solution

ik, that's why i stated it.

She is amazing though, it is really worth it.