I broke up with my now ex 5 days ago

I broke up with my now ex 5 days ago.

Is it stupid for me to text her and tell her I want to hang out as friends?

I know that this isn't a "getting back together" thing, or a feelings thing. She is just a great and fun person to chill with.

Thank guys!

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Yes, it is stupid.

How come?

> let's be friends

Fuck that. Once it's done it's dine. Forget about her.

Whats bad about it?

Why would one want to keep an ex around?
This friendship thing usually gets messy.

well, as I said, she's fun to hang with.

I guess it _could_ get messy, maybe.

If she is a great and fun person, why did you break up with her?

We didn't really have much time for eachother, or prioritized other stuff.

So feelings went away.


You can at least try. The worst that can happen is she says no, the best that can happen is she says yes. It's gonna go either way anyway, so why not say yes. Ask her if she needs some time first, because she might, but try anyway.

She said when we broke up she would like to hang out.

If it does turn messy, then I guess I gotta have to deal with that, but I also figured why not.

Would love more thoughts from others as well, of course!

Sounds like you broke up for valid reasons, on good terms, so it's not weird. Maybe try in a group first to feel it out, but just didn't sound like you two were wanting anything too serious right now.

See, you're hoping it does get messy, but in a good way. The two of you back together or something. It's more likely to get messy when she starts bringing around some new dick to play with.

I don't really understand what you mean by the first part, my man.

Of course she might bring a dick around, and I might bring a pussy around. It's not like im not gonna hear about it either way. Not saying im gonna be the third fucking wheel and watch them like a cuck.

Thank you!

Yeah, guess it would be best as a group first.

It seems as though you're hoping she'll wind up back with you. This is a low effort plan with low chances at rewards.
On the other hand, if she brings around some new dick and wants to hang out with you and him, you're going to have to sort through that shit on your own. You can't be a cuckold if she's with him and not you. You'd just be a weird, third wheel.

I'm the one that broke things off, I don't regret breaking up with her.

I do not have feelings for her anymore.

Up to you then. Maybe she's hoping it'll get messy. Seems like a lot of potential for messes.

When you say messy, do you mean fucking?

or as in "a mess" like its gonna be a fucked up?

Because I've read it as it might get fucked up.

I'd recommend leaving some more time before you start hanging out. Obviously, I don't know your full circumstances but if you broke up with her then make sure you consider her feelings as well and let her process the break-up in her own time. If she still has feelings for you, friendship won't ever work for you guys.

Thank you for your reply!