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Someone said I am "so precious", but they seemed to be saying in a way that I was unfamiliar with which, based on what it said when I looked it up, seems to mean either that a person is too sensitive or that a person fakes being sensitive or something.
I'm not sure what the nuance is? Can someone explain what it means when someone says you are "so precious" but doesn't seem to be using it in a way synonymous with "valuable", "cute", "rare", or "beloved"?
It was said over text, so I can't tell.

The context was me being uncomfortable sharing my age.

I want my family to give up on me.
stop caring about me
maybe i should become some sort of heroin addict
if they dumped me, i could finally kill myself without a problem
it wouldn't hurt anyone
not alot of people care about me anymore anyways
it's so beautiful to see how easily you can ruin your life
i just want to die
there's no reason and I've come to love to see things fall apart. to see how disgusting I as a person am, and that even though the world too is a disgusting and vile place, atleast I'm worse.
a few years ago i was still kinda normal. now just doing nothing ans wanting to die, hoping I'll ever have the balls to do it
I'm so weak for not doing it and it's disgusting, it's just sad. Weak, sad, disgusting, abnormal, failure.

Like, were they insulting me or what?

Depends on the message. I think she meant you shouldn't be so sensitive. Which is kinda right since telling your age isn't so hard..Is it?

Mom, Dad

Excuse me I was phoneposting
>I love you
>but I want to leave
>I want to leave and once again face the challenge of being away
>I faltered once but I strongly desire to leave the nest
>I just wish that this economy wasn't so shit and that my career didn't require a degree on top of a ATP
>I want to be a grown up already

It wasn't a girl. They were speaking to other people with me present.
Well, as present as you would be in a chatbox.

I just wasn't sure if they were being neutral (like they were just saying I'm sensitive) or mean and meant something like I was faking being sensitive or being sensitive in some sort of pretentious way (cuz they dictionary calls it being excessively "dainty"/"affected" or something)

I don't really care that much, I've just never heard it used this way before I don't think.

god please don't let it be over already. Just as I finally get close to you it seems like you're slipping away.
I just wish you would tell me if something is getting in the way or if you just don't want to be bothered anymore.
Are you just not supposed to be going out with guys yet? Is that why you originally said we "can't let anyone find out"? Did you get in trouble? Or are you just trying to let me down easy by telling me you'll be busy for a little while after New Year's? Just be honest, it's worse if you're vague.
I wish I could just straight up ask you but regardless of the answer I'll end up looking like a desperate pathetic faggot.

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I miss you

I feel like I'm worthless garbage at every single thing I try to do. No matter how much I practice or work at something, I'm always mediocre. No matter how hard I try I fail

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Hey you. Yes, YOU. Come to the place tonight. You know where.

Man, I was thinking about how nice it would be for my parents to disown me or something and let me ruin my life in peace just a few moments before opening this thread and then I see this. I feel you.

I don't care if you look like shit. You did it to yourself. $40 a visit. So what? You don't have anyone to support! Even if you work full-time minimum wage you could pay $40 a week, twice a week even. You're not even supporting yourself so I don't get why your whining like a little bitch about it. And you blame me. I instigated it. The program isn't even working of you think that. Fcking mommy titty suckling neet. You disgust me.


You really do just view people as your pawns to use.
You meet someone and decide what category to fit them in and use them accordingly.
Some are for valuable supply and ego inflation. This is a large portion of your people collection. You keep your circles separate and don't really want them to intact or talk or even be aware that they exist.
Then there are those you target for material gifts. These are harder to come by and are a more specific group. You have to have a decent size group here because again, you don't want them talking and finding out what you're getting from their others. Still this is a smaller group than that ego one.
Finally the fillers. They don't fit in either one well but can be useful when trying to pass the time like at traffic stops. Can't be alone with yourself too long because then you'd have to face the reality that you're an empty shell of a man leeching life force from everyone around you.

I don't know how to be by your side in such a difficult moment and I'm left unable to understand how do you want me to communicate with you. Staying silent will make you feel respected, or neglected? Making small talk will be soothing, or out of place? Asking you about your problems will be liberating or frustrating? Offering my shoulder will seem like pity or affection? Looks like always the negative applies, so I don't know if I should exist by your side anymore, at all...

I will never shut up and I will continue to bring to light any information or new information that I learn about you.
You're Goddam right I will. You whisper lies in the shadows and create rumors in the dark.
I've got light on my side coward.

I want to be a good artist and it depresses me so much when I hear music, see a painting, or read a book that I know I will never come close to. The worst part is that I know what I want to do and I have the ideas, i just can’t do anything artistically for shit. Maybe I should just say fuck it and go easy mode: photography.

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You're def good at something. People tend to be good at things they enjoy, so experiment or something.

Then talk to them.

Gotta stop wasting time somehow

>Maybe I should just say fuck it and go easy mode: photography.
It's easy to take a mediocre photograph, but fucking hard work to take a good one. Probably harder than painting etc...

I had absolutely no experiences during my teens and I fucking hate myself for it. I never went out, never had friends, never had a gf, nothing. I never had any extended family around either. I was just stuck with my boring parents. I feel like an empty shell with no goals or real interests because I've done nothing with my life and I don't know how to begin having one or if I even should at this point.

Shaved my head on monday and now I'm too afraid to go to the gym.

I let like 3 days pass since I shaved I should be good to go.

While I get weird mire tomorrow I will be thinking of this.

I mean even some women shave their freaking heads so why should I even bother with that? (I'm still on Cara Delavine impression)

Give me enough courage to stand still and just slay it like ever bros.

No one will care. Some people you know well might make a lighthearted jibe, but they'll forget about it in thirty seconds. Within three days everyone will just accept that as your look from now on.

Sorry, man, can't make it.
Maybe next time, secluded and with all the weed.

I'm falling for a coworker. She's so beautiful, and sweet, and innocent. But she has a boyfriend, and while she's said before that she doesn't expect to be with him forever, the relationship shows no signs of ending soon. She and her family are also extremely religious, which spooks me. I'm so lonely, and she is both fuel to my sadness and a motivator to improve.

I'm also starting to realize how vain I am, and how condescending I can be at times, which bothers me a lot. It feels like everything I do has some sort of vanity attached to it, and I'd rather that I focus on myself for the benefit of others, rather than for my own ego. I have many friends, and it would seem that many people like me, which I am very grateful for, yet I feel like I'm getting imposter syndrome.

I think, most of all, I just don't want to be lonely anymore

90% sure you are cheating on me, but I don't want to bring it up because it would end what we have. I'm just going to cheat as well to get even

>hey I think you're cheating but I can't deal with confrontation/argument so I'm just gonna cheat too lol
That is the dumbest shit.

What time?

I'm really fucking anxious about this girl I met yesterday who actually hit on me and I want to pursue this new "lead," but I have a bad track record of sabotaging myself and I want advice but my friends are all busy and FUCKING Jow Forums IGNORES MY POSTS

congrats, you're ending your relationship that you supposedly care about without even knowing if there is anything actually wrong.

If she's into you, you've done 95% of the work already. Pursue the lead, dude.

I fell in love with a girl I went to school with. It took them 7 years or so break up. I moved on in the meantime.

but how do i start? Like yeah she threw a line at me, and yeah it alluded to her pussy, but like i just met her and im pretty sure double standards dictate that if I try and hit back with a line im a creeper

this. it sucks, but if it isn't meant to be, you gotta learn to cut your losses and move on. you'll find another flame, and if that fails, you'll find another after that, etc.

You suck. You made me feel very badly about myself, and my self-esteem was so low then I believed I deserved that treatment.

What sucks more is I thought we were past that and could at least be around one another without one of us starting something. You really crossed a line calling me names at dinner. I never want to see you or interact with you again. Thankfully my friends understand, and we've been hanging out on our own just fine.

Go suck on a fat cunt you disgusting hypocrite. You are a sheltered bitch and I'm sick of us all tip-toeing around you because you might throw a fit. I used to hope your life turned around and you didn't live it as a bitter fuck, now I hope you continue to isolate yourself from your friends and family. You need to learn to appreciate those in your life before you lose everything.

Fuck you and stay far away from me.

"Hey, what are you doing this Friday? Wanna grab a drink?"

She'll get it.

goddamn my anxiety. fuck it, in for a penny right? SPARTAN PRIDE RIGHT? TOMORROW IS A DAY THE WORLD WILL REMEMBER, RIGHT?!

I see you haven’t painted a a good painting if you think so.

My alcohol tolerance has gotten so high the last few days since I started drinking 3 days ago. I've drank about 1/2 gallon of whiskey the last (almost) 2 days and I feel fine. This instance is the first time I ever have mixed my drinks though.I just used to drink straight, always. Too nice tasting for what I'm used to I think. Still, 1/2 a gallon in less than 2 days is not a good way to be so I'll take a break after this Dr. Pepper + Fireball. I'm just drinking because I need to slow down and rest my overactive body right now and I really have a hard time doing that.

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Good luck, user! Remember that is better to ask than to wonder.

im so scared. like a fuckin schoolboy

Everytime i even think about messaging any of them i panic.

send them tiddy and all will be giddy

I want to see him but my broken fucking amxiety riddled brain and the possible snowstorm are slowing me down.

Oh god what if im bipolar?

Get on medicine asap you loon. Your life will never get better if you try to ignore or push through it. Your life will continue to be miserable and you'll probably end it prematurely.

It's very difficult finding the right meds and battling side effects, but trust me it's worth it in the long run.

Im extreamly afraid of failing college to the point that i started talking anxiety meds, and i dont know what to do anout it.

I"m considering making videos for youtube as a hobby. I want to talk about games for at least 1 series(?) and tell stories on an unaffiliated other. Stories I'll find easy but games I'm mulling over. No unrealistic goals, I believe, just wanna talk about my hobby. I got a lot of games and I realized I have a lot to say about some of them and I haven't told a single soul.
I just think I should talk about my hobbies and stories now. I don't talk with them with anyone - but making a video that is available to the public makes me feel better about it. I'll just try to not make it eye & ear cancer for the 100 people who are unfortunate enough to see it. Review, LP's? Sure why not try to do both and see what I like. It will be fun to try I think.
I can't help but shake the desire this week, too. This extremely disabled old woman I take care of in my home actually likes to watch me play games. Not only that she wants me to play Resident Evil 4 as she "likes the premise already" after I read the back and gave a synopsis of features that I purely remember from magazines articles talking about the game in depth when that game was new. This old lady is pretty cool but she makes me realize I want to share more about what I like.

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I want to send you nudes but you havent shown the slightest interest in seeing my body at all!

Im okay.
Youre okay.
Its alright.
I think...

I'm not okay.
Nothing is okay.
Nothing will be okay ever again.

So much time wasted on such a fucking asshole. I feel like killing myself.

DONT. never send nudes out of the blue

I don’t know if you actually like me. But, I have recurring dreams of you, and I absolutely die from happiness whenever your initiate a conversation with me. Unfortunately, I’m bad at communication, so I love it every time you talk first.

I'm sorry if I crushed your self esteem for not making a move. It's apparent to me now how much you were interested in me, but it's too late now. We'll most likely never speak again, and I hate that. However, if you can't handle us being friends and nothing more, then I probably dodged a bullet with you.

why is my self esteem so bad..... idk how people even like me or think I'm good looking at all.... i can't hold a normal ass conversation without being awkward and I feel like I look weird so I'm always self conscious about my looks what do people even see in me

Why is this girl still texting me? I haven't responded to her in like 3 months. You'd think she would move on already

Probably mentally ill, those kinds of people don't understand hints and you have to tell them you aren't interested for them to go away.

I know i know, i wont. but dammit i want to

I like you

Why the fuck does she do this.
She assumes I dont want to talk to her, ignores me, then blames me for making her feel like she bothers me.
I literally don't do anything but occasionally tell her I don't really feel like FaceTiming at the moment, and she blows that shit way out of proportion and ignores me. She does it in person, she does it on Christmas, she always does it. Then When I try to talk about it, she puts the blame on me and says I don't understand how I'm making her feel, which is complete horseshit because I literally worship the ground she walks on and she knows it. Fuck women.

>Hang out with three different friend groups
>They're all obsessed with me getting laid

No matter what this always becomes a topic, how does this happen, what the hell.

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How can you say that's not synonymous with "cute"? Cause I find the way she says "precious", she thinks your cute for being secretive about it. She think of it as adorable cause you're feeling shy about sharing it, perhaps? Can't really tell how you responded exactly

>met interesting girl who is actually cute a week ago
>spent all night together having intellectual conversations, exploring city, eating food
>slightly awkward but cozy hug before we part ways for the night
>talking about hanging out again, having intellectual conversations
>accidently big offend
>were supposed to meet up in a few days but she hasn't talked since then

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>However, if you can't handle us being friends and nothing more, then I probably dodged a bullet with you.
It's probably best to ask before potentially burning a friendship.

Send me nudes

i feel so empty.

i just work, do random shit, then sleep

i dont do anything worthwhile, gaming and anime isnt fun to me anymore

music collecting isnt fun to me anymore

i rarely do anything i enjoy, like having nice food out. but i always feel guilty that i spent so much money on food.

my friends dont have anything interesting going on

i just feel like i could be using my time to do something more interesting things on my days off, but i just end up at home because im so fucking tired from work

also i desperately hope that i dont have cancer. going to the doctor soon because a bunch of weird symptoms keep happening with no logical explanation

wish i wasnt so fucking shitty at doing anything

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Do you have siblings or family you can hang out with?

Nothing changes. You don't ever think you're wrong, you just think I'm overreacting. So you do it again and again. I'm just important to you when you're feeling lonely, and you won't hesitate to treat me badly or put me on second plan when you're not feeling lonely. You play this role of an emotional person but you won't care about other people's feelings. Whoever gets close for long enough realizes the contradictions, but I'm the only fool to stay, when even your family has given up already. You're losing me.

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I feel like I went about all of this the wrong way and now I'm stuck in this horrible situation. I met this girl and she seemed pretty interested put I kept putting off making a move because I kept thinking "there will be a better chance at some point" and now here I am 2 months later, she's obviously not interested but she can't seem to want to let me go, every time I try to stop talking to her she notices and tries to get back. (trust me that when I say that she isn't interested, I mean it, she's talking to like 4-5 different guys from tinder and stuff and has made a regular FWB recently). I actually don't mind being friends with women but I hate doing it as a beta orbiter, usually we become friends after I reject them or they reject me or at least when we establish we are not interested in each other but since nothing of the sort has happened I'm stuck in this weird phase where I just want to cut all contact from how awkward it is. I'd like to face the issue and not run away by blocking her/ plain ignoring her messages, but I don't know what the responsible thing would be.

I'm mad at you for trying to leave the hotel without waking me up. Why didnt you tell me you needed to go. It was heart breaking to suddenly awake to sound and see you putting on your backpack. I dont care if you got the text at 5am. You should've told me and we could've spent those last moments together.

You worry so much about helping me but forget to ask me what I actually want or need. I didnt want that stupid jacket on new year eve. I could clearly see your goosebumps. I know you were cold. The jacket gave me no warmth and I looked fucking retarded in it anyway. You embarrassed me forcing me to wear it cause you thought it was making me warmer.

>self absorbed and proud
sounds like they dodged a bullet

Woman, don't blame your man for being a man. Your feelings matter, but talk to him instead of making a big deal out of his good intentions that gone wrong. Be thankful he cares, be understanding he needs better communication. Appreciate your time together.

I personally just fucking hate women. All of them are so fucking self-absorbed, obnoxious, stupid, nosy and unable to have patience with anyone around them. I hate how literally all of them have to be shitty drivers, or how I can't get to the market without a woman making a scene at the cash registry. As a gay guy, they're not even good for fucking. They just feel so fucking useless.

You see, the problem with multitasking is that you can't focus. And when you do it with people, your bullshit shows. Everyone understands people that are busy talking to others and doing other things, but no one wants to be lied to when you do plans together with everyone at the same time and then you throw some chitchat to pretend you're there while doing something else. Just be honest and say you changed your plans, it will hurt less than your bullshit.

I do appreciate them which is why I'm not telling him what annoyed me to his face.

I refuse to not be mad at him for not waking me up to say goodbye though. We're long distance and seeing each other is very hard.

Of all the ways to waste your life, you chose to go here in an attempt to mess with people’s heads. Sadly (for you), it isn’t working.

I have a long distance myself and this would hurt me the same way, but sometimes you have to be understanding of others' intentions. Each people behaves in a particular way, but some things are more typical of men, some others are more typical of women. You think you're protecting your moments together by not arguing with him to his face, but he will feel cheated when you reveal you were mad or upset all along. Men in general appreciate honesty and issues being solved with no drama. If you can find it in your heart, forgive your stupid man with good intentions and poor execution, but not after talking to him.

I'm not gonna reveal it to him because I just got it off my chest here. And I had already sorta confronted him in those two moments it happened.

Him walking out with a proper goodbye happened months ago. No point of bring that irrelevant shit up again. And me telling him I'm annoyed for him refusing to take his ugly sweater back is stupid.

Fuck off. You're not as helpful as you think.

Alright then, I'll go fuck off. Best of luck.

>implicating they wanted to be friends with u
fucking block her

Gotta stop being so tired

Fuck now you've gone and made me feel bad. I'm sorry user. I shouldnt have gotten angry.

But I do hold true to what I've said. Mentioning any of that is irrelevant to the relationship. What happened at the hotel happened months ago and I briefly told him of my displeasure at his stupid jacket which he replied "i just wanted you to be warm". He meant well but didnt listen when I told him multiple times I didnt want it. His well intentions shouldnt cover the fact that I told him to his face what i didnt want. Maybe I'll mention this to him but we already agreed to let petty shit go and this is one of the most petty shits I've ever wrote.

But this is a gioyc thread and idc if I'm petty here.

You are so much worse than I ever imagined. You probably molested the kid. I wouldn't put it past you. You're a fucking sick bastard. I hate that I stayed with you as long as I did. I hope, I really hope you die.

I found out a lot of people hate me. They call me autistic, ugly, crazy, and a pedophile.

I'm not autistic, If I got some contacts I wouldn't look half bad, yes I have mental illness (that's a philosophical discussion I still haven't mastered after 6 years of diagnosis), and I am not a pedophile (I worked with kids for years, but because I am male this makes me evil. Fuck You! I worked around children cause I was good at it).

My enemies probably don't go on Jow Forums, but that's for you to read. So stop making fun of me please. I would never stoop so low as to do that to another person. You make me sad.

Mate you sound like me during my psychosis. I unironically thought the neighbours thought I was a pedo too, because I like working with kids. Are you absolutely sure you're being talked about? Or were it faint noises in the background which you've interpreted wrongly? Have you actually spoken to any of the people who think you're autistic?
Do you use weed, user?

Three girls talked about me during a live video chat with them and said these things to me directly.

It hurt cause I just wanted to talk to one of them cause I thought she was cute, but apparently there is gossip about me around town.

probably just those three females to be honest
there's no reason for the whole town to be spreading rumours
on top of that, you know the families of the kids yoi work with. They'll back you up even when you're not around. As for autism, technically all of us have autistic tendencies. Just that females are too retarded to really grasp that. Seriously, most females are like that. Gossiping and spiteful. Don't let it bother you.

Alright man, thanks.

It just sucked feeling like I was Chris-Chan or something

Jfc...why would anyone bother with that attitude? Proud and self-involved is you in a nutshell, I've dodged a bullet.

read a book or smtg

I've had to deal with voices calling me those same things for over a year. I'd rather have that it were real people insulting me, atleast then I knew some of the folks who were my enemies, but I had to assume everyone was my enemy and hated me and wished me dead. You'll be fine user, just don't let the stress get to you, okay? It sucks being talked about negatively, but in some sense it's natural. When humans encounter something they don't understand, they try to understand it but when it takes longer than their attention span, they'll subconsciously start to hate it. I'm not entirely sure why but it's ingrained in us I'm sure. We either understand or we hate and then feel apathic about their existence.

Shy and passive girls piss me the fuck off for some reason. Like I want to grab their head and bash it against the concrete.

I made a thread about this but don't think it's going to get much traction so i'll post it here too:

Should I disown my sister, Jow Forums?

Background: my sister doesn't respect me or our relationship as much as I do and historically that's always been the case. She's four years older than me. She's a normalfag, I'm a weirdo shut-in who has been hospitalized for legitimate suicide attempts. She's only been there for me when it was convenient for her.

Meanwhile, I was the one who told her about twitch streaming and did all the work to set up her channel and now she pays all her bills by being a twitch thot. She makes a lot of money and I've seen nothing of it. I'm not saying I deserve a significant portion of it, but without me she literally would not only be doing it in the first place, but she wouldn't be as successful as she is. I'm currently broke and basically unemployable because of my mental issues. She, on the other hand: didn't come visit me for christmas, didn't remember my birthday, and has said some really hurtful things to me in the past that she ended up apologizing for, but how sincere she was I don't know.

She makes me miserable. Our lack of relationship hurts me more than it hurts her and that really bothers me. She's a normie who has a life, who has tons of people around her to support her emotionally, the world essentially revolves around her like it does for every decent looking white woman. I have nothing, no one. All I've ever had has been her, for better or for worse. I'm tempted to unload on her and tell her all the horrible shit I've been holding in for years and all the rage and frustration she's given me, but at the same time I know that I'll be cutting out the one person I speak with, even if it's infrequent and often disappointing.

Just tell her all this and if she doesn't change consider her a whore and abandon her.

Thanks for responding.

I guess I'll just consider myself lucky that I have a face to put those words to.