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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ and worrying about some complex only ever makes things worse. In fact, worries like complexes are very often the real problem.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. You can't rely on some "magic moment" (or activity) to instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are basically meaningless.

>Where do I meet people?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

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search next time my dude.

Do girls like to eat ass?

Do girls like to heat grass?

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Do girls like to beat bass?

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Do girls like to deplete gas?

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Do girls secrete glass?

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Sometimes depends on the guy

Most do in the US, from time to time

Only women like Sarah Palin

Not particularly



if this thread's anything to go by they like to browse reddit.

Do you girl realize that you legit shape society?

Does realizing this makes you feel the burden of it?

What do you think of the fact that if you girls don't make kids, your society collapse, and you are enslaved by another culture?

>to an extent but not really
>i don't care about races too much in the first place

Do girls shid and fard?

>i don't care about races too much in the first place
Wasn't talking about races.
Was talking about societies, and way of life.

>i don't care about races too much in the first place
this is why america and europe will slowly become third world.

Would you be honest if you cheated on long term gf/ wife?

Whenever I’m done pushing a stinky out of my tushy, I wipe and wipe but the toilet paper never stops being brown. It feels like all the doodie is gone from my fanny but the wiping never stops. Always brown.

So I end up having to put my panties back on and at the end of the day there’s always a small candy trail.

I’ve tried wet wipes, and I have a decent amount of fiber in my diet. I do exercise a lot (CrossFit) and I do take a small amount of whey protein but I don’t think that’s the issue. It hasn’t caused embarrassment yet, but I’m always afraid of being gross back there especially during doggy style.

What causes it and how do I fix it?

I wouldn't cheat on her.


I already replied to this but incase you missed it try a paleolithic diet for two weeks and see if your stool still troubles you, and also ask a few doctors who know better than I do


Women, what can a man do after a breakup to make you consider coming back?

I went through a tough breakup last month and I'm having difficulty accepting it. I want her back so badly and it's killing me inside day by day. I've tried a lot of approaches but I've noticed that she responds the best when I keep the conversation light and don't smother her or be overly feely. Nevertheless, she makes less and less time for me. I'm assuming that she's talking to someone new because of this. It really hurts because I have no one to fall back on. I cut a previous ex out of my life to be with my recent ex and now I have no real sources of female companionship and the loneliness is fucking crushing me.

Buck-up, cuck. Move on.

How important are guts to girls? I gotta' big 40 lb belly and I have trouble appealing to women

I'm a guy, 21

I'm at Disney World for a few days, what can I do to get some fuck on tinder or otherwise? Thank


How would you feel if you hooked up with a guy on the first date?

I met this one girl on OkCupid. We met up last week for dinner, talked a lot, and then we went back to my place to play video games. Eventually I kissed her, we started making out, then I was kissing her neck and feeling her breast, and then eventually I got to sucking her tit.

She was moaning for most of it and when I asked if she was fine she said “you’re good”. I also didn’t force it when she declined my request to move on to my bed or take her shirt off fully. Eventually though, she said she felt like heading home.

Messaged her the next day saying I had a good time. Got a read receipt, no response. After that I sent a follow-up message apologizing if I went too far. No read receipt and no response.

Basically, I can’t tell if I made her uncomfortable and now she’s ghosting me, or if she just hasn’t logged into OkCupid since then. What do you all think?

Women, what are your thoughts on slim guys?

> she makes less and less time for me
She shouldn't be making any, you're broken up. The fuck?

Personally I find lanklets hot

It's really not possible to say without being there, so much of this stuff is in subtle cues (not that they're too easy to miss, just hard to convey). At face value, it sounds like you did everything right.
With that possibility out of the way, her reasons for not responding could be literally anything. Maybe she just isn't that into you, maybe she's just busy, maybe she feels weird about what happened for her own reasons, maybe she met someone since. Or, yeah, maybe despite your best efforts she was just uncomfortable but hid it like a pro, but it sounds like you did all you could on that front.
I'd just wait it out and see if she responds to you.

clone thread

Pls hwlp

What do women think of a guy that has a PhD?

Girls, do you think it’s weird/creepy if a guy you met on OkCupid, Bumble, Twitter, etc. kisses you on the cheek when you meet for the first date? How would you want a guy to greet you on the first date? I don’t want to be too touchy but at the same time I don’t want to come off as lacking confidence.

Like them. Guy I'm currently seeing is skinny

However... I don't like them being too tall then, I'm 5'10 and if a guy is very thin I'd prefer him to be around my height (shorter is fine too)

Girls, what do you think about guys with lots of hair in their legs?
For some reason I am like this, I have no excess hair anywhere, I don't have chest hair and arm hair is average, even stomach hair is regular, but I have quite a lot of leg hair.

Is that weird or a turnoff? I don't mind trimming or shaving, it's just that I've been like this since forever and Ive always wondered

I don't care. Maybe because where I'm from but I find it slightly weird if a guy shaves his legs, better just be hairy in my opinion

How should I ask out a girl that's working that genuinely seems interested in me (and that's not just me thinking that either)?:

>Gives me discounts for no reason and goes out of her way to get her coworkers to give me one if she isn't at a register (she was preparing food, saw me, served me, got me a discount)
>Thought it was because we worked in the same mall, but when I went to the sushi restaurant she works at, she only gave me a discount and not my coworkers
>Coworker mentioned that she was very happy and smiley when she was serving/talking to me
>Not American, so it isn't for tips

If it helps, she's also Asian (but not western born and raised by the sound of it) so I figured I wouldn't be able to be too forward with her, especially with her coworkers around.

My bf's like this, smooth as a baby everywhere except his bountiful beard and foresty legs. I love a beard and smooth chest, don't care either way about leg hair so if that's the price I pay, I call it a steal.

One month ago I was at uni minding my own business when a girl walked up to me and asked me something about what time is the next class, then introduced herslef and shook my hand.
She was really pretty so I texted her a few days later "hey wanna get some coffee together?" and she said yes. So we went for a coffee and we were talking about classes most of the time. I also complimented her about her beautiful name.

The problem is she never texts me first (she only texted me merry christmas at xmas 10 minutes after midnight - I took this as a good sign). Also everytime I text her she responds very briefly and doesn't show any enthusiasm.
I want to tell her that I really like her but I don't want to do it over text and she's away spending xmas with her family. So I'll wait until over xmas vacations.

Do you think I have a chance with her?

I don't have any experience with women. Only had one relation with a girl that lasted one month

Can you elaborate about your previous relationship?
If there was something wrong maybe that could affect your probable relationship with the other girl

>One month ago I was at uni minding my own business when a girl walked up to me and asked me something about what time is the next class, then introduced herslef and shook my hand.
>She was really pretty so I texted her a few days later "hey wanna get some coffee together?" and she said yes.
Off to a good start. Ask her to go out again and maybe call it a date or at least be flirty with her (probably best to call it a date).
>The problem is she never texts me first (she only texted me merry christmas at xmas 10 minutes after midnight - I took this as a good sign).
I didn't get anything like that from anyone so it's probably good - she had to have been thinking of you to be prompted to text that.
>Also everytime I text her she responds very briefly and doesn't show any enthusiasm.
Could be bad.
>Do you think I have a chance with her?
Maybe. She seems a bit wishy-washy but more interested than not given she was the one to walk up to you.


The main reason for the break up was that she found a job in another town and I couldn't follow her.

What makes a guy intimidating to women?

There's a lot of things that factor into it. Height and voice pitch are probably big contributors subjectively speaking. I have a cousin who is quite tall. I'm 5' 3" and it's like he can step over me. He looks like he's always pissed off too. His chink eyes are a part of that. To contrast, I have a friend who is slightly shorter than him, has lighter hair color, has a bushier beard, and is more huggable because of how he acts.

Let's keep this alive for when the other one ends.

I don't want to be pegged, bros. ;_;

Arnt vagina's always wet? If they were dry that would be very irritating right?

Does that mean you throughout your day can feel your vaginal rubbing up against itself?

Idk why girls always hand check to see how wet they are. Shouldn't you be able to just feel the lubricosity and determine your wetness?

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Ladies would you jokingly mention things like one day maybe getting married, how you should make a marriage pact, saying "i love you" repeatedly, teasing about how you're practically a girlfriend to a platonic male friend you’d never done anything physical with or dated if it wasn’t something you had seriously considered at least a bit? Do flirty girls just throw shit like that around or what? She dates other dudes.

They're only wet enough to avoid irritation. Vaginal discharge is a thing, but it's a thicker, less plentiful baseline lubrication and a self-cleaning thing. Actual sexual lubrication is different, it's more plentiful and more watery because more lubrication is required for penetration.
Preparing for penetration also involves the relaxation of internal muscles and the swelling of the area to soften it up, conversely to men getting hard. This is sometimes what women are checking, rather than just determining wetness. Plus just touching themselves because they're into it.
The vagina is fairly tightly closed when not aroused, so feeling it rub against itself isn't really a thing, no more than you can feel your rectal cavity rub against itself.

To add, it's actually similar to oral lubrication. Our mouths are always wet throughout the day, but in the presence of hunger/food odours/etc, our mouths water, creating extra lubrication in preparation of eating.

I should have been a gynecologist
Oh well
Fuck me

It feels like I wrote this post, this happened to me except roles were reversed, I was the girl and a male friend was doing this to me. Cut ties or you'll regret it later. I fell in love with him, it was one sided. Those people are just playing. They're not worth it. When she's tired of her little game she'll kick you out of her life so do it first.

Girls: So when my coworker first started, she was dropping major hints that she didn't like me at all. Randomly talking about her BF, cold shouldering, etc. I didn't treat her any different from any other coworkers, I'm kind of just a friendly guy.

A few months ago, she made it clear in conversation that she was single. She started being a ton more friendly to me. She started joking around with me and other coworkers, and she broke the touch barrier (jokingly punching in the shoulder, etc.)

What should I make of this? Am I just being too observant? When does it mean something if someone physically touches you, but none of the other coworkers?

This kind of stuff can go either way but I'm inclined to agree with the other user that it's probably not serious, if only because girls are rarely forward or direct like this. Flirting is harmless by definition and she obviously likes you, I just doubt that she likes you that way.

Fuck. That really hurts to hear. I'm actually planning on discussing things with her soon. I feel like the friendship has become unsustainable in this form. I've started taking those comments to heart and I don't know if she means it or not.

For what it's worth I've been pretty hesitant to say things like "i love you" back even platonically for those reasons. I haven't been trying to ask her out or anything, she's said this stuff pretty organically and without prompting. She is important to me, but I don't know if I really can see a future for us together and I think the doubt about this is a telling sign even if I'm really into her as well

I don't really have any friends. I have acquaintances at school that I talk to during class and a single close friend who lives in a different country. It's not because I'm awkward/mean or anything, I just don't like hanging out with other people.

Is this a red flag?

She wouldn't date anyone if she liked you this way.

Sorry bud.

>discussing things with her
This will not go the way you want. At best this girl is on the fence about you. She likes you enough to flirt pretty hard but what she's probably looking for is for you to flirt back, not to just go straight to "oi do you like me or not wtf?"

Your far better bet would be to flirt back. Non-seriously. Mirror her intentions. This is the only way I ever see you two becoming more than you are now, is by going through the stages of a flirtationship properly.

>Girl at work, attractive
>Ask her to a christmas concert, went well, but travel + concert was pretty long
>Ask her to dinner. Cook calzones with her from scratch. She picked out a movie (megamind).
>She already had something else planned for the night. Leaves 15 minutes early before the movie ended.

We didn't have a hard time keeping conversation. We both laughed a lot during traffic and cooking, but I didn't really feel a spark. No communication since. Guessing she didn't feel it either?

I feel all of this.

One last bit of potentially important contextual info: she's someone I've been friendly with for years and we don't actually live near one another right now which is when all these comments started. I know that a digital correspondence also doubles the likelihood of the flirtier stuff just being totally frivolous, but yeah, I've tried to be more open and flirty back if it's appropriate and she's generally pretty receptive. But god I'm so confused

>Guessing she didn't feel it either?
Safe bet. Non autists can usually sense the same mood as others.

Point of interest though, the guy is the one who will usually have to let her know he had a good time anyway and until he does she assumes you hate her and think she's ugly.


Ever since I was a kid, girls used to tease me, laugh at me (playfully like they want my attention), and play mind games with me. Pretending they like me, trying to get my attention, etc.

After a while I simply ignored them all. My social presence went from medium to small to none all because I lost trust in women and felt like even if I trusted 1 for a moment, all they'd do is use my like a tool. Being cheated in my 2 girlfriends didn't help later on either.

Now I just don't talk to them at all. No effort. I lost any trust I had in them and fear that I never will be able to regain that with anyone. Anybody else feel this before? Have I been rejected and labeled an untrustable weirdo?

I wish I knew. I'm tired of sealing myself off from the opposite sex just because I can't trust them.

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Why do girls friendzone? Pic related.

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Because they don't like confrontation.

Things like honour and loyalty are foreign concepts to women, these are both male traits. And since women do everything to survive, they will just accept the culture of the conquerors without feeling anything. That's how they've evolved.
If we wanted to, we could take over the whole world and right now would be the perfect time, but I'm afraid the world leaders don't care about it either since the jewish overlords have their claw in every part of the world by now. Our only hope is to reach the elite ourselves without worrying about preserving our race or culture, and just enjoying our lives in general. Be it by making it better for others around us or making it worse for them, doesn't matter really.

>gf into piercings and tattoos and stuff
>has 11/12 (?? can't remember) piercings, mostly ears and navel
>talking about wanting something new but doesn't know what

Am I """"allowed"""" to suggest some kind of genital/nipple piercing without looking too weird or controlling? That kind of stuff turns me on but I wouldn't want her to do it just because I asked if she didn't actually want the piercing herself.

But why did she contact me years later out of the blue if she friend zoned me 4 years ago?

Would you join a harem after the apocalypse?

Girls, are you a leftist, centrist or rightist?
Would you like a feminist bf?

Leftist, and yes a feminist man is what I ask for

Girls how do I imbue a bit of self confidence about her body in my gf?

Sometimes I would just love to look at her naked or in her underwear. Hang out in almost no clothing watching netflix or whatever. But any time we're done having sex or showers or anything that requires being nude she's back in at least a shirt and shorts within moments. I know she's self conscious about her body but she's hot as shit and she has no idea that the flaws she sees are actually to her benefit.

My friend was telling me about how his gf never wears much more than a thong around the house until it's time to leave and he just gets to see her like that all the time and I got super sad/jealous.

Have a nice time being a tool for people who don't even care about you. They come to you, never chase them. Never aim to please them. They should like you for who you are, not for what they want you to be.

Why would you like to hang out with your gf then?
A bit of a red flag but okay I guess

Tell her you love to see her naked and ask her to wait five minutes before getting dressed. Just make it evident you're looking at her and you love what you're seeing.

Can't really tell, but i can tell you right now double messaging is a terrible idea. It makes you look desperate.

Should I lie about being a virgin to the girl I'm interested in? She told me she is a virgin without any questioning on my part if that makes a difference.

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You can drop there the idea with a joke but yeah don't suggest her directly if you think she might doing it to please you

Maybe it's the very personal connection where we know each other very intimately I suppose.
I really like doing my own thing.

It's not really worthy lying in this case, is it?

Probablt rightist and no, I wouldn't want a feminist bf

Be honest. Even if you'll increase your chances in the short run by creating an illusion, the fascade will wear off eventually and she'll question why you had to omit things in the first place.

Then again I got no game. A man with game would suggest the opposite, to lie in the moment and to tell her the truth later on in the relationship (with your excuse being your sense of pride) which she'll forgive.

I get it, nothing wrong with that but it is true that no hanging out with friends is a red flag to most people.

Where do right wing women hang out?

>everyone ignores your post



there there

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Do chicks prefer really skinny or chubby guys?


So, just go for it?

>hey, hang about a minute, I just like to look at you


I think I can pull it off and make it sound romantic rather than creepy.

i always win game pigeon games, should i let girls win instead by losing on purpose? goes for all video games.

this girl came up to the counter while i was working and asked for my number. we talked a bit and she seemed pleasant so i gave her my number and we talked on the phone for most of the day. She then revealed herself to be 16, home schooled and that she has a slight case of aspergers. I'm 25 and though she's legal where i live, its still a 9 year age gap and i can't help but to hesitate. I think she likes me but i'm not sure if its a physical or romantic attraction. I'm also not sure if i'm ok with this considering her age and mental state, i don't want to end up using or hurting her. furthermore i don't think i love her and might be subconsciously motivated by lust, i have zero experience with girls though so i don't know how long romantic feelings take to develop. maybe she just wants to fuck and has slim pickings being home schooled or maybe i'm trying to talk myself into it.
what should i do. we have a first date planned in two days and i'm nor sure what to say, ask or establish.
should i reject her, except her or steer towards friendship or sex?

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Rate the following :
Skinnyfat (160 pounds 5'10 no muscle)

I'm a guy. Chub with muscle will look better than skinnyfat.

I'm dating a girl and we tries to fuck 2 times and she is really enjoying
But in the mid sex we realize that she is bleeding and the condom is full blood.
She is not virgim amd is no im period.

Also my dong is pretty big like 20cm.
I don't know what to do we just want to fuck.

What do gals think about guys with broad shoulders and arm muscle but slight belly? Not really fat but not skinny

A lot of typos and bad english sorry guys.

I'm too lazy for muscle. The options are thin, fat or skinnyfat. I was fat (200 pounds) then got thin (135 pounds) and now I'm skinnyfat (160 pounds). I can easily lose weight and go back to being thin or easily gain weight and go back to being fat. Or I can also easily stay at skinnyfat. Which is best?

How do u lose all that weight?

Because they're not attracted to you?