Mom said he hates me

>26 years old
>mom was raped by her father when she was 13 and had me
>mom raised me by herself
>just been me and her my entire life
>thought we had a strong relationship
>mom has gotten health issues in the last few years
>financially support my mom entirely by myself
>take care of her and the house on my own
>mom has been depressed lately
>has been going to therapy but won't talk to me about her issues
>decided to do something nice for my mom since she's been moping around the house
>gave my mom money and told her to go do something fun with her friends, on me
>shes reluctant but she says okay
>go to work that day like normal
>come back home late and find my mom completely drunk in the kitchen
>mom not supposed to drink because of her health issues and her medication
>got upset with my mom over it
>had an argument
>mom gets really mad at me and says she hates me
>taken aback by this
>she says she's always hated me since the day I was born
>she says I look just like her father and she can't stand to look at me
>she says she wish I was never born and that I ruined her life
>she tells me she never wants to see me again
>heart completely shattered
>can barely hold back tears
>tell my mom I'm sorry for hurting her
>I tell her she'll never see me again
>go to my room and pack a bag of essentials and leave
>go stay in a hotel room and spend the night crying
>next day
>mom gives me a call and tells me to please come home
>I tell her she'll never see me again just like she wants and I hang up
>mom keeps calling me and sending me texts for days
>talk to her again a few days later
>shes crying on the phone and she says she says she didn't mean any of that
>she begs me to come home and says she needs me
>I asked her why she said all those things if she didn't mean it
>she says she was just drunk and mad and begs me to forgive her
>don't know what to do
Should I go back home? Why would she ever say those things if she didn't mean it? I hate myself, why do I even exist..

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Forgive her. She's having a rough life.

Tell her none of this shit is your fault, neither hers, bad luck screwes you two and its best that each one go find his own happiness, that if she hates you so much she can go fuck herself and you go find a good girl and settle. Dont rape the girl though.

People say a lot of things they don't mean user. Especially when they're drunk.
All it takes it's an emotional moment and all kinds of fucky beliefs you may not actually have can flood in and just flow out.

Come on now. If she really hated you that much would she be so upset you're gone and begging you to come home like this?


I hate to be "that guy" but
>financially support my mom entirely by myself
>take care of her and the house by myself
she definitely needs him...

>I hate myself, why do I even exist..
Don't worry man it's pretty normal to think that.

Don't go back. That's pretty much the worst possible thing she could say. You don't pull that out unless you're burning a bridge.

Forgive her, that's horrible all round.

Sounds like maybe she wants the benefits of having you around with none of the concessions she has to make
I've seen a situation like this and honestly, putting your foot down will get you further. Promise. Even if you go back, go back hard and be the real man of the house. Wear the pants.

She was fucking raped as a kid by her own Dad. Have some sympathy for the poor woman. That must fuck you up hardcore.

>go back hard and be the real man of the house. Wear the pants.
She's already been raped by her father, I don't think she wants to be raped by her son too.

Stop it with these feels, fuck. Don't forgive that bitch, that's unforgivable.

You really only have one option. Rape her, and give her a grandchild.

Lol eat shit.

Forgive her, go back and you two need to get therapy together.

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>26 and still living with mommy
manchild detected,

But then she would also have a daughter, meaning her niece is herself

She doesn't really hate you, that was the anger of her whole life bursting out while depressed and drunk. I've had a rough relationship with my mother too, and I know how much it hurts te ear those words. She still loves you, but she is also projecting all the anger for her father on you, maybe she has always done it. Talk with her, don't gost away, try to understand, but don't forgive her on the spot if you get emotional. Good luck m8

You care way too much about her opinion OP. Just forget about her and move on.

I was raised to give anyone their one chance. Sometimes that one chance is all they need to realize their error, and some don't. I'd forgive her this once for that, just for the fact that she was dealt a shit hand in life. Godspeed OP

Shes his mum, of course he cares.


Disown her and make her regret living.

Why are you all so cruel? Shes a mentally ill person, give her a break.

She's drunk, on medication and most likely lashed out of frustration instead of specifically targeting you. She didn't mean it bro, but the choice is yours.

Men die probably every day from untreated mental health related issues because the world doesn't care about men.

Let the old bitch die, she's useless to you and to society.

Must you make this a gender issue?

Meh my father was soldier when he gets drunk he says shit to me all the time. Just came into my room and starts talking shit how worthless i am and that i am faggot.

It's not big deal since just telling him to fuck off will suffice but sometimes i cry. Old faggot had hard life killing countless of shitskins so thats okay in my book. The worst thing about this is when i get drunk i get violent as he does.

Father like son.

You sound like an awful person too

You know a lot of people look like their grandfather or relatives. And they aren't byproducts of rape. Is she retarded?

...I don't think you understand the situation.

Is your Mom a qt? Post pics. Also, sorry, my dude.

It sounds like OP just needs to bee himself. Seriously though, this story is pretty fucked. Sorry OP.

So go start your own life. Many people have zero family, but build a replacement friend based one or have a spouse.

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Have sex with your mom

Just goes to show that all women are whores and blame men for their whorish behavior.

Your mom was just really emotional she didn't really mean anything she said. You're probably the only thing she loves that came out of that event she suffered through as a kid. She doesn't hate you. She hates her father and when she looks at you she is reminded of what happened. You guys probably just need some therapy or need to spend some more time together.

She wants you to fuck her

Don't ever go back! She doesn't deserve you.

OP here. I decided to go back. I don't think I can forgive her though but I'll try my best.

Thank you for the help.

wait so your dad is also your grandpa? no wonder she hates you

You need to leave and live your own life.

To be honest I think you see what someone's really like when they're drunk. "I didn't mean that, I was just drunk" means something like "I always think it but usually don't have the balls to say it"

This is an incredibly hard situation. You should ask yourself what you want. Do you want things to go on like this, or would you rather live on your own? What would be better for you?

>>I tell her she'll never see me again just like she wants and I hang up
lol are you 26 or was that a typo because this sounds like something a 6 year old would say

she's a double-drunk, depressed invalid whose life was derailed before she was even in high school, user, she's gonna say some shit sometimes.

all we can do is be a little better than our parents. it'll pay off in a few generations.

Not only this but I don't even understand the way in which you're misunderstanding the situation...

I'll take 'mean words' over 'rape' from a parent any day.
Keep shit in perspective, user.

Sure, but it can also be that they had too much tact to say it. Obviously a woman's going to have some resentment issues when she's had a rape-baby from her father before her life's begun, and is now as soon as her kid hits an age of not being dependent on her anymore, instead of being able to finally live her live she's struck with medical issues that see her dependant on her own kid. That's a hell of a thing to deal with. It's hard to ignore that her life would likely be objectively better of OP was never born, but that's a useless and cruel thought to vocalise because it can never be undone both on a practical level in terms time and on an emotional level in terms of the bonds that occur between a mother and child at birth.
OP's mother's thoughts and genuine love for her child can occur simultaneously, this is a pretty damn messy existence they're leading.

You and your mom have obviously had fucked loves but she loves, she just doesn't know how to show it because she was never given love. La Familia es todo. Help your mom user, forgive her and forgive yourself.

What is it like being almost a clone of your grandpappy?

She still loves you user.

she loves you user, don't leave her

didnt read you're a fag lol i tell my mom twice a week that i hate her and she doesn't think much of it

Everyone says tons of stupid shit when they're drunk, have you ever been drunk user ?

Sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment or when they're not of the right mind that they don't really mean. It sounds like she has resentment but is trying to push that down. Maybe she wants to push that feeling aside and realizes that you're not at fault. Take a little more time away and then go back to her and try to reconcile. Ask her to not drink anymore and if you can, try to talk to a therapist about the situation. Talking with a third party can do wonders.

Bad choice, brother. My mom's a piece of shit too. She's had a million chances and she never learns. They never do. If you truly want a relationship with her, don't continue to give her money and don't live with her.


It sounds like this is the first time they've fought. Nothing wrong with second chances.