Girlfriend keeps saying she wants to lose 20 pounds. But she keeps eating junk and not working out. I want to help her...

Girlfriend keeps saying she wants to lose 20 pounds. But she keeps eating junk and not working out. I want to help her, because I love her and I want to stay with her but also because she's slightly overweight and I think she would look exponentially more sexy if she did lose those 20 pounds.

What do

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That's fat people for ya. They say they want to lose weight then put 0 effort into losing weight because they're weak willed pieces of garbage. Dump her ass because that sort of behavior is not what you want out of a relationship partner.

Tell her she's contradicting herself and give examples.

Try working out with her! Or say you're going to try and lose some weight for the new year. You don't actually have to, just say it. She may feel more encouragement if you're doing it too

All gfs say that. Never do it.

That's not how you deal with women. Logic and reason are ways to influence men, not the "fairer" sex. She'll just get mad and say you're being mean, no matter how logical you are.

The way you make her lose weight is to control what she eats and what is in the house. Let's all be honest. Fat people are lazy. That means if you don't buy shit food, she won't get out of her way to go get it.
Don't have sweets, cookies, deserts, etc in the house at all.
Cook and plate all her meals.

Treat her like a pet.

Do you live together? If so make junk food not an option in the house.

Work out with her, encourage her. But make sure she doesn't feel like you're pressuring her. Everyone would look hot af (body wise) if they lost the extra* 20

The problem isn't the gf, the problem is you. Why are you so insecure that you're dating a fat chick?

Awful advice, he says he loves her for crying out loud, you loveless lot!
Be proactive like this user says. When you next catch her eating something crap, tell her we need to stop buying this stuff and explain why. As a Jow Forumsizen myself, get her to eat a healthy breakfast each morning, like 4 egg whites in an omelet with spinach. Eliminate alcohol, fizzy drinks and sugar and go on long hikes with her somewhere beautiful. she'll lose 20lbs in no time by just doing this. Finally if you get fit and more active, she'll up her game aswell.

You're in this together, if you lead by example she'll follow suit. Good luck and get off this board and make a tuna salad!

Throwout all junk food at your guys' place and go work out with her. Try and get amped about making her healthier too , especially whenever she lapses back into bad habits.
>Nah brah, you're not gonna make it eating a Snickers bar every day
>What is that a beer? You went to the gym today, that's gonna kill your gains
>No, I'm making this protein shake and we're gonna drink it together.
>You're going to look so fucking sick after 2 months of this

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>Tfw ottermode but really want to bulk for a straight up athletic build
Bulking as of a week ago now. It's gonna be epic

No one is fucking ottermode
You're skinnyfat with noob gains

>No one is ottermode
>You just haven't been lifting as much as I am
Stop being a fatass

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How do you get through the world being such an idiot?

Yeh. That's not you cunt.
All newfags say "I wanna be ottermode". You see Brad Pitt in Fight Club and say "Omg I want to be him".
Do 1/2/3/4 and then worry about your aesthetics.

Oh please. This is me after not having gone to the gym for a week after I've done half a year of 80% cardio work at 145lbs to work on my running times for the military. Used to be at 165lbs after doing a 5*5 routine with minor amounts of integrated cardio work and looked like an athlete - because I was.

Because unlike you heart killing , acne ridden roid niggers who hide your faces on mirin threads on Jow Forums I really don't give a shit about pr's and bulking much and prefer being small and lean.
>Inb4 hahaha you look so smol
>triggered much
No i just love making fun of you fatasses

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>Wanting to look like some jackass with the worst ab insertions of all time

>worst ab insertions of all time
They really are. I think they're implants, look at his "adonis belt". It doesn't end with a straight line like that.

nice gyno :)

I know. Brad Pitt , unironically, has the worst ab insertions I've ever seen on a human. How is this even possible?

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>That's gyno to user

Look at these faggots, can't go one thread without posting unrelated pictures of shirtless dudes

>Not liking shirtless bros
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Remodel your house with smaller doors every month. She will then have to choose between shelter or food.