Living with bf and our roommates

>living with bf and our roommates
>on winter break with nothing to do
>bf doesnt want to play games with me
>bf doesnt want to go out anywhere when i ask
>try to cook food to get bf's attention, he doesnt care about what he eats
>bf plays runescape all day and watches tv show with roommate at night everyday for weeks
>only sleeps with me at night and eats 1 meal together
>tfw im lonely and no bf to spend time with during break
>tfw what do

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Get a new bf?

He sounds like an asshat with very immature hobbies and not respective towards your needs. Get a new bf.

Female gamer here, as well as single mom. If he can’t devote a certain amount of time every week; and constantly changes plans 100%, leave him. Almost 26 years old, and that type of mine, described above, destroyed me. Love isn’t a word to just throw around... but a lot of fake lovers use it. Idk, I don’t have anyone or anything. This is just venting it seems. I’m dead kyle.

Bunch of BPD bitches lul

is there any way to make it work? he is great when we have school, but now that we have a lot of time he doesnt want to spend any of it with me :( this is the first time something like this has happened

Where is dad?

I had a similar problem with my last ex. Break up before it gets worse, and just thank god you don't have any other obligations with him. FInd a guy who would love to spend a lot of time with you, maybe a little more than you would. I find it sweet and endearing but haven't had good luck with finding guys like that.

I knew a woman who spiced up her relationship with her husband by spending less time with him, it made it very passionate when they did get time. But that's not sustainable. You can be direct about it but communication doesn't always work.

i live with him and if i ignore him it would be very noticable :(

You just got fatter an more unatractive to him. He lost all hes respect for you and any interest in you. You should fix yourself first then try to gain hes atention.

im 5'3 and maintaining 103lbs. i used to be 118lbs in the summer but i went on a diet and lost the weight. this whole thing is happening during break so i dont know what happened between then and now if it is appearance-wise ' n '

And what did he say when you confronted him about this concern if yours?

when i tell him i want to spend more time with him he says sure, but i obviously dont have his full attention. For example, I watched a movie he wanted to (i usually dont like watching movies) to spend time with him but he was playing runescape while watching the movie.

I am 19 and he is 21 for context.

Lol kids

Does OP even bother to ask what her boyfriend would rather do or just expect mind reading to become the next sense

>"hey bf do want to do anything?"
>"ok what do you want to do?"
>"idk whatever you want, im bored"
>"you are so indecisive, you should pick something to do and i will do it"
>picks something
>bf does it for a little bit then goes to play rs or doesnt feel like going out

how do i even win?

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He sounds kind of lazy.

Why do you allow someone to respond to your question with the same question? Have some fucking backbone, stand there, stare at them, and repeat the question. Maybe explain to them how questions work since their English seems to be off

I'm a KVH but it seems like some women don't have a lot of hobbies beside hanging out with peoples. Realize that he's just not as interested in people as you are and try to find something to do alone.

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ahh you are right i should work on being more assertive. next time i will try to do this, thank you user ' v '
i see your point but he is normally more outgoing than me and he hangs out with our roommate everyday. i will try to take on more hobbies but i think ive been lonely because the only person i have been talking to is my bf who hardly pays any attention to me during break

Yeah, you could also try to find someone else to talk to other than your bf. I think being able to enjoy life alone make for stronger relationships.

Send him nudes and then tell him you're going out and if he's good he can have a taste later. Then don't talk to him ever again.

>gets asked what they want
>responds back "whatever you want"
>boyfriend does what they want, as instructed
>get upset

whats the point in saying to him to do whatever he wants then

Sorry to say OP but you being bored is not his problem to solve and he is not obligated to entertain you all day. If you can't find ways to enjoy yourself and have to rely on him thats a bad thing. If he ignores you entirely and never wants to be with you, that's a bad thing. Aim for something in the middle where you give him space and he has to put some effort in if he's serious about dating.

because i want to just do anything with him, doesnt matter what it is. since he doesnt make a choice i pick something, but he does it reluctantly so he can go back to playing games. i dont care what it is, i just want to hang out with my bf, which is why i ask him what he wants to do

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He wants to play runescape.

Get Monster Hunter and play together.

Sounds like fun to me. Or ask him about runescape. Learn about what he likes. I personally wouldn't but if you're desperate for his attention this might get a foot in the door
>or he just wants to enjoy his time and not feel tethered to a needy codependent gf

I understand what you are saying, user. you are right, i'd like to hang out with my friends but they are all out of state. I think my problem is i am too dependant on my bf then.

It may do you some good to have a chat with him about these things you are struggling with openly. No reason to play mind games, just a sweet honest conversation sharing the same thoughts you are posting here.

thank you, user! i will tell him how i feel and regardless of his answer i will try to be less dependant on him and give him the space then


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tfw no needy gf to rely on me

Male with fiancé here. Best thing you can do is talk with him. It took my gf a long time to work up the courage to talk to me when I did something to upset her. Often times it were things I didn’t even realise I was doing. Your bf might not even notice that he’s neglecting you. Get some time alone with him and tell him how you feel. If he’s not listening/ taking you seriously start crying. If he means it when he says that he loves you then he will make sacrifices for you. That’s what love is: sacrifice. Good luck OP

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Your boyfriend has a personality incompatible with yours. Leave him before you catch feelings for a guy who isn't a loser.

He was either

1. White, 15 years older
2. Black, same age
3. White, same age, dropped out of high school

>Not respective towards her needs
>He has to sacrifice his needs for hers
>She doesn't need to be respective towards his needs

Gee, I'm sure white knighting will solve this problem.

I would suggest telling him that you've been lonely and you would like for you two to spend more time together

but he sounds like he won't be able to understand and empathize, much less change his ways to make you happy the way you deserve to be

>single mom
opinion discarded!

leave him for me baby

no homo btw

kreayshawn is that you

Break up, what a loser.

You're a guy aren't you.