Is it always wrong to start a relationship with someone from your job?

Is it always wrong to start a relationship with someone from your job?

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How the hell else are you supposed to get a real glimpse of that person's work ethic? Most relationships fail because it's never experienced

No (so long as you're not her superior), but it's riskier than dating in other circles. If shit goes pear shaped, you have to keep dealing with that person on a daily basis - good luck maintaining no contact or similar coping mechanisms in that situation.

Being her superior is the only way she will have any respect for you

Never shit where you eat OP.

Stop treating human relationships like shit then you dumb fuck

I've started 3 relationships from work. Only one went bad enough it made me want to quit. It's a great way to meet people.

What are you going on about? Who said anything about treating people poorly?

No. You're probably not going to have that job for the rest of your life. It works better if you're both after a long term relationship, though.

I think you fucked up

You just equated dating someone with taking a shit

Superior in the work sense of the word. Her boss. If her dating you could have ramifications to her career, you can't do it.

These sorts of aphorisms are lazy, and barely qualify as advice. Each situation is different.

It's a figure of speech youngster. Meaning don't combine two things that go against each other. Work is a professional environment where everyone is expected to perform their duties properly without unnecessary incident. Dating is swinging open a wide door of emotional and sexual bonding. These two things can directly affect one another in dramatic ways. Ergo, if you are eating at the dinner table, do not stand up and take a shit on the food.

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Not him, but there is something telling about your choice of language.

Oh boo hoo

How about you "consider" using a better phrase when you speak/ type instead of throwing around words like a joke

Why should I have to? It's not my problem you're overreacting to an old euphemism. Fine, I'll reword it, "Don't put yourself in a predicament where you can ruin your experience by including something not welcome to the situation." Jesus christ you little faggots will cry over just about anything.

Imagine how much of a corporate drone wagecuck you have to be to believe this. Yeah, there is a chance that can affect your job. There is also a chance being friends with youe coworkers can affect your work. There is a chance that doing anything that involves acting like a human being with desires, emotions and vulnerabilities will affect your work. What are you going to do, become a robot? Renounce all your desires and throw away chances at happiness to write reports more efficiently? Youre fucking brainwashed.

>an old euphemism
It literally dates back to the early nineties (earliest known use is 1994.) If that's old for you, then buddy, you need to get to bed or something because you're 15. The common phrase going back decades/centuries was 'don't dip your pen in the company inkwell.'

Imagine a single idiom can trigger and derail a whole thread.

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I'm mostly throwing shade at him (you) because I'm tired of seeing the same five words thrown at every 'should I date coworker?' thread. It's lazy, and it's not good advice in every situation, yet every fucker on here seems to think that it's god-given gospel. Don't shit where you eat, and once a cheater always a cheater, both need to be added to the wordfilter.

People can date whomever they please. Why is this even a thread?

sometimes I can't tell when someone is ignorant, mentally ill, or just baiting me

"dont shit where you eat" is older than toilet drain pipes, and it is the standard expression of advice against dating a coworker

Hey dumbass, whether you use shit or ink it is still the same advice. Don't date people you work with. Are there exceptions, of course there are it's a guideline not a rule. It is because many many people have tried it and failed. The phrases didn't come from nowhere.

It's true though. I made the mistake of TRYING with someone from work. I didnt find them as a suitable partner and told them. Yet it's still awkward as shit because they dont get it through their thick skull, we have to see each other each day and somehow professionalism and politeness form my part gives them hopes and pulls me into melodrama shit. Not only this, but you coworkers, especially women, love to gossip and make up ideas in their head so your supposed fling is the talk of the day, And even after it ends, they still talk and make jokes about it and you're supposed to shrug them off or joke about it and shit like that when they could just leave you the hell alone and your private life and mind their business. It's so fucking unnecessary I regret it completely and undeservedly hate that person just because they still exist at the workplace