What is the best way to open convos with girls that have sparse to empty bios?

What is the best way to open convos with girls that have sparse to empty bios?

I’m a good looking guy and get plenty of matches, I have close to 200 over the last few months even with discerning swipes. I’ve only met and hooked up with girls from tinder a few times, but I usually start the convo based on their bio and just ignore the empty bios because I don’t know how to go about it. Any good advice on how to go about it, looking to improve my conversion rate

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peculiar boast, but alas

look at the pictures, find details in there. Books, hobby's pets, bars, holidays there is always plenty of material. it has to be obvious though so it doesnt look like youve been staring at their pictures for a while.

you could also have an icebreaker focused on yourself. I'm named after beer (an unkown discontinued beer but still beer) which is what i use as icebreaker when there is nothing to say.

Or if you dont care make fun of their bio. I'm not English but a line i use is (translated ofc)
"You are just like your bio, you're both empty and i both want to see you filled" its pretty cheesy in my language and even worse in English but you should get the idea.

Empty bio girls are really not worth it however. I always swipe left on them because of the lack of personality.

I am also interested in this. I and a tinder 2 years ago but never got any messages or replies. Trying to figure out how to get them, if it’s any easier now. I’m an easy 7-8/10.

I was about to make a thread like this but you beat me to it

How do you guys start convos on tinder. I'm so shit at it, I've got no skill with this pls halp.

>using tinder
wtf is wrong with you guys? do you want aids?

Gonna be honest the majority of girls that I met off tinder messaged me first

not op but what do you put in your bio?

Hahaha fuck you guys. I installed tinder like 45 days ago and only got 1 match. I have shit photos granted but still fuck your boasts.


Bruh, not one of these fucking girls messages first all of them put some bullshit like "I'm shy so message first" in their bio. I just tried "Hi! What's up?" And as per usual I get ghosted

Are you using one of those upgraded accounts to get extra views? I’m considering it

Politically correct joke about yourself revealing a slight weakness that you are confident about. followed up with some info about your hobby's if they are reasonable (sports, music, traveling, painting, pretty much all normy hobbies) short summary of life goals so it shows you actually have a purpose in life finished off by some cheeky personal fact if possable.

Dont appear too confident or too self depricating, someone that always makes fun themselves isnt fun, someone that can laugh at their mistakes is however.

Just open up with a simple greeting
>hi [name]
>hey whats up
>hey [name] how are your holidays going

Some do, it’s usally about my Spotify anthem or my job
I buy boosts sometimes because they work p well, everything else isn’t worth it

>Politically correct joke about yourself revealing a slight weakness that you are confident about.

Can you give me an example of this, can't think of anything like that for me

Stuff like that rarely gets a response from my experience, trying to figure out how to break the ice without reminding them it’s a numbers game or sound like a job interview

Do you live in a small town? Tinder really only works for people in major cities

Right now I like to use "Hey, [name]. How is 2019 treating you so far?"
Doesn't seem to do better or worse than any other opener, just saves time.

I wouldn’t say it works well for me, but it has worked in the past and it’s better than not messaging them at all. If there’s no bio and nothing interesting in their photos, I don’t know what else one could say besides a basic conversation starter.

I see a ton girls never respond at all, makes me question why they bother installing the app just to ghost people

If they don't have a bio, I usually send a gif of something kind of amusing and I get a 50ish% response rate

That's not what ghosting is.
For someone to ghost you, you'd have to have at LEAST a small conversation.
But usually it means just cutting all communication with someone you actually got to know a bit.

This is brilliance and I will need to put this to the test.
God speed.

"My cock is quite small but at least I'm not a nigger"

Nope, city with 15 million people. Although gotta admit my tinder game is shit since i dont have any decent pictures and really cant decide what to put on bio.

So i am just looking for oppurtunities to take good pictures. Still no idea what to put in bio tough. I mean it put me in a loop , "who are you?" is a very deep question man.

i steal other peoples bios's.

Yeah that's about the same as mine. 1 match after 2 weeks. Set up a date for tomorrow which she seemed happy with because she suggested to pick me up.
Hasn't responded when I asked what time, so I guess I'll go by myself.

Different question:
What makes you instantly pass on a girl?
For me it's the snapchat dog face filter. Which a lot of these bitches use.
A lot of them.