The last virgin in my friend group finally got a girlfriend

>The last virgin in my friend group finally got a girlfriend
>Im still incel

What the fuck anons? When will it be my turn to have a gf???

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When you put in the effort.

I am putting in effort. Wtf?

Maybe you're trying too hard

>Try consciously to get a girlfriend
>Don't try to get a girlfriend at all

Can't fucking win.

>better come to Jow Forums to whine about it
You're on the right path, bro. Panties get soaked for guys like you

I doubt it because if you were youd be getting dates by pure statistical chance like a guardsman army shooting down a bio titan with only lasguns.
How many girls have you asked out this week?

Why don't you try being yourself

Best sarcastic advice ever. I’m not even OP and I got something from this because I’m doing the same shit.

>How many girls have you asked out this week?

Yeah thats right. I should go outside every day in my small ass town and ask out girls on the street. And get a reputation in this tiny town as a lecherous creep. Great idea for a guy trying to get a gf

Just get a hooker.

>let me make up a scenario where there are drastic consequences. That'll show you.
Have you considered that your various misconceptions about actual social places where you are expected to do exactly that might in fact be misconceptions
Sort your local bars by distance and go to each one three times until you find one you like and literally just TALK TO PEOPLE. ITS OKAY.

Getting a generic girlfriend and having sexy time doesn't live up to the hype, it's meh, time would be better spent elsewere.

I mean if you have the mental capacity to view the person objectively and brake it off before that person impacts you negatively then okay, but if you can't do that yet, get your life in order first. You got one life, a partner can fuck you up irremediably.

But if you get a woman that pushes the right buttons, your life will change for the better.

You people obsess over women and losing your virginity, it's disgusting. You will eventually grow up, get laid, get a girlfriend, and discover it isn't worth a fraction of the trouble, nor does it live up to your expectations. That's the truth. Stop being stupid.

>Getting a generic girlfriend and having sexy time doesn't live up to the hype, it's meh, time would be better spent elsewere

Eh, I don't really have my life in order and I would say dating some chick I found on tinder was overall a positive experience for me developmental-wise. I was such a depressed loner growing up and had no one to talk to, so having a clingy girlfriend to bust nuts in and talk about my thoughts with was kinda like free therapy. I started to feel more comfortable expressing myself around another human for the first time in my life. I broke up with her within a year because she was very immature and had a lot of stuff she needed to work on before she was relationship material, but even so it was good therapy to have her in my life at the time. It varies from person to person though of course, that's just my experience.

Not him, never been to a bar but I'm curious how they work, if I go in and sit down will people come talk to me? Should I sit down by a group of people and join their conversation? If a conversation doesn't work is it ok to get up and move seats to another person? Do people even go to bars alone?

I was at a bar with one of my good friends the night I turned 21. How old are you that you've never been to a bar?

>relying on women for therapy

OP, you sound like the biggest beta bitch ever. Listen here, you need to MAN THE FUCK UP. That means get an actual fucking therapist, meditate, and work out your problems. Stop relying on other people for your problems (unless they are paid to, like a therapist) and stop bringing other people down with you.

How dare you even say this chick is too immature, you’re no better. You’re a whiny little bitch whose problems from his past still haunt him and you are hardly what one could call a man.

You need to do some serious soul searching. Take some psilocybin mushrooms, see a therapist, meditate, whatever, but you need to get out of this victim bitchboi mindset.

Why so upset? I'm just stating the obvious, that having friends and people who care about you is a positive thing for your mental health. It's not like I was constantly complaining to them about my problems like you seem to be implying.

I'm 19, Theres bars I can go to around me that other young kids go to also but I never have, could you answer my questions please I would appreciate it.

Not him but implying I'm 24 and have never gone to a bar. Doesn't help I have literally 0 (zero) friends.

Personally, I wouldn't go out to bars if you're underage. All of the fun places will card you at the door, anyway. You're under 21, enjoy it while you can. Going out is expensive and you have the rest of your life ahead of you.

Sure, I can answer your questions.

>If I go in and sit down will people come talk to me?

It's not guaranteed but, yes, it happens quite often. When people drink, they like to talk and tend to think nothing of approaching strangers and striking up a conversation with them.

>Should I sit down by a group of people and join their conversation?
You're beginning to think too much into this. You simply go to a bar (preferably with friends), order a few rounds of drinks and see where the evening takes you. Don't try to force anything, you're only there to enjoy yourself, same as everyone else.

>If a conversation doesn't work is it OK to get up and move seats to another person?
Depending on the bar, you don't typically stay in one spot for the whole night, anyway. So, sure. It's OK to move around. Hell, certain establishments will have multiple bars in the same building, or other bars within a close proximity. Explore them all if you have the option.

yeah dude sure haha here I am at 26 eventually it'll happen any day now can't wait

Appreciate the sarcasm.

Well, sorry but it doesn't change the fact that
A) Sex is not worth the trouble
B) Will not live up to your expectations

I can assure you that if you continue to think negatively about yourself (if you do think this way) over such a stupid thing you are setting yourself up for a miserable existence. Best to not sweat the small stuff.

Time to do some looks maxing. Work with what you have.