Turn offs in guys

What are turn offs in guys for u, my dear femanons? And also name a few main criteria for a prefect guy

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So, red flags and green flags?
>He unironically uses the term Chad
>He doesn't have a job or education
>He's rude to people
Ideal guy for me is 5'4"-5'7", average build, long hair, with a very sweet personality but also introverted and doesn't mind spending most of his time alone.

Are you just trying to enrage lanklets like me?

maybe she's a midget and that's tall for her

Nah. I'm just a womanlet so tall guys are intimidating and kinda awkward to deal with. Most women will prefer a taller guy.

I feel you, I'm 6'2" and dealing with women around the 5'2" region is like looking down at a child.

6'4 here, there is definitely a certain delta where it just becomes weird.

Don't be mad that she wants a guy with good looks and body.

A guy can be a little bit chubby or skinny and have a 4/10 face. I'm not a super looker so I'll take what I can get as long as we have good chemistry. Ideals are just that: ideals.

>5'4"-5'7", average build, long hair, with a very sweet personality
Sounds like you want a girl

Girls don't have cocks despite what you might think.

You clearly haven't been paying attention for the last few years.

>Don't be mad that she wants a guy with good looks and body.
a) I have those.
b) I'm not actually mad, I just think it's out of the ordinary to prefer short guys.


closed-minded, racist, sexist, music snob, wants to be heard but doesn’t listen, know it all

These are all the things i overlook in the guy I’m in love with. Obviously not for much longer, it’s tiring. I’m also flawed, as is everyone, so I try not to judge people harshly but I just can’t anymore.

>racist, sexist
kek what the fuck is up with women and flaunting their political correctness? I feel like you just blow people's opinions out of proportion as an excuse to victimize yourselves.

Nope. He’s blatant about it.

It depends on your definition of that. If he's just not particularly fond of other races and thinks women should be housewives I'd hardly call him that. When you say "blatant" I picture the "Fuck niggers and fuck women" kind of person.

can you explain this female autism to me? how do you do the mental gymnastics for woman who's guys are blatant cunts yet their gf/wife what ever is like "oh but I still love him".

I can’t speak for other women ofc but for me it’s because I was abused sexually, physically and mentally as a child and also abandoned and neglected. I’m drawn to men who don’t like me and I try to earn their affection. It’s comfortable for me to be around such a person and I enjoy being good to them. It’s a futile reworking of my past. I balance this out with also being with people who love me and treat me well. I tried therapy and medication for years, really tried. Some people can’t be helped maybe. I haven’t given up on myself though.

>Mfw have long hair, timid guy, who is going to college but only 5'3"

So close yet so far lol.

Good luck femanon in your life.

On topic though by female friends i was told that essentially not having confidence was the main thing. In general man are supposed to at least cofunction with the women, not ask for permission.

It's not out of the ordinary. The whole thing about girls wanting tall guys is a Jow Forums meme more than anything.

It fucking triggers my autism big time.

While I agree they don't care l about it as Jow Forums pretends they do, they definitely like taller guys.

You totally described a friend of mine. Great guy.

yea, it's fun to get manlets worked up over it but really no one cares that much. I will say I've had random woman (usualy older) coo in my face about being tall or having broad shoulders.

>broad shoulders
This is the real deal. Broad shoulders are definitely the most important physical feature in a man. As far as I know there aren't shoulder widening surgeries either, best you can do is work out your lats.

Turn offs
>traditional (I'm into reverse tradding it up, nothing personally against trads)
>anger issues
>has had even one ONS
>submissive in daily life and in the bedroom
>not very judgemental
>comfy being a stay at home hubby
Don't think I'm average though.

Found the connfused tranny.

Go back to crystal cafe with your gfd shit.

is that picture real

is this the female version of this

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A child cannot legally suck your dick while standing up, so its actually not like dealing with a child

i dont think you realize how short 5' really is
it would be like dating a 14 year old

even most "shorty" women are above 5'

By and far, above and beyond all else, desperation and arrogance-- which uniquely usually come together-- are the worst turn-offs.

Only a desperate man is quite as unattractive as an arrogant man, after which pretty much anything looks like the Jesus of candidacy. Total freaks of nature who are at least decent and respectful are leagues beyond a man with even a pocketful of arrogance.

It's just so... disgusting. What an antiquated, unfounded kind of behavior.

No, the left is leafyishere, an edgy twink from 2016 YouTube and the right is show on head, a 50 shades of grey fanatic and political commentator.

thats me post discord

Statistics don't agree with you. The most attractive men are average or below average height. There's a reason few celebrities known for their looks are over 6' tall.

i do this but with women except the women dont love me back because i look desperate... i am desperate

godammit i got my hopes up

My apologies, by "taller" I meant "taller than her"

>hates animals
Dogs, cats, birds, snakes, rats, anything. It's okay to be scared or avoid certain animals but to hate an animal? They're just living their lives, man.
>obsessed with masculinity
Won't buy tampons/pads if they're on the grocery list. Won't hug or compliment other men. Would rather die than hold a purse or wear pink. Does not reciprocate oral sex.
Refuses to play with children if they're doing "something girly." Stuff like that. Not only annoying and pathetic but often a sign of a potential wife beater.
>defines himself using music
True of women too. Introduces himself as a musician, is overly obsessed with his favorite music, etc. No personality in these guys. Will forever be tortured that they aren't your favorite musician or don't like the same music they like. Selfish and narcissistic. Whole relationship is just him trying to brainwash you into liking his shitty music.

I don't agree with you're line of reasoning there.

I keked, so the child has to be sitting or laying and it'll be legal?
Proper writing is essential.

Okay, here's my list of turn-offs:

>can't express himself, uses words he doesn't know well and makes a fool out of himself
>has no real interest in anything
>refuses to learn new things
>can't hold a debate
>dislikes confrontations
>unwarranted confidence
>plays games, can't admit that he loves you because that would damage his reputation in his eyes
>is a manwhore
>expects you to be hist servant, doesn't contribute anything to the relationship
>unstable, punches things when he's angry
>too much of a pussy to deal with normal bodily functions, so you have to pretend that periods don't exist

My ideal guys doesn't have these issues + he has hobbies similar to mine. Also, he's dark-haired and on the skinny side.

Nah just weird mother-lead household upbringing and short man fetish.
Both very fair judgements.
It's just ideals though, would also be fine with a guy who wants to work and is a bit more standoffish. As long as he's small and loyal.
>tfw no bf who people will mistake as my younger brother
I actually had a male friend who was 5' in Jr high. Had a big crush on him before he shot up in high school (and he rejected my advances). I'd already done all my growing sadly, but found the height difference perfect (I'm 5'6" for reference). Only issue with that specific height is the rarity of it occurring in adult men. But that just makes them more special.

>Would rather die than hold a purse or wear pink
I've seen this wearing pink meme banded about a few places, do girls really see it as a bold move for a guy to wear pink?

>hates animals

Fuck you. Animals are shit, and you know it. If you want retarded children, I can give you retarded children, but I refuse to help you masturbate some delusional ideal that any of those furry little shitbags has even half a fucking clue what is going on at any given point in time, and refuse even further to find it even remotely endearing just because they're, "cute".

Fucking animal people...

Overly aggressive and argumentative, or downright rude. I enjoy banter and bluntness, but if someone goes out of their way to be just hurtful to others for little to no reason, I’m instantly annoyed and put off. Also, if a guy doesn’t feel comfortable with being alone, or jumps from relationship to relationship.

I don't see it as a bold move and I don't really care if a guy likes pink or ever wears it, but I've met and dated guys who will specifically point at a pink men's shirt in a store or some shit and loudly exclaim that they would never wear that.

I don't expect men to wear pink but I expect them to not be so threatened by the idea that you have to publicly denounce it.

this guy would probably be considered a red flag.


>>unwarranted confidence
lol wut

You’re right, my bad, this guy would DEFINITELY be considered a red flag.

what I'm getting is wearing a pink shirt is not an instant pant moistener but keeps you out of a negative circle in the vein diagram of red flags. Would you say that's accurate?

You sound like a barrel of fun. Animals are great.
>delusional ideal that any of those furry little shitbags has even half a fucking clue what is going on at any given point in time
Animals, well mammals and birds really, are a lot smarter than you think.
t. hunter who kills and eats wild animals, parts of which he then feeds to the cutest little doodle in the world.

I'm a wildlife manager so I don't think it's unreasonable of me personally to expect someone to be chill with all kinds of animals. I don't mean in a pet way, in an existence way.

You absolutely sound like a psychopath though which really just lends to my point.

Enjoy supporting modern day slavery, forced incestual procreation rings, and the forced evolutionary crippling of an entire species, heathen.


I will burn your cities to the ground in holy fire. Test me.


To me it's just another color. That's what I expect it should be to you, too. Wearing a pink shirt would certainly get that point across effectively.


OP, take notes. Never be this guy.

In all seriousness though, this will never not make me sad and a little frustrated.

>unwarranted confidence
You're right Anonymous, this is a tough one to figure out. What could it mean?

I hate guys who think that they're hot shit when they're, in fact, mediocre. It's shockingly common.

You can be as much of a degenerate as you want in the privacy of your room, hell I recently had my first time domming a sub guy. But for the love of god have a fucking spine and strong personality in daily life. Even femdoms want a bf, not a gf lel

Cool, I'm changing my whole look from autistic degenerate to normal humanoid. So I'll be adding some pink shirts to the shopping list. Thanks fren.

Oh, never mind then. I'm fine.

Good luck. You're gonna make it.

I hope so I've got it all planed out, now's the time to put it into action.

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>obsessed with masculinity
What does and doesn't count here? I'm good with everything you listed except
>Won't hug or compliment other men.
But I do silently worry about it a lot though.

girls listen to frank ocean and midwest emo bands of course I'm gonna be mad when they aint appreciate the genius of darius milhaud or leonard cohen nor my hard-won mastery of three instruments you dumb fucking whore

Its really wierd that most "animal rights activists" are also completely open about hating animals to death?
Reminder that Peta killed hundreds of thousands of pets alone.

This is why nobody likes you.

Every girl has a different preference. This is why so many women are married to different types of guys.

Things that I like:
-good person
-depth of character
-unselfish (I can't stand selfish guys)
-helps of people even when there is nothing in it for him

helps other* people

Certain South American tribes, who had Machiavellian wisdom in my opinion, would take guys like you to the outskirts of the tribal territory when you became old enough for it to become clear what you were, and they'd kill you.

They knew what sociopaths could do within a culture if they were allowed to gain any kind of foothold. They had the wisdom to put your out of your misery and stop it in its tracks. The broader west did not, and in fact, the psychopaths were running things and turning the rest of us into cattle (and eventually secondary psychopaths) from the start.

Hope you get what you need user. You seem like a secondary, so you don't need death. You've got birth and early childhood trauma or something and need to find some measure of healing. You're misattributing the source of your anger to another species that's just doing what it does, for fuck's sake. Don't you realize how ridiculous that is? If you can't change though, def need to be executed t bh. Broken down subhumans like you can really wreak havoc once you're weaponized by someone smarter than you.

Anyways I don't really have type when it comes to looks except that I'm not a fan of big beards (and I think I might have a glasses fetish), but what I usually go for in personality...

>relatively quiet
I'm not looking for a mute necessarily but I enjoy silence and I get frustrated with people who have to fill the void every time.

>goes with the flow
Someone who is chill or has an I'll-try-anything-once attitude. This isn't about sex stuff it's just life in general.

>dominant in bed
I don't just lie around by any means and I'm okay with the occasional switch up but I flat out do not enjoy submissive partners. Dominant =/= pain though. I do not enjoy being hurt/slapped/choked. Just tossed around a bit.

>not overly ambitious
It's good to have goals but I find it hard to take people who have hopes of being famous or rich seriously. I want a simple comfortable life that will leave me happy and largely unnoticed.
>does not want kids
I never have and I never will. It's not up for negotiation and I find myself unable to trust a relationship with someone who says they want one. I will only date men who don't want kids and say so without me having to lead them to saying it.

girls if a guy picked you up in one of these babies to go on a date, pic related, what would your immediate reaction be? this is actually not a joke

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Not gonna make it.

I feel it's a red flag that someone wouldn't show any level of affection or gratitude to someone they care about or respect just because they're obsessed with what others might think. It's kind of neurotic, I guess is the right word?

His dick must be huge.

Psychpaths are different from sociapths. Psychopaths simply feel no emotion, while sociopaths do fell things, but are incapable of any empathy whatsoever.
While the psychopath has no needs to fulfill, the sociopath will fulfill its needs with no regards towards others.

Its the sociopaths that lead the west nowadays. But rest assured - any system lead like this is doomed to fail, since sociopaths may have an advantage through their ruthlessness, they also only think short-term and ignore anything not directly to theri personal gain. That means they hava a hard time working together to keep the masses suppressed, while also needlessly taking so much from the masses that those revolt and overthrow the eventually.
Has happened dozens of times in history, and will hapen again. Its just the nature of things

"This is about to be a hilariously fun date or the kind that makes me text my friends my location."

Sadly it's probably the latter.

pearls before swine...

Unfortunately you're the swine in this analogy.

Unfortunately they have many tools they have not had before, and they're prepared. This will not end the way it has previously, and I do not believe a meaningful rearrangement of the power structure will occur.

They know it's coming and have worked to engineer it. They're waiting.

Every guy is like that. We need fake confidence to make it though the day. The second a guy stops believing he's got the biggest dick, biggest brain and biggest personality, or at least the potential to have those, is the second he becomes a worm. And guess what, most women like confidence, fake or not.

it's true, a man never gets lost even if he has no idea where he is.

How many of these threads will we have where we get women saying the opposite of what they go for irl?

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>I'm a raging nice guy who the office forgets is there half way through the day
>why don't woman randomly devote to me for no reason

>any level of affection or gratitude
I show a certain level of affection and gratitude, just not a level that involves explicit compliments or hugs.
I guess I should point out that I don't know a single guy that does anything different.

I'm lucky enough that I was raised in an environment where I was around men who were emotionally open and physically affectionate. I've kept that going into my adult life and I've surrounded myself with people you are similar. Naturally I would prefer someone who would fall into that scope. I'm sure there are plenty of women who aren't comfortable having a significant other that is physically affectionate with other people.

who are similar*
Google voice.

Turn offs:
>no respect for people, or for certain kinds of people
>general legitimate assholishness (joking around is fine as long as it's actually joking and not a thin disguise for assholery)
>always taking, never giving
>aka most of the stuff Jow Forums says is chad/alpha behavior
>drug use
>giant beards

Perfect guy:
>considerate and sweet
>someone I can trust and talk to openly
>animal lover

I also tend to prefer guys who are a little nervous or get flustered easily. I'm also initially attracted to people who are stoic (muh ovaries), but I've found over my lifetime that I don't like that in the long run and fall out of infatuation with that pretty fast. I prefer emotionally available guys overall.

Long hair, big nose, and long face are also preferred but not necessary.

Are we saying random shit now? Okay, Country Billy made a couple milli O.o xD

find very funny how women have to casually ensure their own safety lol anybody could kill you if they wanted to, that must suck but it's also quite funny in a celinian kind of way... it's like while ur putting on your makeup for your date youre also planning your escape from the trunk of his car. Typing this shit got me howling fr this funny as FUCK

Not true, I know guys who don't have this issue. The ones who do are insufferable, especially because they also tend to be incompetent. At work, they often approach me with a """solution""" that's the most retarded shit I've ever seen and yet they act like they've just discovered fire. I have to turn it down and explain why exactly it is completely retarded, which usually makes them hate me. Interestingly enough, the guys who DON'T have such an overblown ego are usually competent and don't bother me with their nonsense. I guess it's about self-awareness.

tbf we're really no different
It's the same as when you have trouble deciding which holster will go best with your belt or just pocket carry a .380 for the night

>he's laughing because it's true
>he knows it's true because he's exactly the kind of person women are trying to protect themselves from

Oh, they were smart alright. Smart enough to realize that the only way they could sustain their twisted way of life was with the threat of death, and pacification of anybody that knew better.

Sound familiar? It's domestication.