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And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:
[YouTube] The Unspoken “Secret” to EVERY Transformation! (embed)

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

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How hard is it to find women who don't yap at you all the time and nag you?

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Not hard at all. Women don’t yap or nag everyday at fairly competent and decent partners.


Tight trousers on guys? Yes/no?

I mean where the wang is visable. I have long but thin legs, and what I'm guessing is a decent sized package, so I have trouble finding trousers that fit. But those that do fit need to be long in leg, small in waist, and they tend to emphasise my genitals. Is this a turn on or just sleazy? There's not much I can do other than wearing baggy trousers and I feel I've outgrown that style. Or chop it off.

>women only yap through no fault of their own, men are the problem
Fuck off Tumblr

Tight trousers make you look like a massive faggot but some girls are attracted to that. It all depends on the kind of woman you want

All I know is I can't stand tight pants on guys who don't skip leg day, they should stick to looser styles. I'm also not nuts about guys who do skip leg day, but at least they look aesthetic in tight pants.
Package is kinda neither here nor there for me, I don't think I really notice.


Easy until you enter a relaionship with one of them.
>t. a woman

Don't listen to this liar.

People complain when they’re insatisfied. That’s the bottom line. Whose fault is it is an idiotic non-pragmatic approach. If you manage to get a fairly decent and satisfying life, you should be fine. That’s the hard part. Life tends to be shitty for a lot of people.

How much money should I allocate per month for dating? This question is mainly aimed at single guys who don't have a established gf yet.
In other words, how much do you spend per month on random dates?

Why are you ignoring the fact that some people are more likely to nag than others? Very insincere argument

Because it’s a given. That’s the part where you decide wether to stay with a dependant person (complaining most of the time is a call for the other to take responsibility for something you don’t want to face) or bail and find someone who needs you a bit less.

Why are girls and women so messy? Why don't they know how to keep things tidy? Is it becauz they hav horrible spacial awareness?

They're not especially tight around my thighs though. Mostly it looks like I have normal trousers with a bit of crotchstuffing, but slightly elongated.

fwiw I do have a leg day, but I'm ectomorph as fuck.

I don't care about /fa/, I just worry I look like a pervert sometimes/

I'll try framing it in a different way. How are you supposed to find women who aren't predisposed to nag you?

Doesn't matter. Skinny jeans make you look like a hipster soiboy. If you want to attract art hoes and the like, go for it.

I've been seeing a girl since September and we are now together since November. She was a virgin and we did it end of November.

Whenever I finger her, I see her enjoying it, like a lot. I she start to get wet a lot and her body reaction is a thing. Yet, whenever she's gonna cum, she wants me to stop and pull me out. I tried like 4 or 5 times, talked to her after she pulled me out and tried again, and every time she can't stop but pull me out.
For some reason I really want to go till the end and see her cum from my fingering. How / what should I do / say to convince her going through that ?

She never really fingered herself before and since then, she tried but don't feel that good when she's doing herself.

When I asked why she don't want, she says she wants to go slowly on those things that are new to her. (irony being she enjoy anal stuff and like it rough / submissive role play)

Went out with a girl who confessed she was attracted to me and it went well. Fat forward after a few dates she says she feels more like friends? is it just over or should i be upfront and tell her how i feel about her?


Could be a red flag, need more details

Is it weird to attempt to ask someone out at the gym ? Idk I'm 19 so like all I do is work/college/gym. I have no idea were to meet a girl and or how to approach for that matter. I used to be out of shape but then got my physique and hair etc in check. Any ideas ? Im tired of being a loser.

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As a fellow social retard, I think not caring about that sort of shit and just asking girls out when you want to is the way to go (apart from funerals). Confidence is attractive

I don't know but my wife never nags at me so they're out there. Maybe it's because she's a lot younger than me and we're both Asian, but we've been together for a while now (9 years) and I feel smug as fuck when I listen to my friends that married lazy hags (or are in LTRS with them) bitch about how their wives/GFs constantly nagging the shit out of them for doing almost anything.

>they are out there
I know, I think that was pretty clear in my post.
>I don't know how to get them though lol
Why even respond?

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Well we made out and i went down on her etc but then things turned a little sower after that, she was still okay with coming over to my place etc but i was always the one who had to ask her over yet she was the one the who confessed attraction, so i was and still am confused about whether she did like me or was just a shallow person.

She seems very flakey, but if you really like/love her I would confess and see where it goes whilst not expecting anything to happen

its this attitude that will only land you bitches user. it's pretty clear he put emphasis on going for a younger girl

What response do you want? You have to have x penis size and make x amount of money per year? Go to x place? It's a personality trait, you wont know if they're a bitch til you're really together. It's why I said maybe it's because she's younger (makes her more likely admire you) and Asian (less-westernized ones are taught to not bitch at their husbands as much as long as they're good to them, at least that's what I get from the shit her and her mom say). There's probably only certain factors that can make it a tiny bit more likely that she's not a cunt. You still have to sift through them, fag.

Girls: how to create chemistry, or get that spark going?

I've noticed that when girls are interested, it's for the first two weeks she knows me, then, out of nowhere, her behavior changes as if she's lost complete interest in me. Is that the normal time-frame, and I'm not jumping on the opportunity quick enough, or am I just a turn-off? I have a feeling it's the latter.

It's the former
Make a move quickly or you are seen as passive or milqtoast

Really? So in two weeks, I gotta decide whether or not I like you, come up with a date idea, pick out a general time frame for said date, and figure out the most appropriate time and place to ask you out on said date? Girls are impatient.

I'm a guy but have been told that in the past
You don't have to ask on a date by then but you do have to keep up the interest by flirting and escalation at least.

Girls: If you call a guy and/or his actions "cute", do you mean it as a compliment or is it meant as belittling?

Two weeks is a lot of time. It’s literally half a month. In half a month my productivity hands me about 650 US dollars. In two weeks you have at least 2 big social or non-social events where interesting stuff happens. If you take two weeks to get your shit together ($0 of total value) and you cannot come up with something more interesting than my daily life, then you’re close to useless. Of course no one will be interested in some passive person that literally adds nothing to my life.

>Two weeks is a lot of time
By whose fucking standards? I might see a person three times because of rotating schedules. At that point, you're barely even an acquaintance

It’s not about how much you see a person. It’s about how much time objectively passes. In a month or two a lot of stuff in life may have changed drastically. Most people don’t have time to waste, specially in people who do not actively show some interest or value.

There's this shy girl in my class and after the final exam we went for dinner and then back to my room where we had sex but towards the end I basically fucked her ballsdeep and she hit me pretty hard in the ribs because it probably hurt her. After that we parted way, kinda awkwardly. I went back to my hometown during the vacation and went off the grid for few days (I use an old phone number when I'm at home). So I just switched back to my current phone and there's a text from her saying Merry Christmas and she was sorry she left me with a bruised ribs etc. and then there were two missed calls. That was 3 days ago, do you guys think she has moved on lol

So what is up with hooking up.
Went last night to a party and it's a mixed bag of people, people get proper fucked up, and one of the girls who just hit 19 hooks up with a dude that's 29 and I swear I've never even seen them speak.
Then one of my mates writes to me if he did something with this girl, he was piss drunk, and he left at the same time with her since they live close to eachother. They didn't talk all night, from what he told me she basically jumped his bones. This same girl was trying to convince me to come to sunday church.
Now today I met one of my best friends and he said I probably need to find some better friends.
Are people really that lonely and do I need to start considering some more stable people to party with.
Want to hear opinions from both sexes, have a good one.

>In a month or two a lot of stuff in life may have changed drastically
A couple months? Sure, that makes sense, but getting fed up after two weeks? You do not live a high-speed life, especially if you're bringing home $1300 a month.


She’s definitely into you. Don’t text her, call her and tell her you’re sorry if you happened to hurt her that day and that you wish you will keep seeing her when vacation season is over. You can still fix this.


please next thread someone fix my fuck up. don't let it stay for the next few months.

this is the link to that youtube link that fucked up last thread.

It’s not about high speed. You seem to want to be confirmed on your stance more than listen to what others experience.

An average looking woman will get anywhere between 1 to 3 interested possible interested people calling any given week. That’s not counting friends, family, or others. Factor in work, hobbies, rest, etc... Your job there is to make yourself stand out enough to guarantee that she makes time for uncertainty with you. With most (normal) men it works the same way. No one is going to make room in their schedule for your stuff if it’s not interesting enough. And in two weeks a lot of interesting (good or bad) stuff can and will happen.

Stacey detected!
You're saying a harsh truth to all of us (I'm not OP), so I can't shitpost you and I almost want to thank you, but I am too sad for it.

it's disgusting because it's true

>tfw not interesting.

Btw, with men applies too. I’m not gonna invest time or money outside of my regular schedule if I’m not gonna get some kind of return. I won’t get a mistress if I don’t plan on it paying off somehow (be it a weird kink satisfaction, regular sex, ego inflation, and/or anything else).

I'm a bit nervous but I will try that!

Okay but what if someone left it longer than that? Can you 'reassert'?

I've had experiences in the past where female friends have eventually developed feelings for me or made moves themselves over time so the whole friend zone thing seems crap, but does it really get more difficult as time goes by? It took me a while to figure out that I actually want to date her.

Cute or Hot?


Why not both?


Why do girls like big dicks? And why do they find small dicks funny?

Is it weird to text a girl if I got her number from a friend of her that I am also friends with?

So basically I went partying with friends and ended up dancing and talking to a girl.
I forgot to ask her for her number and she left kinda early with a girl friend of mine.
I asked that friend for the number of her, is that weird? Or should I just text her and if so, what should I say?
I am aware that I am probably overthinking this but it feels kinda rude to text someone when they themselves have not given you their number

Or alternatively should I just wait until we meet again at some point

Overthinking. Next.

This girl I know kept complaining about her ex almost every time I talked to her. Then she started talking about how great it is not to have a boyfriend anymore. Does she think I'm gay because she talks to me like this?

Big dicks make for a fun ride at best, a cool fantasy fulfilling at worst. Small dicks are useless for pleasure purposes, and hearing men argue about size and see them buying large cars and then revealing under-average equipment is hilarious.

Nope. She thinks you’re human and maybe you can relate and/or perform another kind of social role.

But its something you born with. you cant change it. very immature of women

>reality is immature

>She thinks you’re human
Ok, I understand where she went wrong now.


Choose one.

Either. Or some times both.

Life is so hard for the small dicked among us.

>tfw you hear a 17cm guy whining about being small
>haha i will shower at home today guys

My girlfriend has a guy friend at work that I am jealous of. She always goes over to his desk and talks with him daily. He gives her snacks and they’re always laughing with each other. He compliments her physically very frequently and he texts her after work many nights. My girlfriend talks about him at least once a day.

I brought up my concern to her but she just laughed and said they are close friends. I don’t know what I am supposed to do about this. Very cleary this guy wants to fuck her, but she can’t see it in front of her own nose. I want to tell her she just likes the attention, but I have gone down this route before and she gets very angry.
Wat do?

Why don't you date a horse, then?

your gf sounds like trash

How do you know exactly how big that guy's dick is?

Girls, suppose you are into a guy, he initiated everything and the sex was great. Would you entertain his request to let his friend (who is also a very attractive girl) touch you and go down on you? he will join too if you want.

he told us

Quantum Mechanics says the only way to know someone's dick size is to measure it directly

Break up with her, deal with the pain and then ruse from the ashes like a Phoenix. Why would you even want to be in a relationship in the first place, let alone with that bitch? You're a single man. Do you know how much you're losing in opportunity cost by wasting your in long term relationships with chicks?

Say it with me now:

So if he felt small, were all the other guys even bigger than that? Do you have their numbers?

How do I get used to the fact tha women want to bone me?

Related question: how do I get used to the fact that no women want to bone me?


How common is it for you to not want to be touched during your period? Especially the first few days?
Just spent the first night with my gf and her period just started so she didn't really want to be touched. She explained it to me so I understood that it's nothing that I did or that she isn't mad at me. The rest of the month she is different

didnt really follow the convo, im just sad that im a grower on the lower end of average, therefore i look like a baby
im actually confident in my dickwork, but when you look at it it seems so pathetic

I though women absolutely hated my guts for years, so I made myself more attractive to spite them. It probably helps a lot that I grew up playing football, lift 6 days a week, have a good relationship with my older sister, am naturally handsome, pretty smart, etc. as well

Why do girls feel nervous about telling guys they are on their period? My gf said she didnt want to come over and I asked her why and she was like "no I can't tell you" and I just kept asking her until she give in and told me she was on her period and I was just like "right ok". She said she was embarrassed to tell me. Why?

some girls are scared to cum or try new things. i have a friend like that. sometimes it just takes a little time and patience to get there. i wouldn't just talk with her about it and communicate with her and see what would work best.

It's just a common misconception among women that guys are disgusted by periods. Maybe in 5th grade we were. Some guys are immature but most are understanding. Just be supporting and hopefully eventually she won't make such a big deal of it.

probably just can't get over her ex.

How come I can't get over ex? It's been 4 years and I've thought about them every single day.

You don't have friends or any creative outlets to keep your mind off them.

Cultural stupid taboo. They’re taught they’re gross and sinful almost from birth.

But I'm in college. I focus on my college work and I still think about them everyday.

Who the fuck teaches that? It's the 21st century.

Is my boyfriend lying when he says he prefers how I look without makeup? He says I look more real and its the real me he loves.

Maybe he's hinting that you suck at makeup?

No it's true.

Men hate makeup

Most guys say they like no makeup (me included), but what we really mean is we like light makeup, so light that it's not noticeable.

But no he's not lying, he probably feels like you feel like you have to cover yourself and he likes you as you are and doesn't feel like you have to augment yourself to be beautiful.

Don't ask men about makeup, we don't understand it 90% of the time.

Chances are either:

a) you look good without makeup
b) you look bad with makeup
c) you're wearing really gross makeup
d) he just doesn't like makeup and is lying about your appearance but would still rather you not wear makeup

Or a combination of them. Correct response: don't wear makeup.

He asks me to take it off when we have sex. Another thing is that he likes me to tie my hair in a ponytail and keep my glasses on when we have sex. Why?

Are you one of those girls who spends an hour and a half every damn day putting on makeup?

I had a roommate who did this and i fucking swear she looked like a clown

Sounds to me like you put way too much on and it drives him nuts, atleast it would for me

He probably means less makeup not no makeup. Not sure why hed like about it.

Some people think glasses look cute. Ponytails too but it might also be to keep the hair in one place, especially if you do cowgirl.