Dyed hair a crazy bright color, and my bf doesn’t like it at all and it really upset me...

Dyed hair a crazy bright color, and my bf doesn’t like it at all and it really upset me. Will he eventually get used to it should I give it time? I went from blonde to bright pink. What do

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Stay how you are, and next time you want to dye ask him if he's cool with it. If hes not, then just dont dye again, unless you rather pink hair over your boyfriend.

You probably should've asked him beforehand you idiot

Dying your hair a bright neon color is actually the hallmark of a truly damaged woman, a walking red flag.

>from blonde to bright pink

You should ask your partner next time just like he should ask if he changes up his facial hair. He'll get over it tho, just do your thing.

Hair dying when it's some neon color has a bad association with Tumblr dykes and etc genuinely insane women. It's not a bad thing to dye your hair but you're going to need to understand the context your fashion statement exists in.

Let me put it to you this way; you can't just go around wearing a swastika t shit and Stahlhelm because you think it looks cool without considering how other people might see it.

Who cares wtf he thinks. You did it for you. It's girls like you that make men think they're the almighty (lmao)

Next time u need to shit, better ask the s/o before you start squeezin

Neon pink hair = Nazi


Yeah, it's a cornerstone of most male perceptions of female redflags same as cigarettes and tattoos. You think I'm joking equating it to seeing a swastika on someone's shirt- I'm not. It's that major of a redflag.

If a man doesn't like something he will not get used to it, sorry.

Nah seems more of a weird control thing. Boys who like to control women is also a r e d f l a g
The more you know~

Men are simple minded creatures

>Seems like a weird control thing
Do you like your men with facial tattoos? No,? Wow, how controlling of you. Yes people are allowed to have aesthetic preferences and judge each other accordingly. It's a fashion "statement" and what you are starting is dependent on the look.

I'm just telling you to be more self aware. You can dye your hair neon green, chain smoke, and get sick tattoos about your favorite anime all you want. People are going to judge you as being impulsive and attention hungry regardless of if it offends you.

So you would stay in a relationship if your mate changed sex?

Taking a shit doesn't change your physical appearance for weeks or months at a time

not a tumblr dyke, pretty mentally stable. Just tried it out because I never dyed it a cool color before

An apt comparison would be if a male s/o dyed his hair blue or something.
The whole tumblr pinkhair redflag falacy is more indicative of Jow Forums culture swaying your perceptions.

>I went from blonde to bright pink
It's very ugly when girls do that. No he won't get used to it. Do whatever you want because it's your body but don't expect him to like it.

Yeah, it’s pretty common for women to dye their hair nowadays. Not so much for men. It would be more of a red flag if a man dyed his hair than a woman.

Will listen to you instead of all the incels in this thread. Thx 4 the advice

And that's fine. It's fine to experiment with your look, it's just that you need to be aware that other people experiment with their look too and that their are stereotypes based on those looks as certain people tend to prefer it over others.

Think of it this way, what would you think if your boyfriend got his hair cut into a mullet? Now think of what other people would think of your boyfriend when they see his mullet. You get what I'm saying? Just because he has the mullet doesn't make him a bad person, but there is a certain kind of guy associated with mullets

Yo fuck you, if I want to dye my hair bright teal I’ll fuckin’ do it mate.

Then we have to make fun of it m8. Not even an option

But they're already in a relationship. They "know" each other. He can either A. Dump her over her hair colour (lol) or B. Get over it if he actually loves her bc he's making her upset over something she chose to do on her own body
If I was in love, yes

Society is full of lemmings and sheep

Idk it makes the food baby go away there for a slightly slimmer body, no?
It was a fucking comparison, both things sound dumb as fuck for one partner to get upset over/want to control

>Either break up or get used to
Why doesn't the concept of tolerating your other doing something you find annoying or distasteful doesn't enter the equation here? It's just dying her hair, but yeah sometimes changing your look to such a degree can be annoying because it makes people self aware. Let me tell you exactly what he is thinking

>Oh so now people are going to think I'm dating "that" girl
>I mean damn I love this girl but... whatever she probably isn't going to keep it this way for long anyways and it's just her hair
>But dude, come on.

And it was a terrible one, unless you like to look at your partner's shit more than their hair

It's gross when boys touch their balls all the time in public
Isn't it obvious, but u boys keep doing it

>thinking that people are going to think "he's dating THAT girl"
Are you 15? Is he 15? Who honestly cares about that? This sounds like teen girl bathroom gossip
"Omg Becky did you see who Chad is dating? A girl with fucking PINK hair!"
All in unison: "EEewWWWw"

>Who honestly cares about that?
Every. Single. Person. You're not really understanding the concept of fashion here, are you? Every first impression is going to be
>Oh so you're dating some tumblr bitch with daddy issues
Although you're not going to admit to me, you as well have automatic assumptions of people based on the way they look. It's just an innate part of human psychology.

Yeah, stereotypes are a thing and they exist for a reason. You're extremely naive to think that ignoring the way someone dresses or carries themself is a sign of maturity.

>Every first impression is going to be
>Oh so you're dating some tumblr bitch with daddy issues
You can’t possibly believe this to be true. Jow Forums is not the real world.


Never done it. My balls don't stick cause I shower everyday and keep it all hygienic. Boys who tell you that it's normal are disgusting pigs.

I'd legitimately dump my girlfriend if she fucked with her appearance like this and wasn't willing to discuss it. If I think getting a fat belly is something I chose to do to my own body, should I expect her to just fucking deal with it because she actually loves me?

No, people talk about this shit. You're dating someone who needs to get a boner to you for this whole thing to work out.

>Jow Forums is all of the internet
Neon hair dye has always equaled "lolsorandom also feminism". This is a widely accepted stereotype I can't even... do you just never leave this place unironically?

Lol you live a sad and shallow life m8
Tell me how life is when you start balding if u haven't already

Congrats, you're a special kind of boy then.
Also I didn't say boys tell me that. And desu why would they? I obviously said it because I witness it in public way, way too many times.

Are you the bf? I need to know

>argues that a woman should be loved no matter her hair color
>implies that men won't be loved if they are bald



no but the situation is almost identical to someone i know irl

im not eve whoever that is

Ah maturity. I find it depends on the person and their personality.
For example: John still believes in tumblr stereotypes. Is John 15 or is John 35? Doesnt matter, John still believes in tumblr sterotypes, there for is immature.
Then there's Jane. Or in this case, Jamie (???). Jamie dyed her hair bright pink. Hypothetically if Jamie didnt give a fuck what people thought of her hair, whether age 15 or 35, it would mean she is more mature than John.
At least in these specific personality qualities.
Now if John has a steady job and Jamie lives off her bf while she sits at home, the it would be the opposite.
Now what if, John dressed as a furry in his spare time but had a 9 to 5 steady office job, and Jamie dressed in office attire in public but lounged around doing nothing, who's more mature then?

Fashion is minor. Personality over rules.

Have you ever heard the saying "a taste of one's own medicine"
If someone is trying to say the hair colour/looks are basically everything then when he goes bald, everyone will be less attracted to him based on first impression (according to sOcIeTy's NoRmS)
The fact I had to explain that.


The whole thread is terrible. This website is terrible. I didn't know Jow Forums had high standards

This thread is soooo fucking cringe. This incel hoity toity high inhib mentality against colored hair, tattoos, and piercings is so lame, boring, and played out.

OP, your bf sounds like a boring prude like all the other stuck up dweebs in this thread. Get with a real man who doesn't give af. I like it when my gf changes up her appearance, it's like I get to have a fresh new gf without cheating on her, lmao.
If your bf isn't too much of a twerp then he'll get over it. If he's half as gay as all the other irritating sacks of shit ITT then God help you.

You have to be 18 to post here, kiddo.

Incel here, what did she mean by this?

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You sound like a fucking faggot
>Using the word dweeb
Go hang yourself you weeb faggot
Normal men don't like girls who make retarded choices like OP. Hopefully he finds a normal stable woman instead of some unstable child

Lol the "normal men" you're thinking about, (including yourself) are the ones who like to control "their" women but jack off to traps behind closed doors

You wouldn't let a normal guy near you.

Terrible fucking comparison. If my girlfriend lost her hair because of a medical condition she couldn't do anything do anything about, I wouldn't dump her.

Instead she does something she has 100% control over, that would actively make her less attractive to me.

Normal men aren't the norm here because they're a bunch of weird degenerates that beat off to trannies. However, no matter how you want to twist it, women who browse this site are far worse than any of them could ever be
Hearing some dumb cunt who dyed her hair pink hangs around here is like hearing some junkie hangs around under a bridge downtown
If you had personalities you wouldn't need to do stupid things to feel better about yourselves

Dye your pubic hair too and tell your lame ass boyfriend that if he doesn't like your magic, he can just get the fuck off of your unicorn. You do what you want with your body to make YOU happy. AT. ALL. TIMES. Fuck him. Fuck anyone who doesn't like it. You dont' have to look or be anything for anyone but yourself.

Besides, It sounds like he's too boring and basic for you anyway. Get you a guy who will appreciate and love your crazy wild magic sister!

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i don't know you but i dislike you

Girl with pink hair who cares what bf thinks = all fem Jow Forums users. Sounds logical.

Also, you do know you are one of those weird degenerates, right? Except you're a bit more special. You have this special dark place inside you that is only for manifesting hate against women. You love to call them cunts and bitches for illogical reasons because it makes you feel better about your real life female relationship issues (mother problems may or may not be included)

Not the ones by your definition of normal, nope

I was expressing my pov "in satire"
But pls go on

Not everyone is as fucked as you are. You're probably on mood altering drugs like most of the whores who post here. You will have unfulfilled miserable lives and any man dumb enough to try and build anything with you will suffer.
Even normal women find you disgusting

Girlmagic scares me shitless although your pink pubes idea is pretty stellar.

Neck yourself, dweeb.

See this wasn't as personal as my jab to you, would you like to try again? I do admit it's for my amusement though

Oh please, you're just some mentally unstable cunt whose value plummets every six months because no one is going to watch your petri dish the older you become. You have no other value, no man with sense wants you to raise his children

He’s probably out girlfriend shopping.
Brightly died hair is a huge red flag.

My advice is for him to find a girl that is more mentally stable.

Is ben and jerry your lover?

It probably looks like shit.

it's just hair. everyone has made bad hair choices...just everyone calm the fuck down.

He won't get used to it, he'll expect that his clear disapproval will prevent you from ever doing something so stupid again. If my girlfriend did this, depending on how much I liked her, I'd either dump her, tell her to dye it to something more normal within a couple of weeks, or else just try to suppress my disgust and hide my lowered respect until the dyed style is naturally gone.

On a side note, thank you to girls who have wild dyes, because it is an instant and clear signal to stay away. I love societal sorting mechanisms like this, even when they're kind of tragic.


Fashion always follows personality. You wear what you are.

Oh so you're an assmad furry, that makes sense. Yeah, you're still going to be seen as a freak because furries are so fucking obsessed with LARPing and sexual fetishes that's it's off-putting to most people who aren't that obsessed with sexual fetishes.

You're basically just equating your opinion with maturity. It's not.

I can not believe people are denigrating girls with brightly colored hair on an anime weebsite
I've gone through the looking glass

I don't want my GF to dye her hair a crazy color, because people will then assume she is crazy and that I am a moron for dating her. Don't set you and the people you care about up for failure and misunderstanding.

What color are we talking? Does it also look like shit?

Lol small balls

>jokes on you I was only pretending


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Did tumblr migrate here or something? I hope your bf dumps you and finds a normal girl with natural hair colour.

You have the right to do whatever you want.
He has the right to judge you based on it.

Bright pink is ugly, regardless of what it's on - so you're not ugly. Changes in appearance take time to get used to though, so you're fine.

colorful hair is fine, I don't get what the big deal is.

Almost like it's a matter of personal opinion, huh.
Almost like the entire thread is completely useless because all we can do is spew conjecture based on nothing, while OP's partner holds the answer but she either wanted attention so bad she came here or something, or she's genuinely so stupid she needed Jow Forums to point out to her that humans are individuals with individual preferences.


Because you’re not the folks he has to bring her around.

Sounds hot