What do girls think of guys with zero social media presence but successful and social irl?

What do girls think of guys with zero social media presence but successful and social irl?

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I think it's good.
I'd much rather have a guy focused on his own life and not constantly using his phone like a majority of the population

yes please

They don't think about you, cuz they're busy chatting with guys on instagram

>be me
>Only social media experience was Reddit before it became complete dogshit and Jow Forums
>Never tell people this
>Never used insta, Facebook, or Snapchat once in my entire life
>Only ever gotten compliments on this from women

I think they like it desu

It's admirable

It doesnt really matter, girls only post photos and like other photos. Unless you're an Instagram model, it doesnt matter.

you don't need to be a model. post pics and videos of yourself doing cool shit and girls will hit you up. it's actually easier than trying to chase them.

Basically if you are good looking and social they will think it's good, but if you are average or below looks and socially awkward they will think you are a weirdo.

It bugs me a little to not be "Facebook official," but as long as you text, I'm fine. Besides, Jow Forums counts as social media, anyway.

facebook official is cringe

The only time anyone else will care about your social media shit is if you care

You know what else is cringe? Having your grandma call you every other week asking why she can't find your boyfriend's Facebook and having to re-explain that he doesn't have one and why he doesn't want one. Want to know what else is cringe? Having guys you're friends with on Facebook message you on Facebook Messenger pretending to care about your day because they saw you didn't have a boyfriend's name on your account.

Just make your Facebook account and be in a relationship with me.

that's pathetic

lmao it's not that deep

Brainlets who fell for the social media meme actually believe this shit loooool
Grow the fuck up and delete your facebook you retard

I have a snap and 4 people added. That's it. It's not a problem. Just text instead.

This is one of the most pathetic and miserable posts I've seen on Jow Forums-- all of it-- in a long, long time, and about four or five months back I saw a guy who was gonna eat his toenails. Whole jar of 'em.

Congratulations, your entire life is a new low for my experiences.

>Jow Forums counts as a social

You don't really know what social network mean, i guess

I love it, shows he's mature and doesn't need it to be happy. He lives in the real world. I'm in the process of getting rid of mine - only had Jewbook anyway.

>social media: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
Jow Forums fits all of that, whether you like the label or not.

I wish I was making shit up, but I'm not. My grandma has called me at 8 PM more than once asking about a comment someone else made on my wall that she didn't understand. She has three Facebook accounts and doesn't really understand that she does, meaning I get requests from her other accounts fairly often. And I have had several men in my social circles reach out to me on Messenger thinking I was single/trying their luck. Or, I'd meet a guy in class, he'd add me on Facebook that day, and then start trying his luck because they're no pictures of me with him and no link to his profile.

My ex was a manchild who got his rocks off on not using social media, and all it did was make it awkward for me to explain to people on-campus and online that I was taken. It made people averse to including him in things because they couldn't creep on him first. My current boyfriend is active on Facebook and will tag me in pictures and memes on my wall. All of my social circles know who he is from his online persona and are excited to meet him/hang out with him.

I won't make my boyfriend be on Facebook, but being against social media makes things unnecessarily complicated and you'll often be excluded for taking a stance on a rather silly issue. Like nigga, you're not cool for not using Facebook, you're just a hipster who won't get invited to as many parties.

Don't wanna get in a salty argument, but man, Jow Forums is an anonymous board. You don't have a profile someone can find, you don't share personal info or photos of yourself (unless you r kinda mad). That's it.

Cringe and bluepilled

It sounds like you have problems being assertive, it is definitely not your boyfriend's problem of not having a facebook account.

Lets have a respectful argument then. The definition of social media does not exclude anonymous users, and I think you’re assuming social media = Facebook, where people use only their personal info. Jow Forums users create and share content in the form of picture and text posts. And there is also social networking, i.e.,
>the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself
which obviously fits with Jow Forums.

I have had no social for 2 years, and i must say that there are some differences, girls are a little harder to approach, but i like it more this way, cause they can't bulid tension by stalking i guess, lol. Other than that I haven't had any problem. But I've never liked meeting people online anyway so maybe it is subjective

Got a lot of compliments at first.

But then it makes it really easy to get cheated on or make your gf think you're cheating on her.
Worst experience was when my friend congratulated me on getting married and i had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out my then gf of 2 years was getting married in like a week and i had no fucking clue.
Now i keep ghost accounts on every platform with a few pictures/posts a year so it's not weird

Well, i have to say I was wrong then.
Not to keep it up, but i think it still wouldn't count for the op question, since i think he meant the ones like Facebook

I'm not telling my senile grandma to not call me, no matter what she's calling me about. She's not going to be around forever. Also, men being thirsty are out of my control, even if I tell them I'm taken. I just don't care for the extra steps social media protesters make me take.

I have to use social media to stay in touch with all of my connections, my class projects, and my job. It isn't a matter of enjoyment, it's a matter of convenience.

Wait she was cheating on the future husband with you or she said she was marring you without even you knowing

Yeah that’s how I like it. If I don’t know them in real life, then they shouldn’t follow me on social media. I dislike putting my life out there, but like you said just a simple profile with a few friends and minimal posts is all good

>Turns out my then gf of 2 years was getting married in like a week and i had no fucking clue.
lmao this is why I only do open relationships

>I have to use social media to stay in touch with all of my connections, my class projects, and my job. It isn't a matter of enjoyment, it's a matter of convenience.

Yeah, that was the only pain in the ass, but i managed to use other systems. Still, thats a good point

I was wrong.
I thought you hit the low and then you posted again. You ever tried not existing under your family's foot, or sucking down everything the media force feeds you?

Like, holy actual shit. This is some next level bait or you are actually just the single saddest user currently on Jow Forums.

Cheated on the future husband with me. They met after we started dating from what i gathered.

That’s hilarious user lol. You’re a homewrecker

Those are some shallow friends of yours if they don't include people just cause they dont have social media. I dont use it not to be cool and edgy but because I dont like posting or taking pictures.

I just don't care man. I have obligations with keeping up with friends, family, and work, and it annoys me when niggas get all pissy about how social media is the devil or whatever. It's a tool. It's like it was ~six years ago when stupid boomers protested against texting. Use it, don't use it, but realize that you're limiting possible forms of communication.

Besides, not having social media is often treated as a red flag that warrants further investigation in high career background checks. It indicates you have something to hide.

Not really, I'm just an android that's friends with high-rolling normies. I've got no qualms with not using social media, but it better not be a moralizing demonstration, or everyone is going to laugh behind your back about it.

Social media is really masturbatory. Also I feel bad if the things I post don't get much attention. I'd rather be a mysterious person with no social media than feel bad all the time for not having a lot of followers and likes. Besides that, some people let their entire personalities be built by instagram which is utterly repulsive to me. Groupthink is really strong on these sites.
Not having any social media does complicate my life a little bit. It's kind of old fashioned to give people your phone number nowadays

Fucking great.

Don't feed the trolls ITT. They are the same as your ex bf, hipster geeks who want off themselves about how "non-conformist" they are for not using social media, when really it's just a self defense mechanism to rationalize their crippling social anxiety, lack of self confidence, fear of engaging people, and laziness at the task of maintaining a public image.

I have been in the same shoes as you. My ex gf barely used social media and I had to drag her tooth and nail into being official on Facebook with me. Shit is annoying.

If you like to post your thoughts and pictures then go ahead, I dont mind that. Just dont shit on other and alienate them just cause they generally dont like to use social media. Also dont use social media just to impress others and fit in, if you dont like it then dont use it.

Why are you so offended? Some people generally dont like using it

Any decent girl won't think anything of it. In a purely pragmatic sense its a lot easier to share pictures and communicate with people through social media but so long as you make yourself accessible in other ways its a non issue.

That's fine, I just hate when people try to make a huge statement about it and act all snobbish.

some women find it weird or mysterious that I don't have social media. and think I'm trying to hide something..

>fuck you

you don't need social media at all. women live by that code no matter what. when I tell guy friends or male coworkers I don't have one, they don't get pussy fit about. they just move on to another conversation. u won't be placed on a fucking pedestal for having one. but that's where women want you and themselves to be.

It's so funny how we went from a generation of 'omg I will never post my information and pictures on the Internet for people or predators to seek' in the 90s, to 'hell yea I want to post what I did last night in my backyard pool party while showing my selfies' today. This is why people are fucking morons and fall victim to this kind of shit. You can still say NO to boys and let them know you're in a fucking relationship and don't let them harass you. It's good to have a boyfriend with no Instagram. He might actually be more outgoing and biologically ingrained to talk to people in person besides having a fucking facebook presence all the time. It's fucking sickening. And females fall victim to this shit especially since they actually are categorized as the heavy user. If you cant appreciate a person for not having an Instagram then your a fucking shut in with no social skills and don't have the capacity to interact minus the social media aspect.

It's good to stay away from it. Fucking do it.

i have social media i just dont give it out to ppl period.

Use it if you want one, don't get it just to try to impress girls. If you dont like it, dont use it

sad and lame

I think your problems run a lot deeper than this thread is prepared to cover.
Either that, or you're SSS-Tier Normie and just on Jow Forums because... fucked if I know why you'd want to be here. Edge appeal, I guess, to say you did it and came here despite you being a sore thumb and caring this much about Facebook.

Forget moral angles, social media's a waste of fuckin' time and if I'm gonna waste my fuckin' time I'm gonna make sure there's something besides my ugly gob smacked all over the internet for it. Like reading isn't doing me a ton of amazing good when I dive into fiction but at least I'm not this bent over Facebook, right?

I think you need your own thread to talk about your reliance on normies/other people and their opinions and ideas... At least you admit to being a robot.


>Free app where all young and attractive girls spend an inordinate amount of time

>Not taking advantage of this to post some cool footage of yourself doing fun shit and get girls interested in you and thinking about you


>social media's a waste of fuckin' time

Browsing it is a waste of time. Using it to increase your reach and 'market yourself' is invaluable.

I'm taken, so the value for me (and my partner) is virtually null. My girlfriend follows a handful of instagrams and that's it.

I think a lot of people make excuses for why they use social media when it's really just to get attention they didn't have to work for. I get impostor syndrome if I don't bleed and sweat for fucking everything I have including the damn food I eat, so I swerve on it anyway. Without an explicit purpose or some market to enter, there's no reason.

>I think a lot of people make excuses for why they use social media when it's really just to get attention they didn't have to work for.

Creating an interesting instagram profile takes work, it isn't "free attention" unless you're an attractive girl. It's literally marketing, you need create engaging content and not just post bullshit if you want it to have a good effect. But flexing on 1000 girls at the same time with your badass life is a lot more effective than trying to flirt with a girl on tinder who is being messaged by 1000 dudes.

> Without an explicit purpose or some market to enter, there's no reason.

This applies to literally anything in life. If you have no purpose for it then don't do it.

>tfw you only have a facebook just to keep in touch with old college friends or old colleagues but barely post

>entire family is on fb
>whenever it's a parent or siblings birthdays everyone writes like a novel long birthday wish
>mom has been getting a little too obsessive with fb lately
>when it's her birthday, my sisters write big birthday wish posts
>I see my mom in person and celebrated her birthday, but she asks why I didnt write a birthday post on FB

I really hate facebook culture.

>flexing on 1000s of girls at once
My favourite part is that you think anyone on Jow Forums even gets attention from ten girls.

>Using it to increase your reach and 'market yourself' is invaluable.
You must be an autistically calculated amount of fun at parties.

>zero socmed presence
This is odd
>socmed presence but rarely active on socmed
This is wholesome

Also as soon as he DM's me from a socmed app he is friend zoned
Ask for my number irl you retard

You can have the life that's given to you or you can make the one you want.

That’s my ideal. Not obsessed with publicizing every meal he eats or every time he works out (huge red flag). I can’t stand people who show off online.

I too want to debate semantics about Facebook on Jow Forums.
Colour me green with envy, brah. I'm gonna sign up for Facebook right now and flex on 1000 girls at once just like you.

Enjoy your bitterness my friend.

>be me
>22 year old virgin
>grandma calls me for birthday
>boy, if you don't find a girlfriend within the next year, you'll never find one
>I am 25 now
Granny cursed me, man.

Just make a profile, put a profile photo and you're done. Never need to move another finger. It's not like you NEED to like shit and post photos once you make a profile. Let's face it, 90% of you faggots without social media are literally such cowards and shut-ins that you're terrified of doing something as simple as making an online profile and putting a single photo of your faces on it, and that's why it's weird and off-putting, because you're making a big deal over something so silly.

Anecdotal evidence but my GF liked that I only had Facebook for messaging people since it implied I wasn't wrapped up in that sort of shit

To be fair there's no reason to post on social media when your life consists entirely of shitposting, masturbating, drugs and video games.

Lol congrats NPC. Letting social media dictate how you should feel. Also muh first world privilege. My grandparents dont even have a smartphone let alone facebook.

Same thing they think of virgins, they despise them.

Much more attractive than someone obsessed with social media, but then again I'm 28

Do you really need social media as a millennial? I keep reading in this thread people going apeshit for not having it like you're a fucking alien.

I used to have Facebook like half a year ago. I subscribed to all my friends I don't even give a handshake on the streets when I meet them except for 3 people and also subscribed to different media outlets causing me to either feel depressed by looking at the staged photos of those fucktards perfect lives and being fed up with shit 24/7 because of snother rapefugee surviving the ride. Since I quit I have way more time and sm barely stressed - most likely since I don't watch hardly news by now.

Next step is quitting this incel made insecurity circlejerk - especially Jow Forums and /fa/

Social media makes you antisocial. Humans need direct face to face communication. Social media is only socual when it comes to escaping society.

>t. Stupid cunt too dumb to change her relationship status to "in a relationship" on her profile.

Yeah that's gonna be a yikes from me