How do I keep calm under extreme pressure or stress? I just wanna stop being paranoid over mundane shit

How do I keep calm under extreme pressure or stress? I just wanna stop being paranoid over mundane shit.

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Why not take the extreme stress/pressure away?

There are some cases where that's possible, but mostly it's unavoidable.

Talk to me, my brother. What unavoidable circumstances are you in?

Lol i can do it
Here is, how :
1. Experience with pressure

Is totally possible belive me, you just need training

I mean just in general, I think I'm weak-willed. The moment something goes the slightest bit off script or unexpected, I tend to lose it within myself, breaking down internally, while keeping a facade of security externally.

bump. i'm curious too. i was abused as a child and had social anxiety for a period of time. when i feel there's trouble or a person might be hostile towards me, i shake despite rationally knowing i'm fine.

Sounds like some kind of anxiety. Do you worry a lot about things, e.g. the future?

Yeah, usually after going through some sort issue.

>fucked up an opportunity to get a decent paying
>"McDonalds/fast food place is my only option from here on out"
>hear some bad things that have happen in my neighborhood
>"I may get mugged or killed if I walk home at night"
>failed one course
>"Guess I'm retard who'll soon drop out"
>being rejected while still bring a kissless virgin
>"Looks like it'll be that way until I die"

I'm only 19, yet I'm constantly bringing myself down from this paranoia, thinking my life is ending. I even have some fear that my father will kick me out for being unemployed, despite me still going to school on scholarships and him never giving any sign of that. I just want to live life peacefully in the present, and not be stuck in the past or future.

It sounds like you're a prime candidate for cognitive behavioural theraphy. You already can identify the irrationality of your thoughts and seem quite rational as a person. Try reading the book 'cognitive behavioural theraphy for dummies' by Rhena Branch and see if the techniques described in that book help you. I had a similar thought process as you, always worrying about the future and thinking of extreme situations. CBT showed e how these thoughts were not productive and had no base in reality. So, give it a go. CBT is also a very common therapeuthic method, so if you need help with it you can always see a therapist.

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>be 11
>dad thinks i'm letting people bully me because of cops and robbers
>let them break my skateboard because the local jerk gave it to me and i didn't want it. plus we were crashing skateboards
>dad comes out and yells at everyone
>takes me inside and hits me as hard as possible with belt as i enter door
>barely missed my face but i have permanent scar

>be 11
>get As and Bs this year and feeling good
>dad puts me down about how low the As and Bs are and that they're barely passing
>puts me down till i cry
>i end up not getting As and Bs anymore for 3 years

>be 12
>always been a tinkerer
>built little electronic things and opened things
>bad at it all but enjoyed it
>go in parents closet to find toys to open up
>they have a shit ton of clothes hanging from the upper level thing closets have
>i reach for a box
>screws holding it into wall colapses
>to weak to lift anythying back up so i bake muffins to lower their anger when they get home
>dad sees it
>isn't happy
>calls me into room and he's holding a wrench
>you think you're a man user!?
>what am i supposed to do witht his user? it costs money?
>luckily doesn't use wrench
>slaps me in face and punches me in stomach
>chokes me and slams me into bed until mom begs me to stop
>run into my room to cry in closet
>have vivid memory in punch of stomach for rest of my life
>the punch didn't hurt, the betrayal of trust was to painful

>be teenager
>spend whole teenage life alone in room
>no friends
>no social skills
>know some online people
>switch highschools 3 times, almost different one each year
>get depressed a lot
>only thing keeping me going is love for making games, but failure at that
>tried counceling once because i was taking painkillers and alcohol
>parents denied abuse and it was too emotionally stressful for me
could you believe now that i'm 18 my dad tries this bullshit where he tries to be buddies with me? like he wants to feel like a good dad. we're all black too so yea

there's' more too. i was choked by him when i was 9 because my cousin told him i let the hamster poop on the bed. it was a fucking poop pellet i cleaned up, but i guess you deserve to be choked. fuck you guys, you have me thinking about this shit i try to ignore. i try to get over it, but don't i have a fucking right to hate this guy? people are such peices of shit man. how does your own parent do this shit

I rate this story 7/10, please do you have anymore of that drama?

no, it settled down in my teens

so what did you learn from that? I am just curious

idk man. parents aren't gods and are just as imperfect as anyone else. people are inherently selfinterested. i'm not built right. people are likely to hurt me. i'll probably live a shorter life than average. if i have kids i'll probably end up fucking them up. learned a lot of psych and neuro stuff from reading into the damages.

hmmm, interesting, well thank you user for taking your time to entertain me.

Meditation/mindfulness helped me. Observing the physiological reactions without reacting

and thank you for trying to troll. thickens the skin