How do you find available quality women in your mid to late 20s?

How do you find available quality women in your mid to late 20s?

Most of the smart, funny, successful, loyal and beautiful women in their late 20s seem to be taken already. Why wouldn't they be? They are awesome, and also aware that they are going to want kids in a few years.
So.. I mostly bump into these cool (and taken) women through work.

There's usually something off with the single women I meet at parties or Tinder.... They are unhappy with their life and career. They obsess over their exes. They regret that they didn't marry "that guy". Emotionally unstable.
Fuck... maybe that s ays more about me, attracting broken women.

But yeah.. where's that sweet spot age wise? And what are some good places to find stable quality women? During early 20s most women don't seem interested in a LTR. Mid to late 20s the good ones are mostly taken. Just before 25..?

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Bump after Tinder date with girl that had a breakdown

>How do you find available quality women in your mid to late 20s?
Go to Saudi Arabia, convert to Islam and stay there.
Women are like children, they're only as horrible as you allow them to be. The problem is that the West has given these overgrown children rights as if they're equal to men.

> Go to Saudi Arabia, convert to Islam and stay there.

Rather not

Go to a remote /third world
Get a qtpie with "better" city life bullshit.
Get alot of kids
No shared bank account
No shared house payment
If she really loyal and greatful to you for. Getting her out of a shit hole then gratz you got a qt for life.

Trans women have periods kek.

uh, well

you know how open wounds pus and sometimes ooze a bit of blood if agitated?
....yyyyeeeeahhh... it's basically literally that.
If they don't keep it open it will heal itself closed. Imagine a vagina just closing itself because it didn't get done by a glass dick

>He doesn't know about dilation
Oh boy

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Once see, nothing can make forget

That would be an option, but would prefer to find a civilized and smart woman

Truth is high quality women are in short supply and already taken by more attractive men. So take the broken mess or stay single. Personally I opt to be single.
Shit sucks but that's the way it is.

BTW: I have the exact experience as you. I meet lots of good women through work but have no chance with them. Get hit on by these broken messes off work. Don't want them. Oh well. Better of single.

I think this is just the worst age group too. Good women already settled and will only become available if their LTR does not pan out.

Yeah but your kind are known to reject women for having had sex before

Don't project. I'm just a normal bloke. Don't mind if she has had a normal level of sexual activity.
My problem is women who are
>too stupid
>too unambiguous
>want to be a princess
>lots of loose ends
>lots of uncertainty
>literally crazy

you're all retarded. that's a trans man in the pic meaning he was born with a vagina. the sign literally says men have periods too.

op what are you bringing to the picture for these women to qualify your bar? you seem to have a lot of requests for the women. are you also "smart, funny, successful, loyal and beautiful" and if not what do you do to make up for those qualities?

Generally dating under 30 is dating under 30. Thing change a lot up to 25 but a lot of people get into relationships at that range. It all really boils down to the fact that it's hard to find a good date. That's why you go through so many, because not everyone is a match. If you're tired of waiting then lower your bar, otherwise you gotta just keep plugging away.

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Yeah, starting to feel like I'm just bitter and should date more.

Who said she will not be educated...

Expos, museums/opera events and cultural nights are a pretty good starting point. If you can't find women that will talk to you, you can at least make male friends that will probably introduce you to their circle of friends.

>meeting women at the Opera
wtf how does that work senpai ?
I love Opera but finding people willing to go with me is a bloody way of the Cross
Do you just go on your own and hope your neighbours are gonna be lone females ? Hell I would love to befriend anyone, males included, who share this interest with me

Opera quints of loneliness

I met a really cute girl on tinder. She is down to earth, has little sexual experience and her own life. She also wants children. She is everything that I could wish for in a gf. It's been 3 months since we started dating and we only just reached the level where we have more body contact. I love it.
It's all a numbers game though

Everywhere? There are plenty of good quality single men and women in their late 20s and 30s. Maybe you just attract trashy women.

Idk how it is for you, but there are a lot of events held at the Opera where I live. It is usually fully booked. Charity, galas, demonstrations, presentations, small groups performing etc. make it lively and busy.

I work a lot and don't have much disposable income, so I can only go to maybe one play a month, and some concerts when they have dirt-cheap young people prices
I never went to galas or other such events, how do they play out ?

how old are you? this sounds so unrealistic to me but i'm fairly young

29 and she is 26. It certainly doesn't seem normal for current standards. The crazy thing is that she liked me first on tinder too. As a shy average guy it feels like hitting the jackpot. I'll see where this leads.


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