Advice to your younger self

It may hurt, but realizing it will finally heal you.
What advice would you give your younger self, preferably general life-advice?
Further, you can think about what advice would help you NOW. Maybe it's even the same advice you would give yourself in the past?

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Don't eat margerine so much, start playing sports now.

Avoid the internet.

Girls aren't that hard, but the good ones get hitched up young. Don't spend your 20s feeling afraid of girls or trying to just fuck around.

To my teenager self:
Don't cut looses with your online friends
Learn a bit of web development. For god's sake, don't even think about learning Flash
Organize yourself. Write down all the tasks you have to do in a 3 month window and try to do them asap.
High school is easy af. Try to actually understand the concepts. Don't memorize.
Be consistent about wearing your removable brackets, even if they are shit.
Practice a sport you actually like.
Start playing the guitar sooner.
Please, get a decent haircut.
These girls that you think they are making fun of you they actually like you. Don't take things too seriously and go for it!
Start reading books in the classroom. You have plenty of time to read then in there.

Just to name a few. It's amazing how I've become so self-aware of myself.

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There's nothing to worry about. Everything's already fine. You're free. Go explore the world.

Don’t push people away. You need your alone time, yes, and that’s fine; but people aren’t tools for you to use when you feel lonely, and disregard when you want to be alone. You have to maintain the relationship even when you don’t want to. They need you too.

Give up hope now.
It wont get better.

Take AP Biology
Take Robotics

Understand how women work.
Be confident
Get better clothes

You need to find any way possible to get mom and dad to bring you to some sort of therapy/psychiatrist. Don't be like me and taken this long to find out why you act this way. Get help please, you'll finish your homework, you'll actually talk to people without having a hole in your stomach, you won't forget as much.

To my 18 year old me:

>Quit the internet.
>Do your fucking homework.
>Go out with friends. They truly are your friends.
>Find a girl that wants to help you and that you want to help
>Be honest to everyone.
>Stop watching porn.
>Stop eating so much fucking sugar.
>Talk to people holy shit.
>If a girl talks to you first, she's into you.
>Never, NEVER skip your classes.
>Holy shit nigger, you wake up at 6:30 and go home at 3:00 you're happy and you don't know it!!
>If you have to stay up, or go out late, do it. People will have to suck it up.
>Learn to save money.
>Last but not least, stop jerking off to anime titties.

How did the last thing impact you?

Your drive to overcome yourself is good, but don't let it destroy yourself. Have healthy Ambition and love yourself in the process.
If you fail one of your goals, don't beat yourself up about it. Forgive yourself and try again with a bright smile.

To my uni self: girls like you a lot more than you think. Don't he afraid to ask them out on dates.

Life is short, don't waste time consuming useless media.

Cultivate good relationships with the people in your life, they're the most valuable resources you have.

Be grateful for the things that you have, there are people suffering horribly all over the world.

Intentionally pursue and do things that scare you, it's the best way to grow as a person.

buy a shit ton of bitcoin and sell it December 15th 2017

You should have made a gf one of those 4 girls that confessed you during high school.

I am still a virgin now at 22, I feel like I missed my time

Choose medicine instead

don't accept the credit card your bank is offering you after graduating university.
take care of your relationships. stop doing drugs and lying or you will loose her.
start a regular lifting schedule.
give your grade test asap. don't let time slip from your fingers.
relax. everything will be good. don't stress so much about your life

Drink the whole thing, faggot. don't half ass your an hero attempt

This advice changed my life. It might seem obvious, but it's easy to underestimate the power of it.

Don't get into the habit of abandoning projects or goals. Even if you don't like the current state of things get to *some* end even if it's not the planned/imagined one. Sure, sometimes you need to know when to quit! Sometimes you have no choice. But formalize the ending in some way.

I don't paint, but I'll use it as an example. You shouldn't waste precious materials and time on a lost cause -- identify when to quit, just don't abandon. Try to get it into a finished form. Maybe you were ambitious and went for a photo realistic rendering, but have had to admit to yourself that you're not at that skill level yet. Shift gears and make something abstract with fewer colors using the same subject/underlying sketch. Don't just ball it up in frustration, and don't ever, ever give up. Just shift the goal posts a bit to accommodate your current skill level and knowledge.

Let's say the code you wrote for a computer program is absolute dog shit. But it works -- somehow. It does half of everything you wanted it to do, but adding more features has become extremely difficult. You're embarrassed by your code, and want to just delete it forever. You figure you'll need a better design to create a program with 100% of the planned features. Instead, maybe it can be salvaged by turning it into a library. Or maybe you write a second program that uses the output of the first program. Maybe the situation truly does call for a new design. In that event, fix the bugs that are there. Give the project a name like FunEditor, start a new project, and name it FunEditor Plus. Create reminders that you finish everything you start, even right there in the name.

Always finish a test, and always fill in every answer no matter if you think it's right or wrong.

Why do you think this is important? Not disagreeing, just curious. It makes sense intuitively.

Younger me was honestly smarter than older me, I guess I'd tell him it does get better and to keep soldiering on through the hard times.
I'd also tell him to ditch the hoe but the hoe was also ditched pretty quickly once she stopped being an appropriate girlfriend (see: handing out handjobs)
Younger me was pretty fucking based and redpilled man, I didn't take shit and I knew how to expedite excrement like a boss

Well, you start getting interested in real women. Realize how much time you've wasted watching that shit... It's overall a good thing to do.

18 year old user here
This thread has a lot of good advice thank you everyone for sharing it
To my 15 year old self
>Just ask out L, you left it too late
>Stop watching porn, you will regret all that fetish shit you did
>Be nicer to mum and dad
>Everything isn't as bad as you think, stop worrying, none of that stuff will affect you in a few years
>Apologize to S and N
>Read more
>Be careful what you post online
>Study for your exams
>Apply for a job at the pub, save half of your money

Once I got into the habit of it, my life started to shape-up. The world is run by people who finished. It's the tortoise and the hare. I agree it's intuitive -- I even said it might be obvious in my post -- but it's not something I was in the habit of doing or thinking. And I've known plenty of people who just give up instead of salvaging what they've worked on. I went back to school as an adult and witnessed a lot of this, in fact.

I think many of us forget (or never knew) what the creative process looks like. Movies and music seem to just suddenly appear out of nowhere. It's rare (but becoming less rare) that we see all of the mistakes and compromises made along the way. In America, at least, it's common to describe someone as a genius or natural talent. It does a great disservice to a great many people. "I'll never be as good as [insert name]." Not with that attitude!

You'll never achieve your goals if you can't learn to finish. Finish everything, no matter how small. Make lists, scratch items off. Be someone who gets things done. If you master it, then you can go back to school, get a high-paying job, build your dream home, or whatever you aspire to do.

Younger me wouldn't take my advice unfortunately.

If I could do it all over again knowing what I do now, though?

>don't be so controlling
>when the hot popular girl asked me out, at least consider saying yes (or at least legit saying no instead of being wishy-washy). It wouldn't have worked out, but so what?
>take high school grades seriously and actually do you best so you can get into a good college, and stop being so neurotic about things
>actually do homework and read books even if you don't have to
>avoid the Internet like the plague
>wear nicer clothes
>have better hygiene
>when that guy mentioned the opening at his company for a high school job take it
>learn how to drive earlier and don't give up your license
>be confident in yourself and not a doormat because your ex would totally have been willing to share you with the other girl (or girls?)
>when you feel like things are off, they probably are
>tell her you love her because you don't want to regret it

Hang yourself, kiddo. You're 31 now, you've been homeless twice, you have a crap job, no education, haven't been laid in 2 years, haven't had a gf in 7, you've struggled with acloholism and addiction, you've self-harmed, and you're dead tired. Hang yourself so my cowardly self can be freed.

Get into technology and coding earlier

Oh, and

>go for the career path that is a legitimate career path instead of academia

>Even if you don't know what you're going to do in life, you should still do well in school. Study, take the hardest classes you can, do your homework. It's better to be uncertain with straight As, than to realize what you want to do too late with shitty grades.

>Don't be afraid to get into fights in middle schhool, there's no such thing as a permanent record.

>The college debt meme isn't real. There are thousands of scholarships you can pick from. Kids in your school will literally be paid to go to college while you're being cynical because of what some strangers said on the internet. People in your classes are going to get full rides, while you're wasting your time at home.

>Run. Play more basketball.


To my younger self:

Start practicing meditation and mindfulness ASAP. It will allow you to think clearly and cope with the anxiety.

Make exercise a routine and stick to it. Don't give up. Continue climbing.

Don't care about the nerd stigma, and continue programming. Nerds will be cool in a couple of years.

Find a psychatrist to deal with your mental issues and insomnia.

Get on Accutane

Don't give up and isolate yourself.

There's no reason to be afraid of girls. They are awesome.

>Get some confidence in yourself FFS, those assholes don't know better than you will about what you really want
>Don't fall for antidepressants, they do a little bit but it won't help with what is bothering you
>Speaking of, stop repressing and go for it. You have nothing to lose so do everything you can.
>Look after yourself dipshit. Stop eating so much crap, move more, stretch and start skincare.
>Don't play videogames, get hobbies and interests that will be more impressive and fulfilling

>being cynical because of what some strangers said on the internet.
Truth. People are trying to normalize their terrible decisions. "I'm a failure, and, trust me, it's because the system is broken." Meanwhile, the system isn't broken, and it works just fine.

That said, shhhhh. Don't let people know. It's less competition and more resources for those of us ignoring the shit advice.

>Don't play videogames, get hobbies and interests that will be more impressive and fulfilling
This. Video games aren't a hobby. "Gamer" isn't an identity. I don't care what the dictionary says -- it can eat shit. It's OK to play every once and awhile, but you've got to learn to stop consuming and start producing.

Don't cheat. I regret thinking with my dick first. I confessed and lost my wife.

>dont watch porn
>you deserve more than that vapid cunt of a woman

A lot of men will like you, so don't worry that they don't seem to right now. Don't fall in the arms of the first one who confesses.

As a general rule, if you're wondering if a guy you have your eyes on is interested in you, he almost certainly is.

Don't get a Chemistry degree just to impress your high school teacher. Tell your parents to mind their business. The universe never gives you more than you can handle.

Kill yourself