I am lonely in europe and miss home should i go back

I left Brazil to work in Europe. I thought I would be so happy, to explore Europe, to start a new chapter, to leave gang ridden favela Brazil, but I feel more lonely than ever. I was walking aimlessly in a pretty medieval city today. I saw friends laughing, couples holding hands, and I felt like crying. I am so lonely. I have some acquintances at work but all we have is stilted small talk and on weekends they hang out with their friends that they've known since gradeschool. The cool old cities are starting to all look the same and all I do after my soulless factory job is walk around until I'n tired and then sit on Jow Forums/Steam. I miss leeching off my parents and hanging out with my buddies all the time playing DnD. Should I stay here, making money, despite being miserable? Do I just have to accept that life is not a fairy tale? Do I go back?

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Are you close to Slovenia?

Kind of but I'd still be lonely if i go there and the wage would be lower. I'm in switzerland now, the most developed country in the world, and i want to die.

Make friends

You close to Italy?

I tried but everyone stays with their school friends for life. If you go on expat blog lots of people say they have lived in switzerland for 10+ years and have acquintances but no close friends.

how long do you have to stay there? Is it just a temporary job or will you stay there for longer than 5 years?
You can try dating apps, i heard they worked well for people.
Also try making plans with your acquaintances ,go out for dinners or for drinks
I hope everything goes well for you user

i got german citizenship through my grandad so i can stay as long as i want. i am ugly as fuck, 5 feet, balding. im still a virgin and got no female attention in brazil but i had my family and best friends. i tried asking my co workers if they wanted to hang out and they declined. the old cities and mountains were cool at first but i dont even care anymore i just walk around aimlessly, get tired, see happy people, and get sad.

Yeah desu Switzerland sounds shitty. Maybe consider the idea of moving out to another country where it's easier to befriend people. Job will not be so well paid but you might turn out happy.
I lived abroad for a year an a half and I left very close friends there, but I was in the Balkans.

Which country and how did you befriend people?

How old are you?


Go to Kosovo or Donetsk

Not part of the EU or EEA so I cant work there

I was working in a very nice and inclusive environment so for me it was easier from the start, but many people there are willing to help you and are happy to hang out with foreigners. Some of them will not keep in touch but others will.
You could try to pick up an activity that involves meeting new people and maybe it'd work.
Am not familiar with swiss people but probably they're not the best in terms of sociability.

Ehhh it happens man, I'm from Ukraine, moved when I was a little kid to Spain, when up with the people here then moved to the UK when I was 19 for 6 months to make some money and it was kind of lonely but I did make at least one friend who, well we talked about everything. I think you just have to find someone like you, someone who's a bit crazy, a bit of an outcast, you know it helps when you're both stuck on the same shift for hours so conversation just happens and goes deeper and deeper.

Dating? No way that'll happen for me but there was a cute girl who liked me I think, I just ended up doing a prostitute. Actually prostitution is legal in Switzerland so you know hahah that's the outcast life my man

Do you speak Slovenian ?

Nah I was working with english and you all speak good english so I learnt almost nothing.

>get asked by a potential female if you're close to said potential female
>kind of but I'd still be lonely

I don't know if I should chastise you for fucking up a potential meet, or if I should congratulate you for seeing the grander scheme of your eternal loneliness.

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Go to a brothel so you can experience sex.

Not OP but I am close to Slovenia. Why are you namefagging here anyway? Looking for people to meet IRL?

I'm Brazilian but never left my country, anyway have you tried to make friends with people from Switzerland on Steam? Maybe it works. Good luck user.


Meeting good people takes time, especially in a new country stick at it a while longer op.