Why does this keep happening to me?

Every guy I’ve ever befriended eventually starts to develop feelings for me. When they confess it to me and the reason that they’ve fallen for me is that I’m ‘special’ and ‘different’ compared to other girls. I never know if I should take it as a compliment or not because they never would’ve fallen for me if I was just like other girls if that makes sense.

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They're just trying to fuck.
Are these guys by any chance virgins or inexperienced?

Why not befriend other women?

they're boys, it happens. sometimes they'll say anything to get into your pants, just be careful.

You’re just attractive enough. You can’t help people wanting to satisfy their sexual desires with you. Enjoy your life.

Some are experienced and some are not. I’m sure they just don’t want to fuck me, I stay away from guys like that. Currently, all of my friends are women and I’m in a relationship as well.

This very thing happened to a friend of mine for years.
Our group of friends were all "nerdy" and she was basically the only girl, and every single one of our friends except me started liking her or some shit.
I'd bet you're in a similar situation?
Anyway, she really suffered because of that because she had to deal with horny entitled "m-muh friendzone" guys for years, until she got a boyfriend.
I have no good advice to you, really. Most men are just horny fucks and will mistake casual friendship with "bruh she wants my dick".

How ironic because I’m pretty average looking, I don’t use make-up.

They still end up falling for me even though they know I have a boyfriend.

Wtf are you in my friend group
I just want to not feel empty

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So does this photo hold any bearing then?

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What creeps me out is that my cousins also start to develop feelings for me, this started happening already since I was a young kid.

Its satire

Yikes. That's pretty rough, I'm really sorry. Does your boyfriend hang out with them?
That sucks, I'm sorry. I've seen firsthand how much she suffered because of that shit. Do you have any girl friends to hang out with?
I'm not very good with advices, but if you want to talk about it I can listen.

> Does your boyfriend hang out with them?
No he doesn’t. He has his own group of friends.

Couldn't you ask him to do so? Or maybe you could hang out with his friends?

Pretty hard when there’s distance between us as well.

Thinly veiled brag thread. Seriously though, you are probably hanging around lonely dudes and you are probably giving off signals that you like them. You might not even realize you are doing it.

Are you funny?

Most girls aren't funny, if you are funny and decent looking and hang out with a guy one on one they'll probably fall for you.

This. We’re posting in a humblebrag thread. OPs insecure and low self esteem causes her to gravitate towards lonely guys that she knows will give her attention. OP probably has daddy issues

They say I’m funny like most people.

Actually what you just said is the total opposite.

Welcome to being a woman

And she still complains about easy-mode.
Fuck women, I will get rich and fuck younger girls only just to spite these entitled roasties.