What's the worst thing you ever did?

Do you get away with it? Wish you hadn't done it?

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Ate chocolate before lunch and then didn't eat lunch

Slept with my friend's girlfriend. Then beat the shit out of him and broke his nose when he confronted me about it.

Yeah, I was a fucked up little shit of a teenager.

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Rode a motorcycle without insurance, crashed it, broke my leg and lost my licenses and got several year bans and lost my job.

Yes, I'd rather have not done that .

confessed after 3 days of dating. heheh

I can't even post it here for my own safety

You should kill yourself

That's a bit harsh user

I have strongly considered it. Everything in my life has been downhill since that day. I threw away my strongest friendship over teenage hormonal rage and a quick fuck.

I'm now unemployed, have no friends, addicted to drugs, and live only for cheap fucks with hookers and ugly tinder matches. If it offers you any consolation.

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how old are you user? Is your license permanently revoked

19, fortunately its only 2 years

me and my friend shot a dog with a paintball gun in middle school. He kind of pressured me into it. Feels bad, man.

You have to forgive yourself bro

I can't, it was more fucked up than you realize.

>18 years old
>Best friend dating a 16 year old girl from another school
>Meet her at his birthday party
>She's really interested in me and we talk a lot
>Exchange phone numbers
>Friend suspects nothing
>This was his first ever gf
>I was having a lot of sex at the time and had a rep in town
>We're hanging out one day and she confesses
>Tells me he never really satisfies her in bed and doesn't know what he's doing
>Next thing I know we're making out and fucking in the bathrooms of a shopping mall
>She tells my friend, tries to break up with him
>Friend confronts me at my house, crying
>Puts hands on me
>Take this as an excuse to utterly pummel him
>Knock him to the ground, keep punching his face and don't stop
>My dad has to drag me off of him
>He never pressed charges for the broken nose or bruising but he never spoke to me again
>Saw him in town once a year ago and he looked broken
>He used to be a skinny guy and is now almost obese

I'm literally the worst human ever.

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I had very little friends in school. None that were near me at least. For some reason the autistic people talked to me though (I know what you're thinking, I'm not autistic though). So one day this kid I hated came over to my house to play yugioh and as he was leaving I stole his blue eyes white dragon.

He never came back to my house.

But why the fuck did you punch him in the face?

Why don't you try to reach out to him? Beating yourself up forever isn't the answer. You have the capacity to do good things in the world, you just have to get your shit together.

I was a really disturbed teenager. Parents divorced young, emotional and physical abuse, failing at school, etc. I took it out in two ways: sex and violence.

In the heat of the moment I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to hurt him, BAD.

I sent him a message on Facebook a few months ago and he left me on read.

I'm the user who told you to kys, I meant It as a joke desu. Yea what you did was bad, but you were a kid. Try to reach out to other friends or make new ones. I'm sorry how your life turned out to. Wish you the best

this specifically
>You have the capacity to do good things in the world, you just have to get your shit together.

there's hope for you because you recognise that you did wrong and regret it.

Tried killing myself about 3 times in high school. First was trying to drink myself to death/ choke on my own vomit while black out drunk. Second was trying to pass out on the train tracks. Third was slitting my wrists. Each time I was so drunk I managed to fuck up each attempt. The reason I did this was because I was afraid I would hurt someone. I had severe anti-social personality traits I couldn't control and contemplated murdering people a lot. I burned things too. I had all of these problems with anger and sadism I just couldn't get rid of and felt like I needed to end it all. I was psychotic from depression and drug abuse well. A lot of this behavior was due to neglect and over medication as a child but it was mainly my fault for being so weak willed and choosing this path for myself out of rage and depression. I'm just glad the only person I ended up hurting was myself mainly because I came really close to stabbing someone to death or going on an arson spree.

TLDR; I was the school shooter kid in high school and probably should've gone to a psychiatric hospital.

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Had a relationship for years and didn’t bother learning jack from them. I don’t remember anything about them and their likes/dislikes or how they changed over the years to adapt to their preferences. Now that i’ve taken them for granted, they are gone. The irony is that I want them back but not until I change my jaded ass self

What a whore slut

Thats like my dad. Didnt even know my college major and when i bring up something im interested in he'll reply with "make sure u do the dishes tonight." Lol fml hes been a good father but just bad at relationships

>Being afraid for your safety
That's no way to live. Challenge them to fuck with you and make them afraid of you. You fuck them right back

He sounds kinda old school. He's probably internally proud of you but doesn't know how to show it

Yeah i think thats what it is too. Ik he cares about me but in a hope hes healthy and succesful kind of way, not a i want to know his interests kind of way.

>Each time I was so drunk I managed to fuck up each attempt
Same, I couldn't set the noose right.

I let a man die and didn't try to help
I am severely mentally ill

Describe the sex with the ugly Tinder matches

I compulsively lie, half the time I just blurt some garbage out, it's driven away the people who cared about me growing up e.g. the few friends I had and my gf.

mad lad

I hooked up with a girl with a bf. I fell for her and she eventually dropped me and decided to stay with her bf.

I sent the bf explicit texts and pictures of us having sex the night before their wedding and now both are single.

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>blacked out at a family wedding in another state
>had to pee on the party bus ride home (we took a bus there and back) but couldn't because it was packed and i get pee shy
>drunk father sitting next to me tells me to pee into a beer bottle
>drunkenly telling him i can't and tell the bus driver to stop while people are saying we can't stop the bus
>bus stopped and i can't pee because i've made a scene on the side of the highway
>entire family seeing me crying drunk, i tell them to leave me and my dad is just yelling at me
>remember being back at the place we got picked up by the bus
>violent crying with aunt i see once a year at her place talking about how her mother will never accept me, i come out to her for the first time (this is the religious side of my family i've been avoiding coming out to for years)
>wake up WALKING ON A SIDEWALK in my dress suit extremely drunk, in the rain, empty flask and lost phone, i think I'm back at my college (an hour drive away) somehow
>infinite amount of time walking towards street i think i know
>realize i'm lost
>find a store
>sleep on side of it
>cop picks me up, i won't tell him anything, they call me a cab and i spend 80 dollars to get back to my dorm
>wake up to pounding on door
>campus safety/police, my sister called them
>i went missing according to my family and was not responsive, they thought i was dead including my whole extended family
>apparently i fought my way out of their house instead of sleeping over

it's not murder or anything but it's messed up. as a positive it forced me to come out and that side of my family is closer with me now than ever. plot twist though I still struggle with my drinking. considering spending 2019 sober. i could have easily died that night. i'm only 23 but my hangovers feel like withdrawal if i have more than 2 drinks and it terrifies me. i don't drink regularly even but it's just like this now.

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I've done worse, go back to 9gag bitch. I'm soft and weak but angry. I'll break my own bones to get what I want.

I'm an alcoholic too man. I got drunk at my girlfriend's Thanksgiving family dinner, the first time I ever met them. This was after months of her hyping me up as a great guy and a gentleman to everyone she knew. I thought I was in the pocket but had a few too many beers a little too fast, her sister made an off hand comment about kenuckians being inbred (I'm from Kentucky) and I chose to take offense to it. I browned out at this point but apparently I said some rude and embarrassing things, ended up passing out upstairs until nearly everyone left, then drove home drunk after a scene with her mother who begged me to stay until I sobered up. It was so incredibly embarrassing that she dumped me a few days later. This was last month, and I miss her so bad. I would do anything to fix it and get her back.
My previous ex before her was an alcoholic like me, she would get piss drunk and we would have knock down drag out fights, trashed the house many times, hit each other, and had the cops called many times.

Let's get sober user, it's not worth it to keep going back to the bottle. Kik me if you need some support and I'll help you.

I let my gf prostitute herself when we couldn't pay bills, she stopped and then she got pregnant and I made her abort it even tho it was Definetly mine. I guess I got away with it, I don't feel like much of a man considering even after she's done all that she still cooks and cleans, and now she's got a real full time job I sit at home unemployed still. I guess ill "get mine" when she leaves me to die here alone eventually.

I mean to me it's the worst because it was a family members wedding and everyone will remember it forever. It's morally fucked up on a few levels and bad because I could have died.

In high school I used to sleep with an older guy I met on craigslist for adderall. I only stopped because he kept asking me to do more stuff and got bossy. I think he assumed I was an addict.

thank you for the support. things will get better. it's good that you at least understand there's a problem.

How did you ask for adderrall on craigslist without getting caught?


Lmao that change of heart

I think you ultimately did the right thing, you saved a man from marrying a woman with the capacity to betray someone who they claim to love most in the world. Though the act itself was vile, the outcome was good.

How did you ask for adderrall on craigslist without getting caught?

Did he press charges against you?

>Friend confronts me at my house, crying
>Puts hands on me
I don't understand what happened, put his hands on you in what way?
Do you feel like this has ruined your life?

>didn't know my college major
Sounds like he doesn't give a shit

My gf cheated on me with my best friend and I broke his nose when I confronted him about it.

Yeah, I'm not sorry.

I like this, good job

I don't know if it counts as a single bad thing but I used my savings on going to university for a physics degree, then didn't bother studying at all outside of lectures. Ended up failing my exams, going for retakes, continuing to not study, and failing my retakes and dropping out. Now I'm in a shitty job with no real qualifications and still paying off student loans with nothing to show for it.

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triggered me

>binge drink since 16 y/o
>started off bc of my alcoholic mother abandoned me during my teens.
>either stay sober or binge, little inhibitions after first few drinks
>worst case: borderline shit crazy
>heavy emotional outbreaks, aggressive
>had alcohol psychosis already

Shit changed 1st october 2017

>weekend trip with dad, uncle, grandpa
>never drink with family, reasons mentioned
>never told the true reason to them
>"you can have a few bears user"
>nice evening but getting more drunk
>we go out to a pub
>bottles popped
> we are in a club
>some people start a fight
> I'm pressed down in the car by my uncle (6ft5in) believing everyone is against me and they try to kidnap me
> wake up in our condo
> shell shocked the moment I realized what happend
> told me I kept drinking all over the evening
> told me I provocated the fight (though the others wanted it to escalate)
> told me I tried to leave without paying, got knocked out by a bouncer
> told me from there on I went fully psychotic

I had a kind of intervention the following day, which was relieving on the one hand (them saying we are family and I can tell them everything, that shit like that only goes down when you have struggle and they want to help me) but it made clear to me that our relationship had changed without no going back.

That night changed everything for me too. I stopped drinking since then. I believe without that incident I would have broken up with my gf (we started dating few weeks before the incident) like all the times I did before (happily together since than, broke up with every girl before her after

That’s a bit silly.

At least you won the fight.

>Top 10 WWE Heel-Turns


You’re like the Dog the Bounty Hunter of Thottery.

Based booze hound. Good on you for helping the lad.

I’m agape, user. That is top-tier

Lol, faggot. Put down your purse and have a cold beer.

Mixed whites and coloreds in the laundry.

Regretted it ever since

I lost my phone(slipped out of my pocket) without noticing because I got really drunk once.

if this is the worst thing you ever did I appoint you to be the next dalai lama.
Losing my phone, multiple times, is among the more or less bearable things I did drunk, let alone all the shit I did sober.

I became best friends with a recovering cocaine addict when I was going through a breakup and ended up helping them fall back into using.

Then I had sex with her a few times and now we never talk because it became obvious she developed feelings for me and I can't stand the drug or her addiction anymore.

Probably that I called some retarded kid a retard to his face and he started crying

Also not sure if this counts since this was an accident but I called some little black kid on my highschool wrestling team a little nigger by complete accident, he quit the team the next day, I think he was scared of me, I felt really bad