Does somebody want to rob me or sex?

A girl with clearly erotic pics liked me on a dating app.
She sent me vids how guys fuck her and pics of herself in underwear. We chatted and wanted to meet today, she first said that she wanted 50€ but I denied and she just wanted a dickpic. I sent her and she sent me her adress witch looks like pic related.
She also refused to send a specific frontal nude I requested.

Is this scam? I really need sex :^(
I am niether ultra hot nor ugly. slightly above average maybe. She has a 4/10 face and "curvy" body but not to fat.

She also speaks bad german(I am in Germany.)

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Sounds like an east euro hooker.

If it's too good to be true, is not true. Don't go there, I would expect a really bad outcome from this.

How much so you like your organs?

Meet at a public place like McDs

good idea, I will also request a voice massage
Well she isnt ULTRAHOT she also requested money first.

No, I mean, she wants to fuck upfront and no conditions. That's suspiciously easy.
I was thinking this very same thing.

yes this is the reason I have started this thread in the first place.
Oh hey I could throw her pic in image search.

I am basicly asking for methods to certainly know that she is acctually a massive slut. Because those exist.
The narrative that she is one fits aswell.

here is a pic of her, reverse image search didnt give any results
I tried 3 or 4 pics

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Either she's a whore and is going to have her pimp detain you until you fork over the cash or you're gonna get mugged/organ harvested. Either way you're going to lose something if you go there. Don't let thinking with your dick get you in trouble you fucking retard.

But I require sexual intercourse. I just want to be sure I wont get screwed like you discribe.
I guess I will ask her for carsex tomorow, today is to late anyway. If she refuses, well fuck it.

>But I require sexual intercourse
No, you don't. Sex is a want, not a need. What you need is to stop letting your dick lead you.
>I guess I will ask her for carsex tomorow
Enclosing yourself in a small environment with someone you don't know where she can either mug you herself or have a pimp follow you until you stop? Brilliant plan there chief.

Now lets not overreact.
I can drive wherever I want and I can check if somebody follows me.
But ye she can send her GPS data...


How is telling you the possible scenarios you're getting into because you want sum fuk an overreaction? Also she can still mug you herself. Not that hard to hide a gun in a purse.

fuck, why is it so hard to get sex these days...

what did u block out in red?
you forgot to block out the search bar lol

fucking topkek I am retarded, isnt that important though. I have no idea how somebody could trace me with that info...

haha yeah no one will trace u with that... anyways, for some real advice, you should facetime her

I just told her, that I cant today, she answered "ok, bye" but ye I will try facetime anyway.

you should just put your pants on and meet a woman in person. its Friday night over there big boi

You mean go to some club?
Well this is totally against me, I also dont have any friends that would go clubing.
The last 2 times I was clubing some girl rubbed her as against my dick and I literally pushed them away because its fucking degenerate.

Im infighting within myeelf aswell.

Perhaps the fat russian behind the catfish will only take one kidney, but i hear they are staring to take livers these days. OP would have to live next to a dialysis machine.

Scam 100%
Thats a photo a man wants to impress you with.

Women are goofy naturally.

You bout to get harvested, bro.

Ok you faggots either saved my life or kept my dick dry another day.
I will keep chating though, will see what will happen.
Staying ultrasafe though. I wish I had a gun...

here is a goofy one

her whatsapp pic is normal aswell.

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She looks like the poster child for an STD commercial.

>dat jaw
>dat chin

Ooh yeah user, you're gonna get some dick tonight

Why the fuck are her eyebrows as long as the wings of a Boeing B-52?

yeah I agree honestly. I live in new York by the city and it is especially degenerate here... I still try to go out tho there are lots of hotties and I don't plan on meeting my wife there.

but with that said, ive just realized you are trying to meet up with a girl who basically asked u to pay her for sex lolol

You're going to get nailed with a scam and if you don't pay, some guy bigger than you is going to beat the shit out of you to get it. Stay the fuck away from the giant red flag.

nah she sent a video where you can clearly see pussy
maybe because she is a whore?

but ye I wont meet her(or her organ harvestgang) . Thanks guys.

No man, she has more eyebrow than the entire red light district of Thailand.