I want to collect something

I want to collect something.

Tell me cool things I could start collecting right now.

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Collect money in your bank account.


Depends on your interests. But it seems that most people just collect things to fill up void in their lives with useless shit they barely care about.


I collect ebooks on assortment of knowledge, though I'll probably never read them it's cool to know I have access from arithmetic math to advanced topology books. I carry this around on a usb on my keychain

How about collecting a couple dicks in your anal cavity faggot?

Fuck off, Matt.

used condoms

I collect guns and watches, it's pretty fun imo, especially if you're in a country where you can do that

Unironically rocks and guns. I also like collecting botan candy stickers. Enamel pins are cool too or maybe vinyl art toys (not gay funko shit but actual indie artist ones).

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Collect good experiences in life.

For me its masks and board games

I like to bring a cup from whatever event I go to. This way I will always remember a great day when I drink my coffee.

Leaves or silver

Anime posters. Very worth it, trust me you won't regret it.

Give the people in your life heartfelt gifts, gifts that really mean something.
Collect the gifts they give you back, they will be items you will treasure your whole life.


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What's the point of collecting it if you don't give a fuck about it enough to start on your own in the first place? How is it going to bring you joy?

As other user said, collect good friends and experiences...



Scandinavia is so sensitive about personal guns that it's like the worst crime here.
The same way you Americans are sensitive about gender equality and other made up shit, we're sensitive about firearms.
There's no way anyone here can ever collect weapons. Imagine that.

I can't imagine what would actually interest someone who needs this level of spoonfeeding

I collect guns.

collect gold

Collect souls.

Fuck your cz bullshit, and fuck your mosin.

You should collect ways of dealing with your anger issues.

Seconding Guns. They're quite fun!

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty fucking gay

Used bus tickets, it's what I did for years. Even waited 4 years for a leap year to get that coveted Feb 29th one.

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Collecting isn't cool. It's a waste time and space and resources.

I collect toys, lot of different stuff actually, ranging from hot wheels lego, tmnt,small dinosaurs and dragons, pokemon toys and cards, digimon toys, gogos crazy bones, yugioh cards and board games. I really like collecting and using that stuff i collect, looking at it and playing a little. I collect nostalgic stuff from my childhood to be more precise and it makes me happy and throws me back really.
Apart from that i also collect keychains.
My mother collects postmarks, and my dad collects old money and coins. Hope i gave you some ideas

Collect some employees.& Put those bitches to work making you $$$$!