How can someone be depressed if they have fucked a hot girl?

How can someone be depressed if they have fucked a hot girl?

The highest pleasure and accomplishment a man can bear, and the definitive sign of him being a valuable member of society and human being

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You will understand one day when you lose your virginity.

Depends. Sex is not everything and can be quite overrated.
I doubt the man would be depressed while fucking her, but your question is past tense.

Accomplishments don't actually make us happy, technically speaking. It's the progress towards the goal that triggers positive emotion. Once you've achieved something, that's it, it's time for a new goal.

>The highest pleasure and accomplishment a man can bear, and the definitive sign of him being a valuable member of society and human being
Except that's not true. Not even in the slightest. You actually need to contemplate what it means to be human.

I've done this three times and every time it's the same thing, the chase before she's my gf is much more exciting than the girl herself, after a while (say 6-9 months), you're done finding out new or unique things about her and then everything rests on her personality/intelligence etc. Generally you'll start to realise her hotness does not outweigh everything else about her and I've just gotten to a routine. Doing enough to keep her happy but not enough to make the relationship more stable/stronger. After that comes the checkout, where I just completely stop giving a fuck and that's basically it. From then on it's autopilot until me or her tells that it is time and that's it.

tl;dr looks (in my experiences) are overrated as fuck

>Hire a good-looking prostitute.
>You literally just banged a hot chick.
>Still feel like shit.

Hmm, it's like sex is not everything in life, is it??

If I fucked a hot girl I'd be depressed that I'll never get to do that again.

Not everyone is such a one-trick pony that sex is the be-all, end-all of their entire life and psyche.

That's just you and your kind, really.

>hates roasties
>is as shallow, vapid and narrow-minded as roasties
Why, man? Fucking actually why? Why ever? Why even once? Why at all? Why? Why are you like this?

>how can someone have a mental illness, which can come without any reason whatsoever
Gee, I wonder
Shit like schizophrenia or severe psychosis doesn't ask how many bitches you've fucked, it just comes and fucks your mind up

A prostitute doesnt have any attraction their client. Holy shit are you retarded?

Having consensual non-paying sex with a woman involves her actually being ATTRACTED to you. Its the ATTRACTION that matters, not the actual raw act of sex alone

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Stupid virgin overblowing sex, again.

A childish mindset for a childish man.

Girls will have sex because they're bored and you were in the right place at the right time. It's hardly an accomplishment. Curing a disease or creating a valuable new technology is an accomplishment. Sex is just a normal activity for people who aren't mentally damaged.

It’s almost cetainly your fault. You’re bitching about not being able to put your dick in some girl that you haven’t even put the effort into making yourself worthy of.
If you’re ugly, deal with it. You have to be super dense to think you’re worth some girl’s time just because you think she’s pretty.
No offense intended here man. I’m struggling myself. But I know I gotta grow the fuck up if I’m ever gonna have a gf.

>Sex is just a normal activity for people who aren't mentally damaged
Yes. Which is why i am so horribly miserably depressed that i cant have sex. The fact that i cant even attain a simple thing that 99.9% of humanity can attain without effort, means that i must be a total freak with no hope in life

Im not ugly, im depressed and diagnosed autistic. The cards were stacked against me from birth. Ugly guys can improve their appearance (working out, fashion, even plastic surgery, etc). Autistic men CANNOT rid themselves of autism and so are doomed forever with no hope of salvation

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I have heard that sex feels even better than jacking off

Once you reach a goal, it loses it's value.

99.9% of humanity is a grievous hyperbole and that's why you're single-- because no matter what, your whole entire world is about you and you alone. It's always what ails you, what's befallen you, how tough it is for you, why can't you get sex.

And then you expect us to pity you as if none of us had to answer these questions without any help or handouts, as if we were all magically given a small loan of a million dollars to do with as we all pleased or something. This is why nobody humours you by taking you seriously or providing decent answers to your questions. Because frankly, you aren't doing the work required to get those answers so why would it fall so that you get those answers and the results anyway?

This whole 'pity me please' doesn't do it for me and if you didn't all just shitpost on Jow Forums about how tragic your lives are, we might even pity you-- but at this point you're doing it to yourselves. The internet is a toxic cesspool for, and full of, your kind and yet you all insist on being here. It reinforces all the worst behaviors in you and discourages any positivity whatsoever and yet you all insist on being here. Jow Forums especially heavily funds godawful, delirious narratives based on cherrypicked examples or a demographic of people 16-19, as if three years in and around high school define a person for all their lives.

High school ended, guys. It's time to realize that and accept that shit is going to always suck. For everyone. They'll always be spending money they don't have on things they don't need to fill voids that never fill and that's how it's always been. Unless you're part of the 1% but then if any of us were, we'd be out flashing rails of white lightning off mulatto hooker asses. In succession imo, lay three hookers out and just drop a fat strip along all three asses and get to snorting.

If it makes you any more comfortable, just know that nobody's immune. Hitler was terrifying and now he's a joke.

I have typed and back spaced several responses to this but there are just no words.. this is some extremely over glorifying shit right here...
Grass is greener user.

>Writing that entire essay without a single line helping a virgin guy understand how to escape his predicament

You're just being cruel now user.

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It's short term satisfaction. Easily forgotten

Post brutal moggings

Different fag. It is useful. It basically means "stop crying and take accountability and stop comparing yourself."

The user he's replying to, "99% do it without effort" without effort!? With immense effort!
I'm a pretty good looking dude with a lot of success and this user thinks they just fall in my lap and doesn't realise I've failed a thousand times with women, been heart broken, been humiliated, lost face, destroyed friendships, poisoned friend groups and workplaces over trying to get women, and that that is extremely normal shit.
So instead hell just Pat himself on the back and put absolutely zero effort in and cry because he doesn't realise effort is pre requisite to everything and being autistic and ugly does not exempt you from banging.

Heh, Nothing infuriates the normie more than some autistic virgin guy complaining about his life

Yeah, but he's right.

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Well the first guy said this

because there is more to life

If you really need more answers than this, consider a spiritual journey

So why is it that for the vast majority of men, they date naturally and organically from high school onwards? But, for me and other incels/kissless virgins/etc, we somehow ended up having zero experience well into adulthood?

What is the reason? Did I miss the class at age 13 where someone tells you "you actually need to go out there and make an active effort if you want to get girls"? Was I born with a missing gene, making me unable to connect with women in the same way 99.9% of men do?

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The hottest girl I ever fucked up and left to Minnesota the next day, and I'll never see her again.

It's not like that in and of itself depresses me, but it was a fleeting moment that is nothing but a memory now.

I'm depressed because I fucking hate my career and will be trapped in an office until I'm 65 or drop dead sooner from the stress.

Because we spent our free time playing video games and magic the gathering instead of talking to girls.

You can still fix yourself with effort.

It's not easy
That's your mistake. It's not easy at all. The difference between you and everyone else is they're trying. I'll bet you stay inside and if you do try you're around people who are terribly unlike minded to you.

But as for the dating game it is not organic or easy at all you fail like 9/10 times and it hurts every time. there is the odd dude who does great but it's a rare talent


Stop pursuing sex, or the opinion of the opposite sex, as your ultimate goal and form of validation.

You said it. It's over for you. Why bitch at the normies? Why ask for advice if you're not even going to do anything?

Fuck off.