Telling My Family About Wanting to Enter the Priesthood

I was raised athiest by a militantly atheist family, but I feel God is calling me to the priesthood. I am unsure as to how to proceed about telling my mother and father this. I know my great-grandmother on my mother's side will absolutely love this, and so I very much would like to tell her about this decision before she dies. What do you think is the best way to inform my family about this? I have spoken to the Father at my local Church and he has told me that the Lord God will have that which he wills. What should I do? I really do appreciate any help you guys can give.

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It’s literally impossible because there is no god.

Notice how no one talks about his wife... just the father and the son.

Gay men flocked to the priesthood because it was a way to avoid the daily question as to why they didn’t take a wife. Do you desire alter boys?

Well, from their perspective you are joining a potentially dangerous cult.

>It’s literally impossible because there is no god.
Very strongly disagree.
>Notice how no one talks about his wife... just the father and the son.
Are you referring to the Trinity?
>Gay men flocked to the priesthood because it was a way to avoid the daily question as to why they didn’t take a wife.
I know, it's a disgrace.
>Do you desire alter boys?
Yes, that's exactly how my father sees it. I have always had issues with him and we are pretty distant as is. I just worry this will completely destroy our relationship if I go about it the wrong way. I feel like my mother (who has always been supportive of me) will be dissapointed because I think she will make assumptions about my beliefs. I love her so much and I feel like this will hurt her emotionally despite my intent.

Orthodox Christian raised atheist here.

I would just sit down with both your parents at a dinner at home, or just with coffee, and say you need to tell them something important.

Come up with how you want to break it to them. Be empathetic and just explain that you feel called to it, and understand if they disagree or feel disappointed. But tell them in this way. Any other way than directly telling them calmly to their faces is the wrong way. Have courage.

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See some “believer” you are...

Asherah is god’s wife. It’s just so many books of the Bible were thrown away by Egyptian priests, you only truly get 1/4 of what was actually written, because it is all a figment of man’s imagination.

Oh my goodness that actually makes sense
>it's a disgrace
Yikes, man. That's all?
Well, you already have the platitude shit nailed to the headboard. Are you sure you aren't already a priest? Next you'll be telling us God's light is with us and we're all part of his plan somehow, right up to the nigger rapists and the sex slaves sold into trafficking. I bet they're just loving this plan.

I very much appreciate your advice. I know that I have to just sit down and tell them, but I was wondering about the best way too do that without permanently damaging the relationship with my mother and basically ending the one with my father.
I was aware of the references to the Wife of Yahweh, I do not believe they are canonical.
I didn't make this thread to have an in-depth discussion about child abuse in the Church. Sorry.

You don’t believe Kings is canonical.

Just quit already, I’m atheist and know that.

That reference is vague. The more specific references in other recovered texts I don't accept as canon. Not going to discuss this anymore, it's not my purpose.

Wow! What a dick you are!

>person asking for genuine advice
>fedora tippers go and derail the thread
Good fucking job Jow Forums you truly shown us that you cant be contaminated and you must spread your misery everywhere else.

Do as you see fit mate.
If priesthood is truly your calling and who are your parents to stand in your way.
Everyone has their own opinions and bias so you should keep that in mind, which you already did.
Sit them at the table and just tell them that you want to do this.
If they object then be so, they may be your parents but sometimes you have to go your own way.

I mean, I don't know your situation or your family, but Jesus said that if you are ashamed of him he will also be ashamed of you, so telling them about your decision is something you do want to do asap.

Like I said, you dodge things you don't like and indulge what you do. You have religion nailed down to a T. All you're missing is a little boy's butt wrapped around ya dick.

In all seriousness, if you're adult enough to make the decision you're adult enough to bring it to your parents. Nothing you say or do is ultimately going to make them like or dislike religion specifically, that belief is probably part of them already.

If they can't respect you after learning you're religious, then they never did to begin with; they respected the fact that you weren't religious and fit into their narrow world-views, but ultimately, you can't fit a square into a circular hole and no amount of amiable disposition or euphemism is going to make you any less of a priest or your parents any more or less approving of it.
If anything, not pussyfooting the point might look better.

>I was wondering about the best way too do that without permanently damaging the relationship with my mother and basically ending the one with my father
From the way you describe them, I don’t see how that would be possible. Just tell them and hope they can at least respect your decision, but also mentally prepare for the worst.

catholic priest?
if you do become a priest, don't rape any kids please ok thanks. and report to the police any other priests who are raping kids, if you find out about it.

>"Jow Forums, how do I tell grown-ass adults I want to become a priest?"
In all fairness bub, this question is pretty much its own answer. It's the typical Jow Forums "I'm above the workings of adults because my brain is le epin win"
Like holy fuck dude how do you think you tell them? Lie? Sell them something else like, "I'm going to go on a spirit quest to find myself?" Like let's be real, you tell them "I want to go into the priesthood." Like, come on man. It's not hard. What's hard is imagining how OP thinks they're old enough to figure this out and yet they can't even cross the bridge of telling their parents they want to do it.

Thank you guys for the advice. I should have been more clear in my original post: I am definitely telling them and telling them soon. I was wondering about specific ways to be tactful and the best way to go about telling them.

Despite our disagreements, I found your actual advice very helpful and clear. Thank you, I appreciate it. You have a real way of expressing your points that makes them very clear and 'to-the-point.'
Thank you.
Of course, anyone who does that deserves all that comes to them.
I know I must tell them, just wondering if people have any tips about having difficult conversations.

You write and act completely differently from almost anyone else I've seen on Jow Forums. Can I ask what boards you go on?

Thanks. I use mu, lit, his, news, and sci. I don't use any of them as much as I used to though, I'm making a conscious effort to use Jow Forums as little as possible.

If he's calling, you have to be do it. Your family need to be informed with your reasoning/ examples.

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I’m becoming a pastor to spite you

I have grown children. One is openly gay and just got engaged. The other just joined to dedicate their lives to the church.
I found it more difficult to share the church dedication lifestyle than the gay one on social media. I support both, as they are my children and whatever life path they choose...I've got their back.
It's just not "pc" with the kids nowadays to become a priest or nun.
You get called a child rapist or a sheeple etc. I think it takes great strength to live your life true to yourself.

Bump because this is a fucking abnormal situation these days
Ow! Ouch!! Ooooh! Owie! I'm bleeding on this edge!!

Fucking based and redpilled also witnessed

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I don't have much advice other than to tell them civilly and let them decide to handle it. I wish you the best of luck, OP

What about Mary? The Catholics love her. Fucking edgelord.

well id tell your great grandmother asap both because you never know when she's gonna be gone and she may help to ease any tension that this causes. regardless, do what you wish with your life, a truly passionate religious man can change the lives of many for the better.

You might as well have just came out and called OP a child fucker.

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>man tries to join small cult
>parents should try to deprogram him, he's throwing away his life!

>man tries to join large cult
>just let him do what he wants!

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I'm not a militant atheist, but I am an atheist. I don't know if your parents' views align with mine, but as an atheist I care about things I can see. Arguments about god's will go in one ear and out the other, but if something makes you happy that's something I can see. If someone motivates you to help people and/or gives you the platform to do so, that's something I can see.

Stress the fact that this makes you feel happy and fulfilled, that it's a means for you to do good and it's not directly hurting you or anyone else. If they bring up how religion hurts people in a broader context, point out that a lot of the things everyday people engage in harm people in a broader context - climate change, animal cruelty, child labour. We all inevitably contribute to these things, and more, just by being part of society. We can all only do our best to minimise damage and maximise good, but none of our hands are truly clean. But I'm not the one forcing children to sew our clothes, just like you're not the one covering up scandals (I presume).
Compare it to any other calling people feel in their lives. Plenty of people have dreams that they pursue at all costs, artistry and sportsmanship etc. They might disagree that you've been called by god, but you don't have to be religious to understand finding your calling.

Do you know anything about their own upbringings? A lot of militant atheists are people who've been hurt by religion growing up, try and emphasise the good you hope to do in your role.

>I disagree with your challenge, so we’re not talking about it anymore

You will make a terrible Priest with that approach.

Of course, thank you.
I feel the Catholic Church is at an all-time low in public perception. I hope that I can help fix this in anyway I can upon joining.
Thank you.
Yes, I've definitely got to tell her quickly, but I don't know how much support she'll be. Her mind isn't where it used to be and she has very little independence.
Very specific and helpful advice, thank you very much. On their upbringings, I think my mother was raised "psuedo-Catholic," in that she went to church occasionally and was raised by Catholic parents, but didn't actually believe. My father is a bit more difficult to piece together, but I know for a fact that my grandfather on his side was raised very Catholic. I don't think he is any more, however, which may have something to do with his own fractured relationship with his father. I think my paternal grandmother was raised Protestant. I feel like she still believes, but feels pressure from the atheists around her.
I just didn't make this thread to discuss that, dude.

Catholic church is a poor choice imo. Full of pagan influences and interpertations that dont make sense. Like worshipping and praying to saints and Mary. Just pray to God yourselves, you don't need a saint's intervention, he hears us all the same.

Not to mention the church has relics. Wtf is that all about? Since when did God or Jesus suggest collecting people's fucking bones and blood and praying to that person in front of their blood?

It also says no where that baptism is needed for salvation and you should baptize infants. BUT, it does talk about having to be born again in the spirit to go to Heaven. Jesus tells it to Nicodemus in John 3: 1-10. Baptism is just symbolically showing being saved through belief and following Jesus. Hence drowning, dieing, and being lifted up, saved.

Also, all the corruption in the catholic church. In Luke 20 46-47 Jesus says, "Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Which devour widows' houses, and for a shew make long prayers: the same shall receive greater damnation."
But what do Catholics do? They wear long robes and pretensious clothing to signify superiority. They blow huge sums of money on stupid shit like big pretensious churches and artifacts like golden silverware for the Eucharist and that tabernacle aka Jesus garage for it. If the Pope cared about the poor hed sell all his dumb extravagance and give it to the needy. Not to mention they even have people call them father but Jesus said call no man father in Mathew 23:9

Also not to mention the cover ups of sexual abuse to save face others have already pointed out.

Just become a minister if you want to pursue a holy life. You can get married if you want a family that way too. I'm a Hutterite personally as Jesus said it's easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to Heaven. And he talked at length about sharing your wealth. Also Acts 2:42-46 shows this is what the early church did too. It's not a commandment to live communually like we do though. Maybe just become a Baptist or Mennonite Minister? Preferably Mennonite as Jesus was exactly pro war and military like so many Baptists are. More a pacifist if you ask me.

Wasn't exactly*

In regards to telling them about what ever choice you're making. Just inform them you're not joining a gang, you're not getting involved with drugs, you're not going to the military where you could easily die, you're just trying to pursue a wholesome life where you can help people. And so what if it involves Jesus and God to you? It doesnt change the good I'll be doing and it's my personal conviction.

Former catholic here. Brainlet protestants always go for the “lol you worship saints” bullshit. There’s a clear distinction between worshipping God and venerating the saints. In other words, we respect the saints for their holy lives and want to live by their examples but we never worship them. And praying for the intercession of the saints is just asking them to add their prayers to yours. It’s not like Catholics think the saints are delivering prayers to god like mailmen or something.

you people are nuts

Why would you believe in a creator God? As epicurus said, "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

To unload your responsibilities on a deity will only make you irresponsible. What's true in this world is that life is full of suffering. That these sufferings are caused by your desires and state of mind. That this suffering can be helped though and doesnt have to be present. And that the way to end this suffering is through learning how to live and think in a much more peacful and mindful way.

You have to learn how to control your mind and what you think to achieve peace and enjoy the present as it's all you have. The future isnt guarentees and the past is gone. One day you'll get sick, old, and die. So enjoy what you can now. This isn't to say, be a hedonist. Pleasures of the body fade and cause strife through constantly getting them and the harm they cause. No, all you need to be happy is enjoyment in the here and now. Things like a good community of friends helping you in this makes things easier, of course.

I would encourage you to look into Buddhism if you want to know the truth about what really matters in life and how to become content with your short time here on Earth.

>don't go for that dogmatic bullshit, accept mine instead

I’m hiring...

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Promise to provide them with cp to smooth things over.

We're beast of burdens and God has given us burden to test us.
That's seems a fairly good counter to that paradox.

>I can feel the love of an invisible man coursing through me, there's your evidence bub
When are we going to make religion a mental illness?

Wow, God is such a dick!

Yeah I guess when we make horses work for us, we’re just testing them huh?

>worshipping Satan
Part of Satan's whole deal was that he hated worship and organization. Also, he isn't evil. He punishes evil ones in Hell.

Eh, as long as it doesn’t interrupt me watch the Golden Girls reruns, I’m not assed by it.

>Golden Girls reruns

Have faith that this curiosity is going somewhere, and be gentle and honest. I'm sure under any circumstances when we're pressured against our faith, Jesus' suggestion is useful, like in Mark 13, emphasizing verses 9-11, to not premeditate about what you're going to say nor worry because what will need to be said at the time will be said.