Wanting to lose my virginity. Should I hire an escort?

Anyone have any experience with this?
Should I tell her I’m a virgin? Also what should I expect and how long should I hire her for? I was thinking about 2 hours.

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Yeah man, what do you want to know? Where do you live to start with?

Australia. Pretty much found I am looking to book. Just wondering what I can expect.

Read up on some pick up and go out and meet women, reading about it will only get you so far though, a lot of it is trial and error. Keep doing that and you'll get laid I promise.

Getting a hooker isn't the worst thing in the world and if you wanna do it go for it. I'm not qualified to say if it's good for a virgin, but people seem to think so. How old are you?

You'll have to learn this eventually, it's a peak masculine skill. And he's right, with trial and error you will get there, everyone loves an Aussie.

I’m 22. I’m not unattractive, just have really bad social anxiety and never really have any opportunities to meet new people. I’d also like to get it out of the way so when (if) I do happen to meet someone I’ll know what I’m doing.

Also if you are gunna get an escort regardless, get some boner pills and do it otherwise you either won't get hard, wont cum, or wont experience true sex, get the boner pills that actually make you horny and that don't just give you an erection trust me it's important and then fucking get some social skills so you'll eventually get married.

2 hrs is too long, do 1hr max

Probably better to tell her, it's an escort she'd be used to it and if she's any good she'll help you if anything

Not necessarily

Dont do it user youll just regret it until your dead.


w2c boner pills

I'm not a virgin but I tried telling my first escort that it was my first time with an escort and she misunderstood and thought I was a virgin and she really went all out to try and give me a good first time and teaching me positions and what to do to a girl. A really nice experience in that regard.
One hour was enough time for me, I came twice and we cuddled a little bit. I would probably pay for one hour and then when the time was up and if I still wanted to go pay for another hour.

Ignore this

i've fucked 4 escorts and only one of them was good.
basically she figured out the reason im terrible with women. is because im more of the nice guy submissive type. she literally fingered my ass and sat on my face and made me eat her ass while she called me a good boy. i cummed 3 times in that 2 hour session. anyway im better with women now and i know what i want. but YMMV with finding a good escort that will guide you vs one who just wants ur money.

I've done it twice, about 6 months ago, also Ausfag. Had the house to myself for a few months, tried it once and liked it, did it again a few weeks later. Had them come to the house both times which I think was important for me.

Tell her you're a virgin if you want, she likely won't care. I told my first one, she made a sympathetic noise then went on like normal. Made no difference, it's only yourself that will hold you back, the escort doesn't care either way. I had a good time, came twice in 1 hour, feels nice to hump a living thing.

Second one was much more attractive and talkative, couldn't understand why I didn't have a gf. Strangely though I couldn't cum the second time, the condoms really limit how much you feel down there. A nice experience though.

I certainly don't regret it, will probably do it again when I get some private time. If you can, get them to come to you; it's more expensive but you have at least a little familiarity if it is your own bed. The only one judging you is yourself, she doesn't care as long as she gets paid.

Stupid fucking question:

Do you bring your own condoms? Also, how long did you book her for?

I bring my own since I can't feel shit with standard condoms. I use ultra thin condoms that give me enough that I can come in the girl.

I'm an escort. I don't know how it works in Aus, but two hours is probably too long, both for you and for your wallet. She will not think anything weird about you for being a virgin--mentioning it might help, actually, because she might pull a and want to give you tips. Sex work is like quasi-therapy a lot of the time anyway.

Don't haggle over price and do have a good time, if you decide to see one.

If money isn’t an issue is two hours still to long?

It depends. You might be throwing it away if you end up just wanting to talk and she doesn't really do that. Or maybe she does and you can just relax and talk for the remaining time.

Do I think you're going to want to have sex for that whole time; probably not, honestly, unless you wait and start again.

i usually get 2 hours myself. first 30-45 mins is just talking. i cant have sex with somebody i barely know

What do you plan to do for those two hours since it seems you really want to have that much time?
15 mins of warming up, sex for 30 mins, 15 min of cuddles, sex for 30 mins, 30 mins of cuddles and some somber crying in her arms?

This is actually pretty based

This sounds pretty based desu.

throw in 10 min of petting her while you're at it lol

There is some gorgeous working girls in Aussie, you will have a good time.

First, go to a really classy place and spend top dollar. You may as well make this really special, and sydney has some top notch ones.

Two, go during a week day. IT will be less busy.

Three, go to the bar and have a drink, work out who you want and make eye contact. Say Hi, are you free? (politeness always works)

FOur, an hour is pretty solid you wont need two. When you get to your room, just say something like do you do decent back rubs. That will relax you and you can enjoy yourself.

Godspeed OP, you will be fine.

what state ?

Sex is only a big deal because you let people tell you it is

So, where do you find them ? I am a noob at this

Google "escorts" or "brothels" or "best brothels in your city".

Make sure you post a report OP


Dont do it man. I've fucked 17 escorts so I know my shit. It's fun and usually good (though I went to eat out one trap's ass and it stank of fucking shit). Plus escorts are only fun if you're sexually experienced and get to use them as fuck toys and try new things on.

You'll regret it and feel more pathetic than you do now. If you still have virginity at least its beneficial if you ever get married to have first time with waifu.


>though I went to eat out one trap's ass and it stank of fucking shit

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I work as a gay male escort from Australia, I think you should do it if you wanna. You can find girls online if you don't wanna meet in person, I advertise online personally. Just bear in mind they might have fake pictures, if they don't look anything like their images, don't feel obliged to stay unless you decide you still wanna. You could ask them for a recent face pic.

It's pretty easy to get with sex workers, just be polite and treat them like people. It'll be new and exciting for you but bear in mind it's every day shit for them. Life is a game you only play once, don't take it too seriously or overthink it, just have fun. Good luck user.

first time should be special rape is pretty special

If you have social anxiety you can try to use Phenibut and GABA. I only tried GABA so far and it made me way more relaxed for a couple of hours. Don't overdo it mate.

Cheers. Don’t suppose you know of anything 24 hour check in hotels in melbourne?