How normal is it to get disowned for getting bad grades?

How normal is it to get disowned for getting bad grades?

And what it is like afterwards?

Need to know, thanks :)

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Not normal at all, that is really harsh. Afterwards I suppose that depends on how old you are and what country you live in. Are you over 18? Do you live in the U.S.?

I know it's really harsh, at least that's my opinion too, I'm under 18 and I do not live in the U.S.

What age is legally considered an adult in your country?

Also, are you sure your parent's are 100% serious? One time my parent's threatened to disown my brother because he had secretly been getting tattoos all over his body. They eventually calmed down and we are still a happy family.

There's no actual law where I currently live, some people say it's 18, some people say it's 21, those people are parents.

It's and under developed country, I don't know how the fuck I got here to be honest, the one good thing about this place is that many people resist the urge to commit "us crime" (or crime known to be crime in most "modern places" like the US.) for cultural & religious ones, but that it's relevant. what's relevant is that..

My mother's mindset is almost completely different than mine, honestly, I think parents should support you and provide for you and keep giving you advice and suggestions, but not force you to do what THEY believe will make you the most successful, she says she only does it to make me a good person, I then reply "what you're saying to me right now is never going to make me a good person, all the swearing, all the shouting, I do none of that to you, while you're doing all of it to me right now, i'm NOT the bad person here."

nah I'm sure, it happened before, the other 50% of why they want to do it is because I "don't respect them", I don't know what they mean by respect? "I won't cross any of your lines as long as you don't cross any of mine", you need anything, I MAY or MAY NOT help you...

It's kinda like "we're you're family, if we ASK something from you and you say NO? Then you're disrespecting us as your own "blood and flesh""

My head is probably making me say this in a way that makes me a tiny bit more the good guy than the bad guy..

excuse the typo's, just woke up from a resulting dream :|

NIGHTMARE** see? agh.

Cringe drama, my dad would beat me with a metal pipe, and no you should grow up and stand your ground if you cant do that, then you deserve to get beaten.

Ok, I can offer some advice here, Since I was disowend for basically the same thing.

You will need to make some tough decisions which will shake everything you've been trained to believe your whole life, so bare with me.

Based on my own experiences you where probably brainwashed into thinking school was the be all end all. Based on my situation this is bs. I am the 3rd child of 12, And by my parents definition, was stupid. The problem is, as I found out later in life, It was not be intelligence that was bad it was that I was bad at memorising and regurgitating which is what school is. Unless your actually retarded, your not as stupid as your parents make you think you are.

The next thing is to FIND A JOB ASAP. This is the most important thing when being disowned. You need to find a way to make money to survive. Don't rely on government welfare. Neet life is a dangerous black hole which will engulf you, hard work is necessary.

The next thing to do is gauge your intelligence if you want to go to uni. Only pick a field which guarantees you a job, it does not have to be a well paying one (unless your in america where you need to take student loans, then only medicine or eng are your options. ) When I left home, I did not want to waste all those years of studying, So i narrowed what I would study down to 3 fields, engineering, teaching or nursing. The reason why i chose these fields is because where I live they all pay high, and your almost guaranteed a job.

At this point your probably thinking about revenge, ie you want to be successful as a fk you to your parents. I understand that. What you need to do now is start learning about investment, trading and how to generate multiple sources of income. Doing this young will allow you to be financially free very quickly, if you are successful.

I am by no means "free" of the hell i was thrown into. But i fully understand your situation and this is how i dealt with it. I ow what it feels like to be beaten and attacked both physically and mentally for being "stupid". The journey ahead of you is long and hard. You will find yourself at the lowest point in your life and will break down a lot.

Good luck brother.

Well I know it's hard dealing with strict parents. I had the strictest parents out anyone I had met. I had a lot of the same problems you've had. These days I have realized that they were right about everything and my life would be much better now if I had done what they told me.

It's just something that happens when you get older and wiser. I'm not trying to insult you, and I believe you that your parents are probably not treating you so well. However, I will tell you what I would tell myself if I could go back in time. Beg for their forgiveness and do what they say. Work hard in school and in a few years you can be living in luxury instead of struggling to pay the bills in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Life doesn't just work out ok no matter what you do. You have to earn everything you get. The easiest and quickest way to get ahead in life is to do well in school so you can get a good job. When you are young you don't think that way, but believe me when you get to a certain age reality will hit you like a sack of bricks and you will regret not working harder now.

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Disowning is a very extreme response and would say more about your parents' psychology than you.

Sincere disappointment is likely, and possibly more painful to you.

The real question is why did you get bad grades? In actual fact only a tiny minority of people are intellectually incapable of doing at least average in school. The overwhelming majority of failures are didn't-try-ers. If your failure is a result of goofing off, your parents have every right to be angry at you. Life is hard enough without deliberately sabotaging yourself.

My dad beat me up too, now he's gone, divorced from my mom, still though, he agrees with her

This guy is correct that you can still be a success without your parent's support. However I still think you should try to mend the relationship with your parents. Family is important and you don't want to lose them over emotional teenage drama.

You are retarded bro
>is to do well in school so you can get a good job

I know a nerd that had all the best grades in school but now works a shity job /600€ per 1 month

Thank you, I am aware of what you're talking about, I too agree, in fact, I've had so many problems with going to school, the one and only strategy for "studying" is to write down every possible question that could be in the exam paper from each page of the book, then memorize all of it into one big ball of text in my mind, then throw it all up on the paper and there we have it, a nice vomit cake, you proud of me mom? (she becomes super happy like a fucking idiot, sorry)

>anecdotal 'evidence'
You are calling me retarded? I'm not saying people can't be successful without good grades. I'm saying it's far easier to get good grades in school and get a good job based on that, then trying to climb a career ladder with no credentials.

they're not against me because they think i'm "stupid", they know i'm smart but.. i'm lazy, or rather the true description "careless", and careless isn't bad, it depends what you're careless about

well, it's not that they choose disowning me as a first reaction, they feel like they've tried everything to make me do what they want, I personally wanna do what I want, if you want to support me and suggest other ideas like hmm i don't know.. why you think school is important?? maybe i'll get convinced and change my own desires..

I mean do you know how hard it is to force yourself to do something you despise?

I've concluded that it's very hard to get advice through text on the internet, thank you for your efforts

What's hard about it? Has no one given you the answer you are looking for? In that case you don't want advice, you want your opinion to be validated. There are multiple people in this thread that have given their advice on your issue, either listen to them or don't.

without experience and connections you better start sucking dick or becoming a slave

Yes and that's why school is important. You are not going to be seriously considered for a decent job without school, therefore you get no experience. You make connections through meeting successful people. Successful people go to school for the most part.

I'm not looking for an answer, i already know my answer, i'm only listening to opinions :)

I also think you've misunderstood, I think it's very hard to get advice through text on the internet because of the way people may interpret the text they read- actually, i'll say it all in one sentence..

it would've been SIGNIFICANTLY better face to face with another person, on text? you only see what you've interpreted, and your thoughts and beliefs about the user reflect your answer.. i hope you understand :)

What if I told you I'm the best electrical engineer in my entire country? would I still need school to get a job if that were the case???

Look up what an anecdote is fuckwit. I don't care what your personal experience is. It's far more likely a person with no schooling will end up in poverty. Again I never said doing well in school was the only way to be successful. I only said it will be much easier to be successful if you do well in school. That is common sense and I won't argue with a girl brains like you any further.

You obviously have no idea that, employer doesnt give a fuck if you have a school diploma or not, and some schools can be shit while others are better
That is funny, because I am studying that lol