Rate me thread

Rate me thread.
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try to grow your hair more. can you grow facial hair? thatll help alot too. Dont wear a friends shirt thats some basic ass shit. But no matter what these fag anons say dude only you can improve your looks and outlook on yourself

>Jow Forums - Advice.

who cares desu? dont be a fag

I feel better about myself now/10


Rate. Just got done picking Splatoon 2 up from GameStop.

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>Rate. Just got done picking Splatoon 2 up from GameStop.
Playing Splatoon 2< Playing Splatoon 1

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Sorry to say but I thought you were one of those middle school kids obsessed with Minecraft at first, until I took a closer look. Shave the stash, and eat healthy for yourself, maybe style your hair differently, and you could make yourself a 6.5/10 just doing that.

Can't tell if this is bait or not. Yes, you look that bad. Less time taking mirror selfies, more time going to the gym. Fat cunt.

Shave the dirt stash and your entire face every morning or other morning to promote hair growth

Shave the sides of your head the bowl cut looks dumb asf

Hit. That. Gym. Boy.

You're a decent size cat, if you hit the gym regularly you'd be a crusher.

Chicks dig larger guys bro srs

Below average for sure. But like more endearing that scary ugly.


why would you wear that shirt holy kek a 20something wearing it on a rate thread where you should at least try to make yourself presentable

I say bait, go to
for this bullshit

I have been fapping all day to this.

4/10 but definitely have room for improvement, so don't worry.

shave the stache, stop wearing graphic tees, lose weight. you look like you actually have some muscle under there, and your face itself looks very even. you have a good nose too. so you're lucky with a good base framework but need to lose the weight to stop obscuring it.

4/10, you are fat

3.5/10 though with the potential to be the quirky funny guy that everyone likes

please get a different haircut :(

>please get a different haircut :(
What would you suggest?

10/10 beautiful bulk you should cut some but dont you cut that precious sexy chub. How much do you lift? Do you play other games? Wanna grab a drink sometime?

all can be fixed if you lost weight.

buggy eyes,ugly face and you wont have to wear shirts with abunch of crap on it to hide your fat.just count your calories religiously

i looked alot like you awhile ago.just count your calories to 1800 a day using MyFitnesspal app and dont eat anything you cannot count.

/soc/ was literally made so you faggots could go there with your faggy high school threads. Please return to your containment board.